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Teach Your Children to Save Day April 24, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Teach Your Children to Save Day

Teach Your Children to Save Day is an educational program that was established by the American Bankers Association (ABA), with the aim of encouraging kids to develop a good savings habit as early as possible in their financial life. This is done through banking volunteers giving presentations to school kids to teach them specifically about saving money, but also about other financial matters such as spending, donating and investing. Volunteers can find out how to get involved through the ABA, with the association having teaching materials available that can be used as a starting point for preparing a fun and interesting talk.
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Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Generally incompetent and ineffectual.
Usage:Much to his wife's dismay, Jim refused to call a professional, and continued his feckless attempts at repairing the plumbing in the house

Idiom of the Day

God is in the detail(s)

 — Any action or plan one undertakes should be done carefully and pragmatically; attention to small details will ultimately yield the greatest results.


Hubble Space Telescope Launched (1990)

The Hubble Space Telescope is the most sophisticated optical observatory ever placed into orbit around Earth, able to view star material some 10 to 12 billion light years away. Because it is above Earth's obscuring atmosphere, it can obtain images that are much brighter, clearer, and more detailed than ground-based telescope images. Although a defect in the primary mirror initially caused it to produce fuzzy images, a 1993 shuttle mission fixed this.

World's Biggest Fish Fry

A spring festival in Paris, Tennessee, the World's Biggest Fish Fry makes use of the catfish in nearby Kentucky Lake. The fish fry began in 1954, and by the next year more than 1,600 pounds of catfish were served. Now, some 13,000 pounds of catfish are cooked, and about 100,000 people show up to eat, fish, and look around. Events include a car show, arts and crafts exhibits, a two-hour parade, and the coronation of a Queen of the Tennessee Valley and a Junior King and Queen. Besides fried fish to eat, there are hush puppies—small deep-fat fried corn meal balls.

Cities Have Unique Bacterial Fingerprints

Used to be you knew which city you were in from the food, the sports team, the historic sites, even the local brew. Now a team of microbiologists discovered they can tell cities apart by their unique bacterial fingerprints

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1800 - The Library of Congress was established with a $5,000 allocation. 

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1833 - A patent was granted for first soda fountain. 

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1897 - William Price became the first to be named White House news reporter. 

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1952 - Raymond Burr made his TV acting debut on the "Gruen Guild Playhouse" in an episode titled, "The Tiger." 

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1953 - Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. 

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1961Bob Dylan earned a $50 session fee for playing harmonica on Harry Belafonte's "Midnight Special." It was his recording debut.

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If You Were Born Today, April 24

You are a determined person and you intuitively know that with patience, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. You easily earn respect from others around you, due in part to your regal manner. Your family is extremely important to you, and many of your values are quite traditional, which keeps you grounded and responsible. However, you are unafraid of embracing the new, even if  you do so slowly. Famous people born today: Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson.

Picture of the day
Siproeta stelenes
Siproeta stelenes is a neotropical brush-footed butterfly in the family Nymphalidae found throughout Central and northern South America. Adults feed on flower nectar, rotting fruit, dead animals, and bat dung. This species is sometimes known as the malachite, named after a mineral which is similar in color to the bright green on the butterfly's wings.

Picture of a seaweed blenny, Brazil

Blenny Blind

Photograph by Dan Lublinski, National Geographic 
A seaweed blenny—a small and usually bottom-dwelling fish recognizable by the branchlike cirri above its eyes—watches from the safety of its hiding spot. This underwater image was taken off the coast of Brazil and submitted by Dan Lublinski.





sea snail bath mat, a hand towel with sea stars, 
and a sea urchin washcloth
Sand and Sea Bath Set

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Crafty Crochet Top



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Banana Pecan French Toast


Cranberry Poached Pears

Slow Cooker Cranberry Poached Pears


CHILDREN'S CORNER ... nature craft


God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. - Voltaire

One medieval folk cure for jaundice was to drown exactly nine lice in a pint of beer and drink it every morning for a week. Submitted by Chester Tumidajewicz, Amsterdam, NY. -------------------- “Frankenstein: author Mary Shelley carried her deceased husband’s heart with her for nearly 30 years! -------------------- Punk rock pups! Paul and Pamela Mott of Scripps Ranch, California, created the spiked coyote vest to help save dogs from coyote attacks. -------------------- Rosymaple moths found in North America are bright yellow and pink!



Tips to Get a Vegetable Garden Growing


The benefits of being able to go in your backyard and grab all the produce you need for a hearty salad or a homemade pizza is not only convenient, it's also healthy and will save you a ton of money at the grocery store. Whether you have a ton of backyard space for multiple raised beds or only have enough space for a container on your balcony,growing a vegetable garden is easy. Here are 17 tips for starting your own today.

1. Keep Weeds At Bay With Landscaping Fabric

A simple roll of landscaping fabric will save you from having to pull a single weed from your garden. It's also rot and decay resistant but it still allows air, water, and nutrients to reach your precious crops.
2. Use Starts to Get Your Garden Growing Quickly Using transplants, as opposed to seeds, can save you 1-2 months of growing time and will give you an immediate jump start on your vegetable garden. Look for plants that are on the smaller side with dark green leaves, which means they were well fertilized from the start and ones with nice, loose roots. This will ensure the healthiest plants and the biggest yield possible.3. Make Garden Markers to Keep Your Plants Straight A set of copper stamped garden markers will not only dress up your garden, it will also ensure you know exactly which plants are which since they can all look pretty similar in the beginning. After you're done stamping them, use a black marker to fill in each letter to make the words really stand out.4. Choose the Right Tomatoes Standing in front of the endless rows of seed packets and choosing the "right" one can be daunting, especially because there are so many different varieties of the same vegetable. When it comes to tomatoes though, heirloom is always best simply because they will taste better than the standard variety. And fresh, yummy produce is the whole point of a garden, right?5. Grow Onions the Easy Way While you can certainly start your onions from seed, scouring your local nursery for onion starts will save you months of growing time and allow you to enjoy your onions sooner rather than later. Plant multiple varieties, like yellow and purple, to make sure you always have exactly what you need.6. Plant Perennial Crops for Longer Harvests Get the most from your garden by planting perennial crops, which means they'll grow consistently for more than 2 whole years. Look for things like rhubarb, blueberry, raspberries and strawberries and you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor year round.7. Plant Heirloom and Fingerling Potatoes (Especially If You're a Beginner) Potatoes are a great crop for beginners since all you have to do is dig a hole, toss in a sprouted potato and wait. You'll end up with about 10 more potatoes than you originally planted. But instead of planting plain russet potatoes, which you can always grab at the market, go with the harder-to-find fingerling, heirloom or blue varieties instead.8. Avoid Chemicals, Use Bugs Instead Not all the bugs in your garden are pests. Some are actually beneficial, especially if you're going the organic route. Next time you're visiting the local nursery, grab a bag of ladybugs and release them among your crops. Soon they'll get busy munching on the aphids, mealybugs and mites invading your garden but will leave your veggies untouched.9. Pick the Right Pumpkins Filling your yard with giant pumpkins is a fun activity for the entire family and if you plant yours in early June, they'll be ready just in time for Halloween. Whether you go with the standard howden carving pumpkin, the ultra-bumpy knucklehead pumpkin or the white lumina variety, you'll get a kick out of watching your babies grow.10. Plant Cover Crops to Improve Your Soil Planting cover crops is different from planting veggies because these aren't for eating. They actually are there to improve your soil quality for the next planting season. Just spread the seeds in your garden (during the winter "off season"), and rake them into the soil. And don't forget to water!11. Extend the Growing Season Into Fall and Winter With Salad Greens Extend your growing season by planting tons of salad greens in the late fall and early winter since lettuce does best in cooler temperatures. If you live somewhere with especially harsh winters, plant your lettuce in containers so you can easily move or wrap them as needed.12. Grow Your Own Belgian Endive This lovely, yet slightly bitter, Belgian endive is an Italian winter vegetable that is usually saved for special occasions because it can carry quite the hefty price tag. However, growing your own couldn't be easier. The "set it and forget it" vegetable loves poor soil conditions, hot, dry heat and just a touch of fertilizer. Basically, it's the lazy gardener's best friend.13. Try Succession Planting for Bigger, Better Harvests Double or triple your gardens capabilities with succession planting, which basically means that as soon as you harvest one vegetable you plant something else in its place. Just make sure to plant your vegetables close together so you can yield as much as possible and top the soil with healthy compost to boost growth.14. Take It to the Next Level With a Raised Vegetable Garden Planting in a raised vegetable garden is great for those of us that have poor soil conditions and it also looks really nice. Place scraps of cardboard in the bottom of your raised bed before adding your soil to smother out any potential weeds and plan out where all your veggies will go before you start planting.15. Opt for a Container Garden for a Small Space Choosing to grow a container garden is perfect if you're short on space or living in an apartment without a yard. Just make sure you pick a pot that's big enough for what you're trying to grow. Carrots, for example, will require a slightly deeper container than beans or tomatoes.16. Grow a Pizza Garden (You Know, For Fun) If you're a die-hard pizza lover, planting a pizza garden is a great way to ensure you have everything you need to whip up your own on a moments notice. Plant things like peppers, tomatoes, onions, basil and oregano right in the same container. With regular watering, you'll be ready for harvest in about 75 days.17. Grow a Salsa Garden (For More Fun) Another delicious combination is a salsa garden. Choose a pot with a good sized drainage whole and add a layer of rocks to the bottom to ensure the hole doesn't get clogged. Fill your pot with tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and cilantro and you'll be chowing down on fresh salsa in no time.


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