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FEB 10, 2015 (out of order)

Umbrellas are a remarkably effective accessory for protecting yourself from wind, rain and sun. Whatever the weather, Umbrella Day is a great excuse to sport a fetching brolly when you’re out and about!

For a friend who knows who  she is!!  Ha! Ha!    Will she   read it????????????

Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Attracting attention in a vulgar manner.
Usage:The town's tasteful welcome sign was replaced with a meretricious monstrosity, a blinking neon tower.

Quick Quiz:
Roberto said he didn't have a one-track mind. He said he

 a. could speak two languages, not just one

 b. thought about many things, not just one

 c. was interested in many things to do with money, not just one

Ha ha ha! This reminds me of Heidi sometimes! In the most loving way possible!


Emeril Lagasse

Lagasse is a celebrity chef and restaurateur. He gained fame when his restaurant, "Emeril's," in New Orleans, Louisiana, was named Esquire magazine's "Restaurant of the Year" in 1990. He went on to become the host of the popular TV shows The Essence of Emeril and Emeril Live. Lagasse delivered his cajun-and-creole-based recipes with catchphrases like "BAM!" and "Kick it up a notch!" 

General Tom Thumb Marries Lavinia Warren

General Tom Thumb, born Charles Sherwood Stratton, began touring with circus pioneer P.T. Barnum in 1843 at the tender age of four. Stratton's short stature—he was a mere 3 feet, 4 inches (102 cm) tall when he died—and his comedic impersonations made him an international hit. His courtship of Lavinia Warren, another one of Barnum's performers, led to a fashionable New York City wedding in 1863, and the pair was later received at the White House. Stratton died in 1883. 

Mark Spitz

During the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, Jewish-American swimmer Mark Spitz shot to sporting fame when he captured seven gold medals, a feat unequaled by any other athlete in a single Olympiad until 2008. Spitz also set new world records for each of the events in which he took the gold. Having thus brought his total Olympic medal count up to 11—he had won two gold, one silver, and one bronze in 1968—Spitz retired from competition.

Magna Carta Copy Found in Scrapbook

A previously unknown version of the Magna Carta—the most famous document in British constitutional history—has been found tucked in a scrapbook by an archivist in the British town of Sandwich. The discovery comes just days after four surviving copies of the 1215 Magna Carta went on display in London. The Magna Carta, issued in 1215 by King John of England, asserted that no one, not even the king, was above the law. The newly found version appears to have been published under King Edward I in 1300
1840 - Britain's Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg-Gotha

1863 - The fire extinguisher was patented by Alanson Crane.

1870 - The YWCA was founded in New York City.

1897 - "The New York Times" began printing "All the news that's fit to print" on their front page.

1933 - The singing telegram was introduced by the Postal Telegraph Company of New York City. 

1989 - Ron Brown became the first African American to head a major U.S. political party when he was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

1998 - A man became the first to be convicted of committing a hate crime in cyberspace. The college dropout had e-mailed threats to Asian students. 

deer kitten

If You Were Born Today, February 10

While you certainly have an independent streak, partnership is extremely important to you. Nothing pleases you more than a special friendship, learning about one another, and growing through your connection. You quite easily take the lead, however, and others naturally follow. You are passionate and strong--perhaps intimidating to some because of this strength. Famous people born today: Laura Dern, Robert Wagner, Boris Pasternak, Elizabeth Banks, George Stephanopoulos, Larry Adler, Alexander Payne.

Picture of two lion cubs sparring at Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Title Fight

Photograph by Andy Skillen, National Geographic 
“Late afternoon was when we happened upon a large pride of lions resting on a dam wall in Phinda, South Africa,” writes Andy Skillen of his encounter at the private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal Province. “Although the adults had not yet decided to stir for their evening activities, two of the cubs took it upon themselves to get some sparring practice in and fought a wide-ranging bout for around half an hour, burning off all that excess adolescent energy.”

dog black sheep

Valentine Heart Sock Pattern
MATERIALS: Wool-Ease [MC] #097 Ivory Sprinkles. Small amount of color [B] #103 Strawberry Heather. Set of 4, Size #5 dpns. Stitch holder. GAUGE: A...
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Hobo Bag pattern by Vicki Mikulak
A slouchy bag knit in one piece using short rows for shaping. A tutorial for preventing holes in short rows is included. The bag is knit sideways in one piece s...
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Reversible Cable Wrap pattern by Tamara Goff
Knit from end to end, this triangular wrap features a luxurious cable along the neck edge. Available FREE from
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Lindan tossut /Linda's Slippers pattern by Elina Urmas
Pattern is available in Finnish and in English.
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I'm Hooked!: Crochet Heart Coin Purse
Free Crochet Pattern: Heart Coin Purse
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Ball Hank n' Skein: Knee-High Boot Socks!
Here's a fun free pattern for a chunky knee-high sock.
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Tie Bookmark pattern by Carlotta L. C. Craig
Need a suitable gift for the man who enjoys reading? This tie bookmark is perfect! It can be crocheted quickly with self-striping yarn and when he uses it he’...
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» Harlequin » Free Crochet Patterns at
Materials Required: AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY “AUNT LYDIA’S” HEAVY RUG YARN, Article 235 10 skeins Cerise or Forest Green 4 skeins Lilac or ...
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ha! HYSTERICAL ~ Thanks @marcy423  :)

Delicious Ham and Potato Soup
A hearty, easy soup that's ready in 45 minutes. Perfect for using up leftover ham.
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crock pot recipe (thanks patty)
Stephanie O Dea

Stuffed Artichoke CrockPot Recipe

The Ingredients:

--2 large artichokes
--1 T olive oil
--1/3 cup parmesan cheese
--1/4 cup bread crumbs (my totally awesome mom food processed a loaf of rice bread for us that I keep in the freezer)
--juice from 1 lemon

The Directions:

--chop up the stem from the artichokes.carefully.
--mix chopped up stem with the other ingredients in a small bowl. Mixture should be moist and     gooey.
--using a knife, cut the very top of each artichoke off
--with kitchen shears, cut off the pointy leaf tips
--shove breading mixture inside of artichoke

put into crock pot and add 1/2 cup of water to the bottom.
close up and cook on high for 2-4 hours or low for 4-5. These took 4 hours on high.



Made by Joel » Reclaimed Painted Tree Bark Dolls
Last week my daughter brought home a few strips of bark from a fallen tree next to her school. She had a vision of painting the wood and turning them into d...
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'hello' in Thai (from boy) sa-wa DEE Krab 


Gazania Sunshine Mix Jigsaw Puzzle
Gazania Sunshine Mix Jigsaw Puzzle, 80 Piece Classic. Gazania is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to
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Valentine's Sayings:

“You’re the bomb” - a bath bomb
“I like hanging out with you” or “I ‘a-door’ you” – Personalize a door knob hanger.
“I’m bananas for you” – Provide healthy valentines with bananas or banana bread
“You are one of a kind” – Attach playing cards.
“You pull at my heart!” – How about a shrinky dink zipper pull?
“I think you are purrr-fect!” - Anything with a cat (bookmark, sticker, trinket) would be cute with this saying
“I’m stuck on you!” or “Let’s stick together!” – A great saying for hair clips, magnets or stickers!
“No bones about it you are top dog” – Dog bone shaped sugar cookies would make a cute treat!
“It is ‘ruff’ when you are not around” – Anything with a dog (bookmark, sticker, trinket) would be cute with this saying!
“You wrote the book on being cool!” – package with a purchased or homemade bookmark
“I dig you!” - Package treats with a small plastic shovel.
“I am ‘TOADally’ yours” – Plastic jumping frogs would be cute taped to a card with this saying or make some frog suckers.
“You are a keeper” or“I’m hooked on you” – Pair this with a package of Swedish Fish!
“You rev me up” or I ‘wheelie’ like you! – This saying with a small car would make for a fun valentine!
“I am hog wild for you” -Anything with a pig (bookmark, sticker, trinket) would be cute with this saying!
“You ‘moo-ve’ me!” – Anything with a cow (bookmark, sticker, trinket) would be cute with this saying!
“I would ‘quack’ up without you” – A small rubber ducky would be fun with this saying attached to it’s neck!
“I’m your number one fan” or “I am your biggest fan, or “you blow me away!” – A paper fan or A battery operated personal fan
“You blow me away” – Blow Pop sucker
“You are the apple of my eye”  - Apples
“You really measure up” or “You rule!”  - Ruler or measuring tape
“I’d SNAP at the chance to be your Valentine” – plastic toy alligator or bang snaps 
“You are the highlight of my life”  - highlighter pen
“I like you ‘beary’ much!” - Teddy Grahams or gummy bears
“You are o’fish’ally awesome” or “You’re a great catch  - Goldfish crackers
“You are a winner” – A purchased lottery ticket or a homemade scratch-off lottery ticket.
“I am stuck on you” –  Glue or Stickers
“I am stuck on you” or “I ‘chew’s you Valentine” Gum
“You are EXTRA special to me”  – Extra Gum
“You are out of this world!”   – Orbit Gum
“I have my eye on you” fun glasses or magnifying glass
“I am buggy for you!” – some plastic bugs or a lady bug Valentine.
“You are a cut above the rest!” Scissors or cookie cutter
“You melt my heart” Hot Chocolate and marshmallows
“You mean the world to me” Map
“I think you’re aMAZINGing” book of mazes
“You are the icing on the cake” Cake or cupcakes
“You rate sky high with me” – an airplane or a handmade whirly gig
“You take the cake”  - Cake or cupcakes
“You make my heart bounce”  – super balls 
“I ‘wheelie’ like you!”  - a toy car
“I am fortunate to have you”  - Fortune Cookies
“I like the way you roll”  – toy car, Tootsie Rolls or Rolos
“I have a CRUSH on you”  - Orange Crush Pop
“You are ‘SUMbody’ special!” – An inexpensive calculator from the $$ store would be a useful gift!
“You are just ‘write’ for me!” – A pencil or pen is always an appreciated gift!
“My heart ‘beats’ for you!” – a play drum 
‘Donut’ you know I love you! – Donuts
“Our love was ‘mint’ to be” – Mints
“You rock!” or “Have a blast” or “You are a blast” – Who doesn't love pop rocks candy!
“You are as cute as a button!” – button bookmark, button bracelet or button shaped cookies or candy would be cute clipped to a card with this saying
“You are a hottie” – Hot Tamale candy
“LIB it up this Valentine’s Day” or ” I am MAD about you Valentine” – A book of Mad Libs
“I’d always pick you” – a bouquet of flowers



Most expensive foods in the world

Saffron, a spice grown worldwide, is derived from the saffron crocus flower. A pound of dry saffron (0.45 kg) requires 50,000–75,000 flowers to make, meaning an entire football field of these flowers. Requiring so much resources and labor, prices for the spice go around US$500/pound to US$5,000/pound (US$1100–US$11,000 per kilogram). 
The most expensive nut in the world is the Macadamia nut. The macadamia tree produces nuts only after it’s 7-10 years old, requiring fertile soil and heavy rainfall. These nuts have a very hard seed, but once it’s open it reveals a creamy white kernel containing up to 80% oil and 4% sugar. The cost of a kilogram of these nuts exceeds 30$. 
 Inline image
The most expensive caviar in the world is not the black one, but the almas caviar! The word ‘almas’ is Iranian for diamond. Beluga caviar comes from a fish over 100 years old, that is virtually unchanged for 120 million years.. The luxurious caviar comes from the oldest survivor of the Dinosaur era. Beluga caviar ranges in price from more than $5,000 per kilogram in the United States 
The most expensive mushroom in the world is the white truffle. The mushroom has its origins in the Langhe area of the Piedmont region in northern Italy, it can reach 12 cm diameter and 500g. These truffles are sold at a amazing price of €2,000 and €4,000 per kilogram ($1350 - $2700 per pound). The record price for this truffle was paid last year, in December, when Stanley Ho, the owner of the Macau casino paid $330,000 for 1.5kg of truffles. 
The most expensive potato in the world is a French one, “La Bonnotte”. Annually, only 100 tons of this top quality potato are cultivated and collected only on the island Noirmoutier. The potato fields require to be fertilized only with seaweed in a climate shaped by the nearby sea. The cost of one single kilogram can reach €500 since this type of potato is almost extinct. 
The most expensive beef in the world is the type of beef coming from the Wagyu cows. These Japanese cows are fed the best grass and provided the best treatment. That is why the meat is especially tender and particularly expensive. 200 grams of a fillet cost in Europe more than 100 dollars. 
The most expensive sandwich in the world is the club sandwich from Essen aka von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich.This triple-decker delicacy contains the finest chicken, ham, hard-boiled quails’ eggs and white truffles and it’s currently sold at Cliveden, Berkshire. The chicken (poulet de Bresse) is referred to as the ‘fourth gastronomic wonder of the world served with a topping of white truffles, sold at over a thousands ponds a month. At 1,182 calories, with 1.8oz of fat, it’s not the healthiest dish but certainly one of the most expensive. Costing almost 200 dollars, this is a must-try for the food fanatics. 
The most expensive omelet in the world can be tasted at the Le Parker Meridien restaurant in New York. The $1,000 omelet consists of 10 ounces of sevruga caviar, a whole lobster, and six eggs. To make it in the privacy of your own home, the cost will be only $700. 
Off to something sweet now with one of the most expensive deserts in the world, served at Serendipity 3, a popular restaurant in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The $1000 sundae was introduced in 2004 and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive dessert. It’s made up of 5 scoops of the richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, 23K edible gold leaf and one of the most expensive chocolates in the world, Amedei Porceleana. 

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