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FEB 1, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Car Insurance Day

It can’t compete for romance with Valentine’s Day. It can’t inspire the joy of Christmas. And it’s almost impossible to find an appropriate costume. But if you remember it, Car Insurance Day will keep you covered the whole year round.
Some celebration days, you suspect, have had a little industry help in getting started. It’s fair to say that Car Insurance Day doesn't have deep folkloric roots. Even so, in reminding us of something important, it’s right up to date. Around the world, we spend billions on car insurance every year, yet few of us understand exactly how it works, or have the time or patience to question what we pay.
Why not “celebrate” with a quick price comparison – or just a phone call to ask for a better deal. Then test the smoke alarm, tidy the garage and enjoy the peace of mind.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) Anything that precedes something similar in time.
This era is one of heedless consumption, but perhaps you can blame that on its antecedent

D is for... | The ABCs Of Dad Jokes |


Yaya Matsuri

The Yaya Matsuri, held in Owase, Japan, during the first week in February, featuresmikoshi (portable shrines) carried through the streets by groups of young men who meet and deliberately crash into each other. The festival takes its name from their shouts—"Yaya! Yaya!"—as they run into one another. Several special events, including dances, are held during the five-day festival. On the last night, there is a ceremony at the Owase Shrine to determine who will participate in the festival the next year.


The first bicycle, probably created by the German Baron Karl de Drais de Sauerbrun in the early 1800s, was a form of hobby-horse that was propelled by the rider's feet pushing against the ground. The first treadle-propelled cycle was designed by the Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan around 1839. By the end of the 19th century, bicycles had wire wheels, metal frames, and pneumatic tires.

Football Fandom Spiking Outside US

Interest in American football is surging in Russia, China, and elsewhere, according to a recent study by a German sports marketing research firm. In just the last few years, the National Football League has gained tens of millions of new fans in the Russian and Chinese markets, in addition to rising enthusiasm in the UK. The game-changer for adding converts to the "other" football appears to be increased access to subscription packages, which allow fans to watch live games from their homes—even if they're on other continents.

1788 - Isaac Briggs and William Longstreet patented the steamboat. 

1862 - "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," by Julia Ward Howe was first published in the "Atlantic Monthly." 

1867 - In the U.S., bricklayers start working 8-hour days.

1884 - The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was published.

1896 - Puccini's opera "La Boheme" premiered in Turin.

1913 - Grand Central Terminal (also known as Grand Central Station) opened in New York City, NY. It was the largest train station in the world. 

1919 - The first Miss America was crowned in New York City

1920 - Canada's Royal North West Mounted Police changed their name to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The organization was commissioned in 1873.

1930 - The Times published its first crossword puzzle.

1960 - Four black college students began a sit-in protest at a lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. They had been refused service. 

1976 - "Sonny and Cher" resumed on TV despite a real life divorce. 

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If You Were Born Today, February 1

You are strong-minded and often quite stubborn when it comes to sticking to your point of view. You are a highly original person who can be impulsive and self-willed. You are also very magnetic and easy to look up to. You love to start new things, but don't always have the follow through to complete them! However, you are very strong at coming up with new ideas and having the courage to act upon them. You are artistic and creative, and you remain youthful throughout life. Famous people born today: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael C. Hall, Rick James, Brandon Lee, Langston Hughes, Clark Gable.

Picture of a paraglider in the sky with Highland cattle in the foreground, Denmark


Photograph by David Bengtsson, National Geographic 
Highland cattle ignore a paraglider in Denmark, where David Bengtsson seized an opportunity to capture his airborne friend while his camera captivated at least one onlooker. “Great memory from a great summer day in Denmark,” he writes.

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Cairi's Sweet Heart pattern by Kate Blackburn
After finding a lacy heart pattern in a stitch guide, it seemed only proper to use it with a yarn in a colourway named “Valentine”. The socks are named for th...
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Crossword Bag pattern by Denise Sutherland
This is a cute little bag with knitted crosswords and a sewn-in lining.
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Diagonal Ripple Dishcloth pattern by Leanne (To Knit Is ...
My website is no longer available, so I have switched this pattern to a Ravelry download.
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Sixth Form Beret pattern by Kris Percival
I designed this beret as a ‘hat of the month’ for my favorite local yarn shop, Stitch Therapy, Brooklyn. A tubular cast on is the lead in for a double knit brim...
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knit, vintage
Charmant...French Jacket pattern by Australian Women's...
CHARMANT gives every promise of a social success with its loose wide sleeves, natural shoulders, and drawstring waistline.
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Back To School Knock Knock Jokes To Stick Into Your Kids Lunchbox!

Aran Hearts Throw pattern by Bonnie Barker
If you need a wedding or anniversary gift, or just want someone to know how special they are on Valentine’s Day or their birthday, this beautiful throw is t...
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Easy Pot Scrubber pattern by Sonya Nelsen
Add a bit of color in your kitchen or bathroom cleaning supplies with this quick and easy project. Please note – if you have never crocheted, this would not ...
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Crocheted Mittens / Fingerless Gloves (Women's) pattern ...
Worsted weight yarn. 3 1/2 oz (100 g)
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crochet, infant - adult
Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Farm Hat with Picket Fence Bo...
I had such a great response over my Santa and Reindeer Button Hat that I was inspired to make another! After a trip to Michaels Craft Store, I was armed wi...
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This Snapchat that proves diet puns are the best puns. | 29 Snapchats That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

Homemade Fortune Cookies Recipe | Just a Taste
Take on the takeout with a quick and easy recipe for homemade fortune cookies dipped in chocolate.
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And this Snapchat, which spices up herb puns even more. | 24 Snapchats That Are Way More Clever Than You

craft (thanks, patty)
Heart Garland - a free pattern for Valentine's Day - Shi...
Make a pretty heart garland out of tiny scraps of felt and thread. The pattern is free and the stitching is easy! Great for Valentine's Day - or any day.
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'hello' in Serbo-Croatian: Dobar dan 
optical illusion
21 Funny Optical Illusions

Cat Cute animated GIF

Don't have the time to bake fortune cookies? Buy them!!!! Then, microwave 1 - 3 of them at a time (about 30 seconds) by wrapping each one in a WET paper towel, then unwrapping carefully (hot) and gently opening the fortune cookie (just enough to pull out the fortune it came with). Once the old fortune is gone, put in your own personalized fortune. Fold again and hold until cool

Romantic Fortune Cookie Fortune Ideas: 

When we meet, you fill my eyes; When we part you fill my heart.

Only you can make my heart crumble…

A sensual full body massage is in your very near future.

You need only to understand that it is not necessary to understand, but only to enjoy… in bed!

You will spend the rest of your life with the man (or girl) of your dreams…

Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so happy that I love you!

I love you with all my heart, and am more fortune-ate than all the fortune cookies in the world because I have you.

Just know as you go through each day there is one thing I wish I could say, you make me smile with every thought of you.

You will soon get unexpected kisses in unexpected places.

A thrilling night is in your future… in bed.

It is your good fortune to share life’s special moments with the one you love.

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This musical Snapchat that is just pulling on your strings. | 29 Snapchats That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good



  • The word "Diamond" comes from the Greek word "Adamas" and means "unconquerable and indestructible"

  • The diamond is the hardest natural substance found on the Earth
  • Diamonds have very high melting point of 3820K (3547' C/ 6420' F) and a boiling point of 5100K (4827' C/ 8720' F)
  • The diamond is a birthstone for people born in the month of April
  • Most diamonds found in nature are between one to three billion years old
  • The Earth is estimated at 4.5 billion years old. The oldest diamonds are believed to have been crystallized around 3.3 Billion years ago
  • Diamonds were first discovered in India and then in Brazil
  • Diamonds were originally found and mined in India, Brazil, South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Congo; however today, diamonds also come from Guinea, Lesotho, Siera Leone, China, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Guyana, Central African Republic, Canada, and Australia
  • The top three diamonds mines in the world are: Botswana (24 million carats), Russia (17.8 million carats) and Canada (10.9 million carats)
  • 80% of diamonds go toward industrial uses
  • To produce a single one-carat diamond, 250 tons of earth will be mined
  • The earliest record of man giving diamond to a woman was in 1477 when the Archduke of Austria gave a diamond to Mary of Burgundy. On average, each stone will lose 50% of its original weight during cutting and polishing
  • Diamonds form 90 – 120 miles beneath the surface of the earth and are carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions
  • The U.S. is the world’s largest diamond market. Although the U.S. accounts for less than one-percent of total global gemstone production, America buys more than half of the world's total gem quality diamonds
  • There are white dwarf stars in space that have a diamond core. The biggest diamond known in universe weights 2.27 thousand trillion tons which is 10 billion trillion carats, or a 1 followed by 34 zeros
  • The largest diamond ever found was the Cullinan at 3106 carats
  • 80% of the world's diamonds are not suitable for jewelry
  • Diamonds worn in ancient times were believed to promote strength, invincibility and courage
  • Color of diamond is usually pale yellow to colorless, but can also be brown, blue, green, orange, red, pink and black
  • The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars fallen on the earth
  • Romans believed that diamonds had the power to ward off evil and wore them as talismans. They inherited this belief from Indian mythology
  • A law in Thirteenth-century France decreed that only the King could wear diamonds

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