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FEB 9, 2015

It’s time to stop bullying – whether it’s in the playground, the home or the workplace. Stop Bullying Day encourages you to try and stop the bullying in your environment or life, and to work together to eradicate bullying all together.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Of, relating to, or expressive of love, especially sexual love.
Usage:She showed her friends the stack of old love letters and read them excerpts from the couple's amatory correspondence.

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William G. Morgan Invents Volleyball

William G. Morgan invented volleyball in Holyoke, Massachusetts, just four years after basketball was invented in the neighboring town of Springfield. Morgan, a physical education director, created "Mintonette" for older athletes who wanted to play indoor sports but deemed basketball too rough. The name volleyball came from the nature of the game: "volleying" a ball back and forth over a net. Players can also "spike" the ball and drive it downward into the opponents' court.

Gerhard Richter

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Richter is considered one of the foremost German artists of the post-World War II period, indeed one of the foremost artists in the world, and the prices his works fetch at auction reflect this distinction. Unwilling to settle on any one medium or approach, Richter paints, photographs, draws, and sculpts and has varied his style from austere photorealism to satirical pop to minimalism to pure abstraction.

Hearing Loss Hinders Hospice Care

A new report on end-of-life care reveals that hearing loss is one of the most commonly overlooked medical concerns for hospice patients—and one of the most upsetting, as it can leave patients feeling isolated and alone. Eighty percent of Americans over age 85 having hearing impairments, but many of them do not have hearing aids because the devices can cost up to $3,500 each and are often not covered by health plans. Experts urge physicians and caregivers with hearing impaired patients to use small amplifying devices or work with charities that loan out hearing aids.
1825 - The U.S. House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams president. No candidate had received a majority of electoral votes. 
1870 - The United States Weather Bureau was authorized by Congress. The bureau is officially known as the National Weather Service (NWS). 
1909 - The first forestry school was incorporated in Kent, Ohio.
1942 - Daylight-saving "War Time" went into effect in the U.S. 
1950 - U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that the State Department was riddled with Communists. This was the beginning of "McCarthyism." 
1960 - The first star was placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was for Joanne Woodward. 
1969 - The Boeing 747 flew its inaugural flight. 
1997 - "The Simpsons" became the longest-running prime-time animated series. "The Flintstones" held the record previously. 

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If You Were Born Today, February 9

You are a person who is very committed to what you believe in, and sometimes very stubbornly so! You are a true artist at heart--creative to an extreme, and sometimes nervous if you are not channeling your considerable artistic talent constructively. Compassionate and concerned, you care much about others, but often come across in a detached manner. It is very important that you finish the projects you start, which is not always easy for you, in order to feel content and satisfied. Famous people born today: Alice Walker, Mia Farrow, Joe Pesci, Gypsy Rose Lee, Dean Rusk.

Picture of a gondola on the Grand Canal at sunset, Venice, Italy

Sunset on the Grand Canal

Photograph by Osamah Alajmi, National Geographic
A gondola floats through the waters of Venice’s famed Grand Canal at sunset. Venice's gondolas are painted black in accordance with a 17th-century law preventing nobles from competing for the most elaborate boat.

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True Love Trivet pattern by Lily / Sugar'n Cream
Knit cords are woven together in a heart shape to create this fun and functional trivet. (Yarnspirations)
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Why can’t a bike stand on its own? It’s two tired.

Totally twisted pattern by improzora
This is a set I made up for my 3yo daughter - her head has about 52cm circumference. It should be a good pattern to start cabling, but it involves changing...
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knit, vintage
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Free Easy Misses Slippers Moppets Knitting Pattern
Vintage 1960s knitting pattern to make a pair of slippers that resembles mops. The slippers are quick and easy to make. They are sized Small, Medium and ...
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Chevron scarf

yarn: Karaoke 50% soy silk, 50% wool, 3 balls/~ 300 meters/150g (even though I did not enjoy this yarn for this project, I think with another striping or multicolored yarn this is a nice pattern)
needles: 5mm
size: 5" x 64"
Cast on 35 sts (I've used long tail cast on).
for the whole length of scarf: slip the first stitch as if to purl with yarn in front, and purl the last stitch of each row. This makes a nice braided like edge.
Sl1-K2-Psso: Slip (as if to purl) - K next 2 sts together - pass slipped sts over
K1fb: knit once in front and once in back loop of the same stitch
row 1: sl1, (K1,P1) 3 times, K1, K1fb, k7, Sl1-K2-Psso, K7, K1fb, (K1,P1) 4 times.
row2: sl1, knit to last stitch, Purl.
You might want to place a marker before K1fb and after the second K1fb.
Repeat these two rows until desired length.
Bind off. The beginning and the end will NOT match.
This pattern is for your personal use. You can share it with your friends or use it for charity knitting, but do not use it for commercial use. If you print it make sure my information is included.
Monika Steinbauer/
Concrete pattern by Nicole Feller-Johnson
Concrete is a vest for the urban explorer, inspired by the architecture and gridlines of Philadelphia. Worked from the back center out, with folded hemmed ...
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Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and, with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath…. This made him a super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

Love Notes Notepad Holder(s) pattern by Hometown Hooker
Love Notes is a notepad holder designed to hold a notepad and pen - and it comes in TWO sizes!!! It can be hung from a hook or you can attach a magnet b...
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What do you call a big pile of kittens? A meowntain.

Little Lamb Hangers pattern by Carlotta Craig
Crochet these precious little hangers to pamper a little prince or princess (or to please a new doting mommy). The clever use of “pretty berry” stitches give...
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Heart To Heart Afghan pattern by Belle Tracy
Super Saver Solids by Red Heart Aran / 10 ply 100% Acrylic 364 yards / 198 grams average rating from 12402 votes 168296 projects, stashed 55246 times
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Colorful Scoop-Neck Cardigan
A classic cardigan like this never goes out of style. Use our free crochet instructions and patterns to add this multicolor piece to your wardrobe.
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crochet (1970)
GOOD EGG RUG - Groovy Crochet
1970 crochet pattern for a rug that looks like an egg - complete with eyes, nose, mouth and belt!
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Almond Energy Balls ~Sweet and Savory by Shinee
Energy balls recipe: Made with all natural, good for you ingredients, these almond energy balls are so easy to make and absolutely satisfying.
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Teacup Pincushions
Not your grandmas Pincushion.
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'hello' in Tagalog (Filipino): Magandang tanghali , Kamusta, Como estaka

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Butterfly Green Blue Jigsaw Puzzle
Butterfly Green Blue Jigsaw Puzzle, 67 Piece Classic. A Butterfly with iridescent blue green color feeding on a red
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you can have low stress rates by learning these definitions ......

Medical Term

The study of paintings
Back door to cafeteria
What doctors do when patients die
What you be, after you be eight
Caesarean Section
A neighborhood in Rome
Cat scan
Searching for Kitty
Made eye contact with her
A sheep dog
A punctuation mark
To live long
Not a friend
Quicker than someone else
A small lie
Distinguished, well known
Labour Pain
Getting hurt at work
Medical Staff
A Doctor's cane
A higher offer
Rates of Pay for Working at Night,
Normally more money than Days
I knew it
A person who has fainted
Second cousin to Elvis
Post Operative
A letter carrier
Recovery Room
Place to do upholstery
Nearly killed him
Hiding something
Roman Emperor
A small table
Terminal Illness
Getting sick at the airport
One plus one more
Opposite of you're out


(thanks, mari)
#10: You always add two stitches to any pattern!!
(Note: The designer helpfully thought of the edge so you don’t have to – that sounds like a TV commercial.)
#9: If you become a spinner and make your own yarn . . . you will buy less yarn
(Note: There’s no way to sugar coat this – THIS IS A LIE.  You will simply have more yarn.  The yarn you spin and the yarn you continue to buy, AND you will have less time to knit this yarn, since you now spin. Welcome to the rabbit hole.)
#8: It’s always better to create an SSK by slipping the first stitch as if to knit and the second stitch as if to purl
(Note: This is one of the least offensive myths on the list.  It’s good hearted.  It does create a nice flat SSK by twisting the second stitch. However, there are very few “alwaysessss” in knitting or in life.  In some lace patterns that have YOs on alternative rows that reveal the base of the SSK, it doesn’t look great.  Moral of the story – by wary of “always.”)
#7: Knitting is hard
(Note: the number of times I hear people tell me “I could never knit, it looks so hard, I would not have the patience.”  This statement usually comes out of the mouths of brilliant people who have mastered their careers, and in some cases are juggling child care mastery at the same time . . . but somehow two sticks and string seems impossibly intimidating.)
#6: Knitting is easy
(Note: nothing to say.)
#5: You ALWAYS slip the first stitch of every row.
(Note: a cousin to #10 – this one makes me crazy go nuts. It’s spread like wildfire through yarn stores.  Although a selvage edge is lovely if that’s your finished edge, if you are knitting pieces that you will be seaming, a slipped stitch makes mattress stitch a sloppy drag.)
#4: If you are a combination knitter you can’t do (fill in blank: lace, double knitting, brioche . . .)
(Note: This is posh & nonsense.  I teach combination knitting, and I assure you, there’s nothing that an eastern and combination knitter can’t do.  Once you understand the anatomy of your stitches and how to control them, the knitting world is your oyster.)
#3: Knitters are always friendly and kind
(Note: Knitters are human beings – for the most part, therefore, like all human beings, some are awesome and some are  . . . well . . . not.)
#2: To get a long tail cast on with an elastic edge, use a larger needle (or dopier still) two needles.
(Note: This is by FAR my least favorite myth, and one that simply will not die.  The needle creates the size of the stitch, therefore using a larger needle only creates a first row with big sloppy stitches.  The elasticity of the edge would come from how far apart you space your stitches.  When doing a long tail cast on, plant your finger on the needle to the left of the stitch you just cast on, to act as a spacer between it and the next new stitch.)
#1: (Paul Shaffer’s drum roll here)  KNITTING IS THE NEW YOGA!
(Note: STOP IT.  Really, everyone stop saying that.  First of all, knitting is not the “new” anything.  Knitting is it’s own thing and has been around for quite a few years. Second of all, that pithy little sound bite was first uttered about 10 years ago – I remember first reading it in 2003, so seriously – get a new line. Seriously.  I mean it.)

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