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Equal Pay Day April 12, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Equal Pay Day

A day to show the difference between what men and women are paid in the US. This always falls on a Tuesday in April but official wage figures are not available until late August / September.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A brief loss of consciousness caused by a temporary deficiency of oxygen in the brain; a swoon.
Usage:She was an enormous flirt, laughing at all the men's jokes and even feigning syncope to garner their concern.

i live with kidney disease. due to that (and that i have never been a drinker except to get on the dance floor at weddings), i share the following pics as they are funny! hope you find they give you a laugh as well.

Idiom of the Day

damn the torpedoes

 — To press on with a task or current course of action regardless of apparent risks or dangers. Attributed to David Farragut of the United States Navy during the American Civil War, usually paraphrased as "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" The actual order (if it ever existed) was: "Damn the torpedoes! Four bells. Captain Drayton, go ahead! Jouett, full speed! 


Euro Disney Resort, Now Disneyland Paris, Opens (1992)

Disneyland Paris is a resort complex located in the suburbs of Paris, France. Opened in 1992 as Euro Disney Resort, it features two theme parks, an entertainment district, and seven hotels. Initially, park attendance, hotel occupancy, and revenues fell below projections, but things began to turn around in 1995, with Euro Disney S.C.A. reporting its first quarterly profit. Today, the resort is one of Europe's leading tourist destinations.

Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (1748)

A member of the French de Jussieu family of distinguished botanists, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu categorized plants into families and developed a system of plant classification. He elaborated on the system of classification of his uncle, Bernard de Jussieu, in Genera plantarum, a work which influenced later systems of classification. He was professor at the Museum of Natural History, Paris, and organized its botanical collection

Should Food Labels Include Exercise "Equivalents"? - CNN

Imagine you're choosing between two different boxes of cookies at the grocery store. One has a label informing you that you could burn off the calories in a serving by jogging for 10 minutes, while the label on the other box says you would have to jog for 20 minutes

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1606 - England adopted the original Union Jack as its flag. 

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1799 - Phineas Pratt patented the comb cutting machine. 

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1833 - Charles Gaylor patented the fireproof safe. 

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1877 - A catcher's mask was used in a baseball game for the first time by James Alexander Tyng. 

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1934 - F. Scott Fitzgerald novel "Tender Is the Night" was first published. 

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1938 - The first U.S. law requiring a medical test for a marriage license was enacted in New York. 

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1961 - Soviet Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin became first man to orbit the Earth. 

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1966 - Emmett Ashford became the first African-American major league umpire. 

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1983 - Harold Washington was elected the first black mayor of Chicago. 

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1988 - Harvard University won a patent for a genetically altered mouse. It was the first patent for a life form.

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2002 - A first edition version of Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit" sold for $64,780 at Sotheby's. A signed first edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" sold for $66,630. A copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," signed by J.K. Rowling sold for $16,660. A 250-piece collection of rare works by Charles Dickens sold for $512,650. 

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2012 - The game Candy Crush Saga was released on Facebook. 


If You Were Born Today, April 12

You are a very bright and interesting person. Your thoroughly unique spin on life is generally appreciated by others. You possess a certain amount of poise that earns respect, but you can also be very humorous and playful when the mood grabs you - and in fact, you can be quite moody and sometimes difficult to truly get close to. You are capable of making great sacrifices, and you recover quickly from reversals of fortune.  Famous people born today: Tom Clancy, David Letterman, David Cassidy, Herbie Hancock, Tiny Tim.

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Picture of the day
Shearing the Rams
Shearing the Rams is an 1890 oil painting on canvas by Australian artist Tom Roberts. It depicts sheep shearers plying their trade in a timber shearing shed. One of Australia's best-known paintings, it and other Australian Impressionist works gave visual expression to an emerging sense of national identity. The painting is held at the National Gallery of VictoriaMelbourne.

Picture of women gathering fishing nets in Myanmar

Final Preparations

Photograph by Wiesław Ślęczkowski, National Geographic
Ngapali, Myanmar, a coastal area along the Bay of Bengal, is dotted with traditional fishing villages. In this photo shared by Wiesław Ślęczkowski, the wives of Ngapali fishermen gather the fishing nets after collecting up the day’s catch. The nets are made ready for the next day's work.

knit, toe up










thanks, elaine
Related image
Hearty Tomato Soup

2 Tbsp margarine or butter
1 medium onion finely chopped
1/2 tsp paprika
1-1/2 tsp chopped fresh or 1/2 tsp dried basil leaves
1 pkg (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1-1/4 cups milk
2 cans condensed tomato soup
1 large can diced tomatoes

Melt margarine in 3 qt saucepan over medium heat.  
Cook onion and garlic in margarine about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally until onion is tender. Remove from heat.
Stir in paprika, basil and cream cheese.  
Gradually stir in milk and soup.  
Beat with hand beater until smooth.
Stir in tomatoes.  
Heat over medium heat, stirring frequently until hot.



after about 30 seconds i gave up and still haven't found the panda which is supposed to be there.... have you found it?
Tracy Lynn Heightchew posted this old photo of a Junior Achievers Conference in Bloomington, 1978. “My version of this game. I promise there is a panda in there,” Heightchew wrote.


No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent. - John Donne

In December 2015, in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India, a monkey stole and crashed a bus—even turning the key in the ignition to start it! -------------------- C’mon out guys-party’s over! In Banaskantha, India, at least 10 large ants emerge from 12-year-old Shreya Darji’s ear every day! -------------------- On January 4, 2016, performance artist Laurie Anderson played music audible only to canine ears in Times Square for an audience of pups and their owners.

Paper Clip
Grab a paper clip if you can't quite get that bracelet fastened.

Surprising Uses for Aspirin

Aspirin is known worldwide as a means for relieving headache, fever and inflammations. Since it is often a generic drug, many people take it for granted. Some fear taking aspirin because of the common notion that generic medicine has terrible side-effects and aspirin reportedly causes Reye’s Syndrome. It may not be as safe as prescription drugs, but you still have plenty of reasons to buy those pills. The funny thing is, none of those reasons are actually concerned with the treatment of diseases and body pains.

Aside from being an analgesic and an antipyretic, aspirin has an assortment of alternative uses. You can actually use it as a pimple remover, a shampoo supplement and even a gardening agent. So, the next time you purchase aspirin, you should place it in the bathroom or beside your gardening tools, instead of the medicine drawer. Here are 15 surprising uses for aspirin.

1. Acne Treatment – Crush one or two tablets then mix them with a small amount of water. When the solution is ready, apply it on your pimples. Allow it to settle for two minutes then wash it off with facial wash and water. After washing, your pimples will be drier and will disappear at a faster rate. 

Acne removal

2. Treatment for Insect Bites – Just like pimples, insect bites are marked by redness, itchiness and sometimes a burning sensation. You can use aspirin to remove those annoying welts. Just apply aspirin solution to a mosquito bite or a bee sting and it will gradually fade.

Soil conditioner
3. Stain-Removing Hand Sanitizer – If you combine lemon’s acidity to aspirin’s stain removing properties, you’ll get a cleaning solution that can remove cigarette, coffee and grass stains from your hands. Crush a few pills and mix them with fresh lemon juice. With the sanitizer ready, you can finally get rid of those unsightly hand stains.

4. Soil Conditioner – The large presence of fungus affects the richness of soil and takes away nourishment that is supposedly for the garden plants. By treating the soil with aspirin solution, you can wipe away fungus from your garden. Just make sure that you use only a small amount of aspirin. Using too many pills can damage your plants. The ideal amount is one tablet of aspirin per one quart of water.   

5. Dandruff Remover – Having dandruff is not only itchy on your scalp, the flakes are also unsightly, especially if you’re wearing a dark-colored top. To get rid of these critters, crush two aspirin tablets and mix them with one serving of shampoo. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for about two minutes, so it can settle on your scalp. Rinse the mixture off then shampoo your hair once more. After the final rinse, the flakes are either gone or lessened.

6. Hickey Concealer – A hickey can be a cause for embarrassment. Hide the tiny product of your lover’s passion by rubbing it with aspirin solution then rinsing it with an eye drop. If the hickey is still completely visible, you can just hide it with an actual concealer.

7. Unconventional Ornament – Dilute a couple of aspirins in water. The week after, add another aspirin to the mix. Continue adding aspirin after every days until crystal-like figures form within the mixture. Eventually, the aspirin crystals will grow and form a nice piece of modern art.


8. Exfoliant – Salicylic acid found in aspirins is often used in exfoliants and facial cleansers. Instead of buying those expensive products, just use a water–aspirin mixture to make your skin look more beautiful.

Callus remover
9. Callus Remover – Crush six aspirin tablets. Mix the powdered aspirin with half a teaspoon of water and lemon juice. Once mixed, apply a generous amount on a callus. Cover the callus with a warm piece of cloth. After fifteen minutes, remove the cloth then rub the softened callus using a pumice stone.

10. Bloom Extender – The life of a cut flower is pretty short, even if you give it proper care. If you add powdered aspirin to the water in the vase, the flower will stay fresh longer.

11. Fabric Stain-Remover – Just like with hand stains, aspirin can remove spots and blotches from fabrics. Dilute a couple of aspirin tablets in water and apply the resulting solution on the stain. For hard-to-remove spots like egg and blood stains, add cream of tartar to the solution. The thickened paste is potent enough to remove almost all stains.

12. Solution for Stained Hair – Troubled by stains or chlorinated spots on your hair? If you have a pack of aspirins on hand, you don’t have to worry. Dilute eight tablets of aspirin in warm water, creating an aspirin solution. Apply the solution to the discolored portions of your hair. After fifteen minutes, the original color of your hair will be restored. If it does not work, simply repeat the entire process until all the discolorations are gone.

Foot powder

14. Instant Sick Leave – Take a good amount of aspirin pills in succession and you will instantly have a good reason to take a sick leave. The downside is, you will feel woozy and your bodily sensations will seem like they’re out of control. A visit to the hospital may actually be necessary. (are they kidding to add this one?)

15. Wart Remover – Apply a generous amount of crushed aspirin onto a wart. Cover the wart with duct tape. Soon, the wart will disappear like an insignificant afterthought. In case you didn’t know, both the aspirin and duct tape are clinically proven to treat warts.

Wart cover with duck tape

Aspirin is pretty useful, with tons of alternative uses, but before using the product, you should consult your doctor. If you’re asthmatic or allergic to aspirin, chances are, the pills’ effects will be more harmful than beneficial. Once you have secured the doctor’s approval, that’s when you can enjoy all the effective and budget-friendly uses of aspirin.


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