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Miners' Day DECEMBER 6, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Miners' Day

The men and women who spend every day digging in the earth are some of the greatest unsung heroes of industry and modern civilization. They dig deep into the darkest places in the world to bring out the riches that help to sustain our lifestyles. From the steel for our cars, to the copper wiring that binds together our digital world together, everything we think of as our modern lives and comforts exist on the back of these intrepid people.
History of Miners’ Day
The history of mining reaches into prehistory, where resources such as flint were removed from the earth to produce the highest quality tools of the age. As time went on and more was understood about the nature of ores and how to process them, gold, turquoise, and malachite (the ore from which copper is derived) mines began to appear all over the world. Better technology allowed the development of new mining techniques, and more uses for existing and newly discovered resources. Even in these ancient days, the bronze and iron brought forth from the earth was used to plow the ground, fight wars, and build grand edifices that would stand the test of time.
Miners’ Day was established to celebrate and recognize those who take part in this dangerous profession, to help our lives be comfortable and full of conveniences. 

Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle; median.
Usage:They took up defensive posts all along the field, with Ray in the medial position.


Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac (1778)

Gay-Lussac was a French chemist and physicist who showed that all gases expand by the same fraction of their volume for a given temperature increase—which led to the devising of a new temperature scale whose thermodynamic significance was later established by Lord Kelvin. By taking measurements from a balloon above 20,000 feet (6,000 m), he concluded that Earth's magnetic intensity and atmospheric composition were constant to that altitude

St. Nicholas's Day (Greece)

As the patron saint of ships and seamen, St. Nicholas is very important to theGreeks, so many of whom have traditionally made their living at sea. Many Greek ships, from the smallest fishing boat to the largest commercial vessel, carry an icon of the saint on board. Seamen honor St. Nicholas on his feast day, which falls at a time of year when storms grow more frequent, by burning a light before his icon and saying prayers for the safety of their boat or ship.

British Astronaut to Run London Marathon in Space

A British astronaut will attempt to become the first man to run a marathon in space, as part of his 173-day mission to the International Space Station

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1774 - Austria became the first nation to introduce a state education system. 

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1877 - Thomas Edison demonstrated the first gramophone, with a recording of himself reciting Mary Had a Little Lamb. 

Related image

1883 - "Ladies' Home Journal" was published for the first time. 

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1884 - The construction of the Washington Monument was completed by Army engineers. The project took 34 years. 

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1923U.S. President Calvin Coolidge became the first president to give a presidential address that was broadcast on radio.

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1947 - Everglades National Park in Florida was dedicated by U.S. President Truman.

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2002 - Officials released the detailed plans for a $4.7 million memorial commemorating Princess Diana. The large oval fountain was planned to be constructed in London's Hyde Park.

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If You Were Born Today, December 6

You are always searching for truths in this life time, and you love to explore and learn. In fact, you are thirsty for knowledge. There is a flair for the dramatic in you, although you do come across as straightforward, personable, and frank. You make snap decisions. For the most part, you are able to complete what you start, and when you don't, it stems from over-estimating your human capabilities, not from lack of follow-through! You require intellectual stimulation in order to hold your interest in relationships, as you are restless and desirous of change. Famous people born today: Ira Gershwin, Charles Hall, Steven Wright, Peter Buck.

Picture of the day
Egon Schiele
Self Portrait with Physalis, by Egon Schiele (1890–1918) completed in 1912. Schiele, an early expressionist painter from TulinLower Austria, produced numerous self-portraits during his career, including several in which he depicted himself naked. His works are characterized by twisted body shapes, intensity and raw sexuality.

Picture of monks releasing lanterns in Thailand

Fire Flies

Photograph by Joost Hardesmeets, National Geographic
While exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the days following the Loi Krathong festival, Joost Hardesmeets happened upon an enlightening moment. “I found a little temple with this beautiful pond next to it and discovered this amazing ceremony was about to take place,” Hardesmeets writes. “The small group ... was chanting beautifully and sort of finished the setting to a surreal spectacle I felt very special to be a part of."




Zig 'n Zag Fingerless Mitts pattern by Kris Basta - Kris...
I have been making these fingerless mitts and love them. - thought I’d share. :)
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crochet, CHRISTMAS




crochet, CHRISTMAS


stephanie o'dea

Slow Cooker Carrot Pudding Recipe

Carrot pudding? Are you serious? I know. It sounds really weird, but I had some with a slab of roast beef at a steakhouse a few years ago and haven't been able to get it out of my mind ever since.

This is a side dish, not a dessert. Serve it alongside a nice juicy steak with a baked potato. Serve it to your in-laws---they'll think you're fancy.

The Ingredients.
serves 10

4 cups grated carrots
1 small onion, grated
1 cup heavy cream
1 egg, beaten
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon white granulated sugar

The Directions.

Use a 4-quart slow cooker. If you've only got a big guy, that's okay, but your pudding will cook faster--check it after 2 hours.
Grate the carrots and onion--- Adam bought himself (he said it was for me, but I'm scared to death of the thing, so he uses it each and every time) a  food processor, which is what we used to grate our carrots and the onion. If you want to buy the already-grated carrots (near the bagged salad and coleslaw), go for it.
Add the grated veggies to your crockpot.

In a mixing bowl, combine the cream, egg, salt, nutmeg, and sugar. Pour this mixture into your slow cooker, and stir well. Cover and cook on low for 4 to 5 hours, or on high for about 2 to 3. Your pudding is done when the carrots are tender. Now, using a hand-held stick blender (CAREFULLY) pulse a few times to create a pudding-like consistency. You can also (carefully!!) transfer the carrot concoction to a traditional blender to pulse a bit.

Some might ask if the blending is necessary. I think so. The consistency is changed quite a bit by blending, and the pudding becomes velvety and smooth. You don't want it smooth like baby food, but definitely creamy and combined.

Serve with meat and potatoes for a rich and satisfying meal.

The Verdict.

My kids like this, but have a hard time with the "weird" factor. Adam likes it a lot----we usually pair it with grilled steaks


String Snowflake

Submitted by Karen Hunady from Crafts For All Seasons...

This snowflake craft looks very elegant hanging in front of a window, or together in groupings. They sparkle ever so slightly, thanks to some glitter spray added at the end. All that is used to make this snowflake is white string and some fabric stiffener. It takes a little patience laying the string on the pattern. I have included a two different patterns below, one is easier than the other. Take your time and you'll be amazed at the results. If these are stored carefully, you can enjoy them year after year.

snowflake image 1


  • White string or white embroidery floss
  • Fabric Stiffener (available in craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler for measuring string
  • Wax paper
  • 6 straight pins
  • Piece of cardboard or a cork board
  • Glitter Spray (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Black thread or fishing line for hanging


1. Begin the snowflake craft by printing out this template (clicking on the template link will open a PDF file in a new window). 

2. Place your template on a piece of thick cardboard, or a cork board. Then, place a piece of wax paper over the template. Push pins in each end point of the snowflake, going through the wax paper, to attach the template securely to your base. 

snowflake image 2

3. Cut the white string in the following sizes for template 1: three pieces that are 6.5 inches long; six pieces that are 0.5 inch long, and 12 pieces that are 2.5 inches long. 

4. Pour a little fabric stiffener into a small cup, and dip your string pieces to saturate them well. When you pull them out, use your fingers to drag the string through to remove any excess solution. 

5. Begin by working with the long strings that are 6.5 inches long. These make up the snowflake's six "arms". Lie the string over wax paper, tracing the template. Wrap the string in a loose loop around the pin. Just follow along the pattern as if you are tracing. Take your time! When this is dry it is going to retain its shape and look amazing! 

snowflake image 3

snowflake image 4

6. Next, work with the 2.5 inch lengths of string. Use these to trace the loops that appear on each snowflake arm. Don't get too worried if you don't get them exactly placed well. The shape of the double loop is more important. When this is dry, you will have to glue them in place anyhow since the fabric stiffener is not strong enough to hold the bond. 
snowflake image 5

snowflake image 6

7. Finally, you can use the tiny 0.5 inch strings lengths for the last "V" shape that occurs on each snowflake arm. When finished, allow the whole snowflake to dry overnight. 
snowflake image 7

8. When the snowflake craft is completely dry, gently peel it up and away from the wax paper. Take your time. Don't worry, some of the loops are going to peel off from the main snowflake base. You can glue these on later for extra support. 
snowflake image 8

9. Use some strong clear glue at this point to reinforce all the points where strings cross. It is important to put a good dollop of glue right in the center of the snowflake, where the three strings meet. You also will want to glue each pair of loops and the 0.5 inch "V" shapes to the arms. Allow to dry well, preferably overnight. Do the gluing on the wax paper again. 

10. When the snowflake craft is dry, cut away any excess glue. Add glitter for sparkle. I really like the glitter spray paints that are available now in craft stores. Silver looks really good. Or, you can spray the snowflake with spray adhesive, then shake some white glitter over it. 

11. Add a thin black thread, or clear fishing line to the snowflake craft for hanging.



These embroidered cork mats are a great way of saving kid's artwork.
You will need:
– Cork mats
– Yarn
– Large needle
– Biro
I bought these cork mats at Christmas with the plan of doing something with them and it’s taken me this long to decide what!
I wanted to add some embroidery to them and was going to do it myself but then thought it would be nicer to let Cherry do it.
So she got all arty and drew and wrote on them…
Then I went over the drawings with a large needle threaded with yarn.
I added a loop at the top to hang them up and that was it.
You could use them as mats for drinks but I thought they would get ruined that way so this is better for keeping them in good condition.
You could also glue magnets on the back and put them on your fridge.
Or put a letter on each one and make a garland…



Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius




These animal moms all have some quality that sets them apart from the rest. 


Robert Ripley with a stone elephant statue in China at Ming Tombs, 1932.
Why they’re amazing: Elephants earn their spot on this list for giving birth to the biggest babies on Earth–approximately 200–250 pounds! They also carry these babies for a whole 22 months. Once baby elephants are born, the other “ladies” in the herd all help “babysit.” These full-time sitters are called “Allomothers” and they help in every aspect of raising the baby elephant. The relationship between mother and baby elephant has been correctly described as the closest of any animal on earth.


via TechnoBuffalo
Why they’re amazing: Meerkats live in groups of around 20 with one dominating pair producing new pups. These pups multiply quickly, which keeps the group very busy with care work. The care work is most often completed by aunts and sisters who teach the youngsters the necessary skills required to survive in the Kalahari Desert.


Why they’re amazing: As you may know, koala bears feast on highly poisonous eucalyptus leaves. Their bowels are lined with special bacteria that makes safe digestion of the leaves possible. However, their babies are not so equipped. And so, koala moms selflessly chew their own feces and feed them to the joeys.


via Andy Rouse / REX Features | Mail Online
Why they’re amazing: Mother polar bears raise their children in an average temperature of -40F. They dig an underground den where they remain in a hibernation-like state throughout the coldest winter months. Then, after giving birth between November and February, they live in the safety of the den while the cubs nurse on the fasting mother’s milk. When ready, the family emerges and mom begins hunting seals again. At this point, she has been fasting for eight months.


via howstuffworks
Why they’re amazing: Alligators make extremely attentive moms. After creating the perfect nest of heaping vegetation, they carry the newborns in their jaws for ultimate protection. For the next full year, the alligator will assist its babes to water where they will learn to eat fish, insects, snails and other crustaceans.


via phys / Joel Meunier
Why they’re amazing: The mother will provide her eggs with warmth and protection from predators. She will also clean the eggs, preventing fungus formation. During this time, the only thing the mother earwig will eat is any eggs that will not hatch. When the rest do hatch, mother help babies break out of their shells. She will then continue to protect them for a few more months until they have molted a second time.


via WWF / Rob Webster
Why they’re amazing: Female orangutans have babies only every eight years or so. Thus, they have ample time to spend with their babes–and they do. Orangutan infants are extremely dependent upon their mothers for the first two years of their existence. What’s more is that for the first four months, contact between mother and infant is never broken. Each night, mom makes a nest that her and baby will cuddle in all night. Even as they mature, orangutans are highly attached to mom. They even breastfeed until they are around five years old!


via Caters News Agency | Mail Online
Why they’re amazing: Harp Seals already have the challenge of raising babies on sheets of melting ice patrolled by hungry polar bears. What’s more than that? They nurse their pups on 48% fat seal milk continuously for 12 days without eating at all. On this plan, the pup gains an average of five pounds per day while the mom loses an average of seven pounds per day.


via Andy Rouse / REX Features | Mail Online
Why they’re amazing: At any given time, a mother cheetah has four to six cubs under her care. These kittens are born without survival instincts, making mom’s job that much harder. She has to teach them how to hunt prey and avoid predators. This training can take nearly two years to stick. Once this round of kittens is self-sufficient enough, mom starts over again.


Why they’re amazing: While most spiders hang their eggs from their web, wolf spider moms actually strap their egg sacs to their bodies and carry it. Once the eggs hatch, mom lets the baby spiders continue to hitch a ride: she carries them on her back until they are old enough to take care of themselves.


via Flickr / Tobias
Why they’re amazing: These birds will do anything to protect their babies from predators like lizards. Their tried and true method of protection includes sealing the “doorway” to their nest with their own feces. Mom stays in the nest for the whole two month incubation period, ignoring her own hunger and protecting her babies.


via Corbis / Stuart Westmorland | NPR
Why they’re amazing: The female octopus’ mission is to have just one successful brood in her lifetime. In accordance, she will lay roughly 200, 000 eggs and do anything to protect them. During the month of caring for the eggs, the female octopus is starved nearly to death. She may even go as far as ingesting her own arms before she will leave her eggs for food. Once hatched, the offspring float around in blooms of plankton. The mother, too weak to defend herself at this point, often falls prey to predators.

"Welcome" in Jèrriais (Jersey) - Beinv'nu


The Most Notable Places on Earth

The most dangerous city in the world
High & Low

San Pedro Sula, Honduras – A hub for illegal drugs and arms trafficking, San Pedro Sula also experiences more than 3 murders every day.
The least sexually satisfied country in the world
High & Low

Japan – Only 15% of the population reports having a satisfying sex-life, and over 45% of Japanese women report not being interested sex, or even hating sexual contact.
The most sexually satisfied country in the world
High & Low

Switzerland – More than 20% of the population consider their sex-life to be “Excellent”, and the country’s liberal views on prostitution & pornography, combined with sexual education starting at kindergarten help make it the country with the lowest teenage births in the world.
The hottest place in the world
High & Low

Death Valley National Park, U.S.A. - The highest recorded temperature, was taken on July 10, 1913, and it reached 134°f (56°c).
The coldest place in the world
High & Low

Antarctica – In August 2010, the lowest recorded temperature was recorded in the East Antarctic Plateau. The record temperature was -135.8°f (-93°c).
The least populated city in the world
High & Low

Vatican City – With a population of 842 residents, Vatican City also boasts the title of smallest state in the world.
The wealthiest city in the world
High & Low

Tokyo, Japan – The city of Tokyo has the highest GDP ($1,520 billion) of any other city in the world.
The poorest city in the world
High & Low

Kinshasa, D.R.C. – The Democratic Republic of Congo is the poorest state in the world, and its capital, Kinshasa, is the poorest city. It has a GDP of $55 billion, and most of its residents live on less than $1 a day.
The highest place in the world
High & Low

Nepal – Mount Everest stands at 29,029 ft (8.84km), and is the highest mountain in the world.
The lowest place in the world (on land)
High & Low

Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan – Located at -1,401 ft (-427m) below sea-level, it is also the lowest lake in the world.
The lowest place in the world (underwater)
High & Low

Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean – In a depth of 35,797 ft (10.91km) below sea level, it is known as “Challenger Deep”, and has been visited by only 3 humans so far. (More people have visited the moon)
The most photographed place in the world
High & Low

Guggenheim Museum, New York, U.S.A. – By running an algorithm that scanned through the internet’s immense collection of photos, the Guggenheim was found to be the most photographed place on earth.
The wettest place in the world
High & Low

Mawsynram, India – This region in the Indian subcontinent enjoys an average of 467.35 inches (1187cm) of rain per year. (In 1985, it had an amazing 1000 inches, or 25.4 meters of rain!)
The driest place in the world
High & Low

Atacama Desert, South America – It may be hard to believe, but the Atacama Desert gets about 4 inches (10cm) of rain every 1000 years. (Yes, 1000 years!)
The sunniest place in the world
High & Low

Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A. – Yuma 90% clear and sunny skies every year, with an average of 11 hours of sunshine per day.
The most expensive city in the world
High & Low

Singapore – In 2014, Singapore dethroned Tokyo and earned the title “world’s most expensive city”. An American travelling to Singapore will be shocked to see that the prices of cars are 4-6 times more expensive than in the U.S.
The least expensive city in the world
High & Low

Mumbai, India – A stark contrast to Singapore, Mumbai is 2014’s cheapest city. On average, a person would need to spend 4 times as much in Singapore, compared to Mumbai.
The Oldest city in the world (still exists)
High & Low

Damascus, Syria - While there are many older cities that no longer stand, the city of Damascus has evidence of civilization going back 11,000 years, and is the oldest city that still stands.
The newest country in the world
High & Low

South Sudan – Following a bloody genocide, the southern part of Sudan, which consists mainly of Christians, split from the northern part (Muslim majority) in 2011, making it the youngest country in the world.
The most visited city in the world
High & Low

London, England – London sees 18.69 million international visitors every year, making it the most visited city in the world.

The least popular country in the world
High & Low

Iran – The same poll found that Iran barely got a 15% positive rating (and a 59% negative rating).
The country that drinks the most coffee in the world
High & Low

Sweden – If you thought it would be the U.S.A. then you’d be wrong. The average Swede consumes 388mg of coffee per day.
The country that drinks the most alcohol in the world
High & Low

Belarus – On average, every person above the age of 15 drinks 4.62 gallons (17 liters) per year, earning Belarus this dubious title.
The most bicycle-friendly city in the world
High & Low

Groningen, Netherlands – Around 50% of the population of Groningen commutes on bicycles every day, making it the city with the most bicycles per capita.
The most energy efficient city in the world
High & Low

Reykjavik, Iceland – All of the energy in the capital of Iceland comes from geothermal power plants and hydropower. The city aims to be completely free of fossil-fuel by 2050.
The most emotional country in the world
High & Low

Philippines – In a poll spanning 3 years (2009-2011), residents of the Philippines were found to give the most emotional replies to simple questions.
The least emotional country in the world
High & Low

Singapore - The same study found that the people of Singapore are the least likely to give an emotional response to the same questions.
The country with the highest longevity in the world
High & Low

Monaco – The World Health Organization (WHO) found that the average life expectancy in Monaco is 87.2 years.
The country with the lowest longevity in the world
High & Low

Sierra Leone – Sadly, with an average life expectancy of 47 years, Sierra Leone is the country with the shortest life expectancy in 2014.
The most LGBT-friendly country in the world
High & Low

Spain - In a recent poll, over 88% of Spaniards said they accept alternative sexualities.
The sexiest country in the world (for men)
High & Low

Brazil – In a 2014 poll, it was found that men consider Brazil to have the sexiest and most attractive women in the world.
The sexiest country in the world (for women)

Australia – The same poll found that women prefer the men in Australia.
The most stressed-out country in the world
High & Low

Nigeria – When considering the low GDP, income inequality, murder rates, political corruption and unemployment rate, it’s easy to see why Nigerians are the most stressed people on earth.
The most relaxed country in the world
High & Low

Norway – The exact opposite of Nigeria, Norway enjoys the most security, equality, earning power and education levels in the world. 
The country with the highest IQ in the world
High & Low

Hong Kong – The average IQ score in Hong Kong is 107 points.
The country with the lowest IQ in the world
High & Low

Equatorial Guinea – The average IQ score in Equatorial Guinea is 59 points.
The city with the best internet connectivity in the world
High & Low

Seoul, South Korea – South Korea has been enjoying some of the most advanced technology when it comes to internet connectivity, and with 10,000 government-sponsored free Wi-Fi spots in the city, it easily earns its title.
The most cat & dog friendly country in the world
High & Low

The United States of America – Americans love their pets. With a population of 76.4 million cats and 61.1 million dogs, the numbers speak for themselves.

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