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Draw a Picture of a Bird Day April 8, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Pencil, pen, felt tip or chalk, Draw a Picture of a Bird Day is great fun for everyone. It’s very straightforward: simply draw a picture of a bird in tribute to our feathered friends, but if you fancy some diversity there’s actually a wide range of options.
Will you draw a chicken or a chaffinch? Perhaps a peacock, penguin or puffin? If you’d prefer a goose, will it be of the Canadian, Red-breasted, Woods-walking or Spur-winged variety? And you’d be amazed by how many types of hawk there are prowling the skies!
If you’d like to learn more about birds, we recommend this Wikipedia entry, but if you’d rather just have a bit of fun and get arty, why not share this occasion with your friends, family and coworkers? Have a competition to see who can draw the best or funniest bird, cover your fridge in sketches, find a chalkboard and create a beautiful aerial scene of spiraling swifts and swallows, or simply pop a little cartoon birdy on your hand and introduce it to strangers on the bus.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A consecrated mixture of oil and balsam, used for anointing in church sacraments such as baptism and confirmation.
Synonyms:holy oilsacramental oil
Usage:Though his parents told him it was unlikely, he believed he could remember the smell of the chrism used in his baptism.

Idiom of the Day

creature of habit

 — One who prefers the comfort and reliability of routine and habitual behavior.


Edmund Husserl (1859)

Husserl was a German philosopher and the founder of the phenomenological movement. His philosophy is a descriptive study of consciousness for the purpose of discovering the structure of experience—the laws by which experiences are had. Husserl concluded that consciousness has no life apart from the objects it considers and, in his later work, moved toward idealism and denied that objects exist outside consciousness.

Hana Matsuri

Hana Matsuri is a celebration of the Buddha's birthday, observed in Buddhist temples throughout Japan, where it is known as Kambutsue. The highlight of the celebration is a ritual known as kambutsue ("ceremony of 'baptizing' the Buddha"), in which a tiny bronze statue of the Buddha, standing in an open lotus flower, is anointed with sweet tea. People use a small bamboo ladle to pour the tea, made ofhydrangea leaves, over the head of the statue. The custom is supposed to date from the 7th century, when perfume was used, as well as tea. 

This Groundbreaking Technology Will Soon Let Us See Exactly What's in Our Food

I have seen the future of food transparency, and it is optical. Also, it fits in your smartphone. Imagine a scanner the size of a grain of rice, built into your phone. You go to the grocery store and point it at something you want to buy

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1513 - Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain. 

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1834 - In New York City, Cornelius Lawrence became the first mayor to be elected by popular vote in a city election. 

Image result for 1839 - The first Intercollegiate Rodeo was held at the Godshall Ranch, Apple Valley, CA.

1839 - The first Intercollegiate Rodeo was held at the Godshall Ranch, Apple Valley, CA.

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1873 - Alfred Paraf patented the first successful oleomargarine. 

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1975 - Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians became first black manager of a major league baseball team. 

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1986 - Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of Carmel, CA

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2002 - Suzan-Lori Parks became the first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for drama for her play "Topdog/Underdog." 


If You Were Born Today, April 8

You are a true pioneer with exceptionally strong business sense. You have little patience for slacking off and slowness. Quick-minded and generally thorough, you are also very independent, rarely asking for help. This trait can lead you to feel lonely at times. However, you are quick to help others if they sincerely need a hand. You make an excellent manager, and while you like to lead or do things on your own, you are not arrogant or overbearing. Famous people born today: Mary Pickford, Betty Ford, Julian Lennon, Patricia Arquette.

Picture of the day
Aqueduct of Segovia
The Aqueduct of Segovia is a Roman aqueduct located in Segovia, Spain that transports water from the Rio Frio. It is thought to have been constructed during the 1st century CE. One of the most significant and best-preserved ancient monuments left on the Iberian Peninsula, the aqueduct is considered a symbol of Segovia and is present on the city's coat of arms.

Picture of a snowy landscape at night in Lapland, Finland

"A Magical Night"

Photograph by Satu Juvonen, National Geographic 
In Finland, a scattering of trees draped in heavy snow crosses the landscape, and the northern lights toss ribbons of color across the sky. This image was shared by Satu Javonen, who writes, “[It was] a magical night in Lapland.”





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Chocolate on my Cranium: Prettying Up Regular pens
I have a friend who just has a knack for making things pretty.
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CHILDREN'S CORNER ... coloring


The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret. - Salvador Dali



Why crying is actually good for you

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The phrase “never let them see you cry” is a powerful motivator. It means that no matter how upset you are, the minute you start to show emotion, you lose all your power. “Conceal, don’t feel,” to quote some little, unknown Disney movie. Well, as it turns out, science knows that the opposite is true, and Science is here to tell you that crying is healthy, and that you should fight the stigma of being emotional. Let it go, if I may. Here’s why crying is a good thing, and why you should never be ashamed to be emotional.

Being vulnerable can actually make you stronger
Many people feel like being vulnerable makes you weak, but being vulnerable actually gives you emotional strength. As you probably know, it’s not easy to cry in front of someone you know and love, because showing vulnerability means opening yourself up to be hurt and potentially become sadder. But those who cultivate a level of comfort with being vulnerable are actually more emotionally stable! Makes sense, right? Being comfortable showing your emotions means you’re not afraid of succumbing to them. Plus, letting your emotional guards down around those you love only helps grow that bond between you.
Crying relieves stress, and makes us feel a whole lot happier
It’s true: our tears have the ability to cleanse toxins from our bodies that tend to build up during stressful times. Also, it’s suggested that the act of crying releases endorphins, which, as Elle Woods knows, make us happy! So really, crying isn’t a way to make ourselves sadder, it’s a way to get through sadness and into happiness, and lends us a greater capacity to deal with the things in our lives that are causing the sadness.
We think that if we suppress emotion, it’ll just go away and that could not be more wrong. Letting ourselves feel bad is essential to make ourselves feel better. Crying is a release, and the way to get us from “Everything is terrible” to “Ok, you know what? I got this.” Actually, it’s proven that 85% of women and 73% of men feel better after crying, than if they’d pushed down their emotions and never dealt with them. Huge tick on the “Pro” side for crying.
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It’s good for your creative process
So you may not be a famous artist or anything, but creativity is a natural human process, and every job, even if you aren’t in the arts, is creative in some way. But if you are a fledgling artist, writer, filmmaker, dancer, what-have-you, crying is an all-but-essential practice to really feel what you’re making. If it’s not powerful for you, it won’t be powerful for your audience. Crying puts us in touch with those dark corners inside of us, translating our sadness into something immensely rich, rewarding, and relatable. If art is human, then crying helps get us there.
Crying is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that it’s socially acceptable. There’s still a stigma against tears. But
there has to come a time for people to realize that crying makes us better able to get stuff done, not the other way around. It’s time to stop policing the emotions of women and men, because crying has undeniable health benefits, and should never be regarded as a negative. We should be proud of our ability to feel emotion deeply, we should be comfortable sharing those emotions and forging bonds with the people we love, and we should work to change the perception that tears are a weakness.

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