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Short Story Day DECEMBER 21, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Short Story Day

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
―Maya Angelou
Do you love literature? Do you feel you have an inner creative streak you’ve never yet acted on? Do you have a brilliant idea that you’re afraid isn’t long enough to make into an entire book, but that you really just want to finally write down? If so, Short Story Day could be your chance to discover a new passion and create something you can be proud of. You don’t have to have written anything before to start writing now. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. All you need to become a writer is a pen and paper, or a computer, or a typewriter, if you will―the rest is entirely up to you. So if you have a story in you that’s waiting to be told, don’t wait and celebrate Short Story Day today!
As the name itself suggests, a short story is a story that can be read in one sitting. As with many concepts in the realm of the humanities, it can be hard to determine exactly what qualifies as a short story, but most contemporary definitions tell us that a short story must have anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 words. Short stories became especially popular in the late 1700s and early 1800s, with ones like Richard Cumberland’s “The Poisoner of Montremos” and Washington Irving’s “Rip van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” becoming instant classics. Some of the most famous short stories have also been written by authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy and Stephen King.
All in all, this day is not just for writers, it is for everyone who appreciates the art that is good literature.

Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Lacking knowledge or awareness.
Usage:He was incognizant of the new political situation and needed his brother to brief him on the details.


First Manned Voyage to a Celestial Body Launched (1968)

Also the first manned launch of a Saturn V rocket, Apollo 8 was the first manned voyage to a celestial body—the Moon. It took about three days for the craft to enter lunar orbit, whereupon it proceeded to orbit the Moon 10 times in 20 hours. The three crew members were the first humans to see the far side of the Moon—an important precursor to the historic lunar landing that would occur less than a year later

Frank Zappa (1940)

Zappa was a prolific and highly distinctive guitarist, composer, and songwriter. His career spanned more than 30 years and encompassed a variety of genres, including rock, jazz, and classical. He released the groundbreaking double album Freak Out! with the Mothers of Invention in 1966. With its raw sound, sophisticated arrangements, and lyrics praising nonconformity, the album immediately established Zappa as a radical new voice in rock music.

Doleing Day

It was customary at one time in England on St. Thomas's Day for the poorer inhabitants of the parish to call on their wealthier neighbors and receive a gift or "dole" of food or money. In return, they would give their benefactors a sprig of holly or mistletoe. The custom of "going a-gooding," as it was called, gave rise to the name Gooding Day in parts of Sussex; in other areas, it was referred to as Mumping (Begging) Day, since those who had to beg were said to be "on the mump." Children would often spend St. Thomas's Day begging for apples.

Unusual "Sail-Backed" Dinosaur Roamed Spain 125 Million Years Ago

Along a lush river delta in what is now northeastern Spain, a herd of dinosaurs munched on ferns and conifers similar to modern-day cypresses 125 million years ago

1620 - The "Mayflower", and its passengers, pilgrims from England, landed at Plymouth Rock, MA. 

Related image

1849 - The first ice-skating club in America was formed in Philadelphia, PA.

Related image

1898 - Scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered the radioactive element radium. 

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1913 - Arthur Wynne published a new "word-cross" puzzle in the "New York World" in England. The name was later changed to "crossword." 

Related image

1937 - Walt Disney debuted the first, full-length, animated feature in Hollywood, CA. The movie was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." 

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1998 - The first vaccine for Lyme disease was approved.


If You Were Born Today, December 21

You are exceptionally magnetic, possess a flair for the dramatic, and generally like being at the center of attention. Your charisma is unmistakable, and is one of the ingredients in your recipe for success; the other main ingredients are your determination and talent. You are particularly suited to an acting or teaching position--one that plays up your wonderful ability to inspire others. You remember every little detail about people, and this is very charming! You are a success-oriented person who others often consider to be quite fortunate.Famous people born today: Ray Romano, Jane Fonda, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evert, Kiefer Sutherland, Phil Donahue, Frank Zappa.

Picture of the day
Elvis Presley meets Richard Nixon
American singer Elvis Presley meeting then-president Richard Nixon on December 21, 1970. During the meeting, the singer expressed his patriotism and his contempt for hippies, the growing drug culture, and the counterculture in general. Presley then asked Nixon for a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge, to signify official sanction of his patriotic efforts. Nixon gave Presley the badge and expressed a belief that Presley could send a positive message to young people and that it was therefore important he retain his credibility.

Picture of a tree in Lake Wanaka in New Zealand

Stand in Your Own Light

Photograph by Yusri Salleh, National Geographic
In May 2015, Yusri Salleh took his “first photo adventure,” a ten-day trip to New Zealand, where he captured this image of the famed lone tree of Lake Wanaka. Setting the scene required some consideration. “When we arrived at the planned location, there were almost 30 photographers there!” writes Salleh. “The fog was too thick and the color was dull. A black-and-white image was the best option for the situation. I wanted the image to be moody, quietly [mysterious], and different.”






crochet, CHRISTMAS

crochet, CHRISTMAS
Christmas Tree Pot Holder Pattern

crochet, CHRISTMAS

crochet, CHRISTMAS

crochet, CHRISTMAS


stephanie o'dea

Holiday Punch CrockPot Recipe (non-alcoholic)

This is the easiest hot drink I've ever made, and the kids liked it the most.

The Ingredients.

4 cups cranberry juice
4 cups pineapple juice 
1/3 cup hot tamales or red hots candy 

1 cinnamon stick

that's it! 

The Directions.

This serves 6. Combine juices in your crockpot, and add hot tamales or red hots. Cover and cook on high for 2 hours, or on low for 4-5. Stir. The candy will pretty much dissolve, leaving just a hint of cinnamony-flavor.

Ladle into mugs, garnishing with an extra cinnamon stick if desired.

The Verdict.

My kids loved this. They each drank 2 mug-fulls after school, and another after dinner. I really liked it a lot, too, and had 2 mug-fulls while watching Oprah. Adam only got a taste; he should have come home earlier! 




The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

In 1793, U.S. President George Washington’s second inaugural address was just 135 words long and lasted less than two minutes! The extinct Colossus penguin stood 6 ft. 8 in.—as tall as NBA® star LeBron James! To prove New York’s Brooklyn Bridge was stable, P.T. Barnum safely led 21 elephants across the bridge on May 17, 1884.

"Welcome" in Kikongo (Central Africa) - Mbote na nge

Gif Animated Gif animated GIF


Fill a box with popcorn seasoning goodies for a 
thoughtful gift.
Handmade gifts



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