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DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Opera Day

Operas have been captivating audiences since the sixteenth century, and this highly revered art form continues to gain new enthusiasts today. An opera is a piece of performance art that combines music with text, and is often a dramatic enaction of a story, complete with acting, scenery and costumes.
There is no better time to celebrate your passion for opera than Opera Day. If you have yet to develop a passion for opera,Opera Day is the perfect day to begin. The most standard way of celebrating is to experience an opera for yourself. Check with your local theatre and see if there is a performance you can attend. If this isn’t an option, the Internet has made it easy to experience the wonder of opera from the comfort of your home. Try browsing Youtube for performances of masterpieces by the likes of Verdi, Mozart and Wagner.
If you’re musically inclined, you can take your Opera Day celebrations a step further. Get together with your most musical friends, and put on an opera of your own. It is easy to find the text of famous operas online, and you can divide the parts up amongst yourselves and have a riot of a time.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Of a healthy reddish color.
Usage:He had a sanguine complexion that was matched by his cheerful outlook.

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Boy Scouts of America Founded

One of the largest youth organizations in the US is the Boy Scouts of America, which promotes community service and character building. The scouts' activities aim at mental, moral, and physical development, stressing outdoor skills and training in citizenship and lifesaving. Scouts receive recognition in the form of merit badges and awards. The basic scout unit is a troop of about 15 boys, under the leadership of an adult scoutmaster.

Afonso IV of Portugal

Though he was the only legitimate son of King Denis of Portugal, Afonso IV felt threatened by the apparent favoritism his father showed to his illegitimate half-brothers and spent the final years of his father's life and reign in revolt. He succeeded to the throne in 1325 and, as history is doomed to repeat itself, found himself 20 years later the target of his own son's rebellion against him.

Finnish Sliding Festival

Patterned after the traditional event in Finland that celebrates Shrove Tuesdaybefore the beginning of Lent, the Finnish Sliding Festival, or Laskiainen, has been held in White, Minnesota, every winter for more than 50 years. It features two large ice slides, which are constructed at the edge of Loon Lake. People bring their sleds or toboggans for an exciting ride down the slide onto the frozen lake. Other activities at the weekend event include log-sawing contests, Finnish music and dance performances, and traditional Finnish foods such as oven pancakes and pea soup.

Study Says Motion Sickness Is in the Genes

If you feel an unpleasant queasiness while traveling in a car or boat, it could be genetic, according to a recent study by personal genomics company 23andMe. Using genetic data from more than 80,000 of its customers, 23andMe was able to link motion sickness to 35 genetic factors—many of which are involved in the nervous system, balance, and eye and ear development. However, having these gene variants does not guarantee that one will experience motion sickness. Research also showed that those who suffer from motion sickness are more likely to develop vertigo and migraines.

1802 - Simon Willard patented the banjo clock.

1922 - The White House began using radio after U.S. President Harding had it installed. 

1936 - The first National Football League draft was held. Jay Berwanger was the first to be selected. He went to the Philadelphia Eagles. 

1956 - Buddy Holly signed a recording contract with Decca Records. He left the "e" out of his last name (Holley) and dropped it from his stage name as well. 

1965 - The Supremes' "Stop in the Name Of Love" was released.

1974 - The three-man crew of the Skylab space station returned to Earth after 84 days.

1985 - "The Dukes of Hazzard" ended its 6-1/2 year run on CBS television. 

2006 - Kelly Clarkson won two Grammys. The awards were for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Since U Been Gone" and Best Pop Vocal Album for "Breakaway". She was the first "American Idol" participant to win a grammy. She also performed "Because of You" at the show.

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If You Were Born Today, February 8

There is nothing modest about your ambitions, although you are generally patient enough to pursue your long-term goals. You also have the drive and spirit to achieve success. You are a responsible and respectable person who believes in being fair to all. You are confident and frank, but also friendly and tactful. Work is extremely important to you, and you have little patience for those who don't do their fair share. You possess much stamina. Others can truly count on you! Famous people born today: James Dean, Seth Green, Lana Turner, Mary Steenburgen, Nick Nolte.

Patch the donkey looks over a stone wall in Nateby near Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria
Patch the pony looks over a stone wall in Nateby near Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria

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Heart Mitts pattern by Steven Frieson
Pattern Update: Feb. 16, 2012 9:40am - After row 25 on each glove, 2 flat rows were missing in stockinette stitch: purl a row and knit a row replacing the m...
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size: ~ 6.5" X 76" (or ten pattern repeats)
4.5mm needles
yarn: Queensland Collection Kathmandy DK ~ 370 yds
k knit
p purl
sl-st wyib slip-stitch with yarn in back. A stitch has been slipped from left needle to right needle without working.
RT right twist: 2 stitches twisted so that the one on the right side of the fabric moves diagonally from left to right. skip 1st st and knit the 2nd st on the left needle in front loop, then knit the skipped st in front loop, slip both sts from needle together.
LT left twist; 2 stitches twisted so that the one on the right side of the fabric moves diagonally from right to left. skip 1st st and knit the 2nd st on left needle in back loop, then knit the skipped st in front loop, slip both stst from needle together.
[] [K-P-K-P-K]

CO 40 sts
Knit row 1-6
row 7 [K-P-K-P-K]-P-SL-ST WYIB-P12-RT-P12-SL-ST WYIB-P-[K-P-K-P-K]
row 8 [] K-P-K-P24-K-P-K []
row 9 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P11-RT-LT-P11-SL ST WYIB-P []
row 10 [] K-P-K11-P4-K11-P-K []
row 11 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P10-RT-K2-LT-P10-SL ST WYIB-P []
row 12 [] K-P-K10-P6-K10-P-K-[]
row 13 [] P-LS ST WYIB-P9-RT-K4-LT-P9-SL ST WYIB-P-[]
row 14 [] K-P-K9-P8-K9-P-K-[]
row 15 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P8-RT-K6-LT-P8-SL ST WYIB-P-[]
row 16 [] K-P-K8-P10-K8-P-K-[]
row 17 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P7-RT-K8-LT-P7-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 18 [] K-P-K7-P12-K7-P-K-[]
row 19 []P-SL ST WYIB-P6-RT-K10-LT-P6-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 20 [] K-P-K6-P14-K6-P-K []
row 21 []P-SL ST WYIB-P5-RT-K12-LT-P5-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 22 [] K-P-K5-P16-K5-P-K []
row 23 []P-SL ST WYIB-P4-RT-K14-LT-P4-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 24 []K-P-K4-P18-K4-P-K []
row 25 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P3-RT-K16-LT-P3-SL ST WYIB-P-[]
row 26 []K-P-K3-P20-K3-P-K-[]
row 27 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P2-RT-K18-LT-P2-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 28 []K-P-K2-P22-K2-P-K[]
row 29 []P-SL ST WYIB-P-RT-K20-LT-P-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 30[] K-P-K-P24-K-P-K[]
row 32[]K-P-K2-P22-K2-P-K[]
row 33[]P-SL ST WYIB-P2-LT-K18-RT-P2-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 34 []K-P-K3-P20-K3-P-K[]
row 35[]P-SL ST WYIB-P3-LT-K16-RT-P3-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 36[]K-P-K4-P18-K4-P-K[]
row 37[]P-SL ST WYIB-P4-LT-K14-RT-P4-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 38[]K-P-K5-P16-K5-P-K[]
row 39[]P-SL ST WYIB-P5-LT-K12-RT-P5-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 40[]K-P-K6-P14-K6-P-K[]
row 41[]P-SL ST WYIB-P6-LT-K10-RT-P6-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 42[]K-P-K7-P12-K7-P-K[]
row 43[]P-SL ST WYIB-P7-LT-K8-RT-P7-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 44[]K-P-K8-P10-K8-P-K[]
row 45[]P-SL ST WYIB-P8-LT-K6-RT-P8-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 46[]K-P-K9-P8-K9-P-K[]
row 47[]P-SL ST WYIB-P9-LT-K4-RT-P9-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 48[]K-P-K10-P6-K10-P-K[]
row 49[]P-SL ST WYIB-P10-LT-K2-RT-P10-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 50[]K-P-K11-P4-K11-P-K[]
row 51[]P-SL ST WYIB-P11-LT-RT-P11-SL ST WYIB-P[]
row 52[]K-P-K12-P2-K12-P-K[]
repeat row 7-52 ten times or desired lenght)
knit last 6 rows
Bind off. Weave in ends. Block scarf. Attach fringes if desired. Embroider daisies in contrasting colors in the middle of the diamonds.
This pattern is for your personal use. You can share it with your friends or use it for charity knitting, but do not use it for commercial use. If you print it make sure my information is included.
Monika Steinbauer/


"His scarf" the cashmere one!

"His (Birthday) scarf"

Finished size: about 7" wide and 54" long (after lightly blocking)

Yarn: Artyarns Cashmere5, 100% 5-stranded cashmere, 3 balls 50 gr each or 306 yds. color#247 (light grey)

Needles: 4mm needles or US # 6

Gauge: 6 sts/inch and 7 rows/inch (for scarf not that important)

Note: The Artyarns Cashmere5 calls for US # 8 (4.5 sts/inch) but I'm a loose knitter so I've used # 6. I liked the texture of the finished fabric.

Note: you might want to use markers to place for seed stitch border on both sides

Stitch pattern found in the book "Folk Shawls" by Cheryl Oberle

Seed stitch: (even number of sts)
row 1: *K1, P1; repeat from * to end.
row2: *P1, K1: repeat from * to end.
repeat rows 1 and 2 for pattern.

Pattern stitch ( a multiple of 14 sts plus 2)

rows 1, 3 and 5: K2,*(p1,k1) 2 times, p1, k2; repeat from *.
rows 2, 4 and 6: * P3,(k1, p1) 2 times; repeat from *, end last repeat p3 instead of p1.
row 7: K2, * p12, k2; repeat from *.
row 8: Knit the knits and purl the purls as they appear.
row 9: knit.
rows 10, 12, and 14: *P2, (k1, p1) 2 times, k1; repeat from *, end p2.
rows 11, 13, and 15: K2, *(k1,p1) 2 times, k3; repeat from *.
row 16: K2 *K5, p2, k7); repeat from *.
row 17: Knit the knits and purl the purls as they appear.
row 18: Purl.
repeat rows 1-18 for pattern.

Cast on 44 sts.
Work 7 rows seed stitch. Maintain the seed stitch borders, (place markers) on the first and last 7 sts of each row. The main pattern is worked on the 30 sts in between the markers.

Repeat the main pattern-repeat 19 times.
Work 7 rows seed stitch and bind off.

Weave in ends and block lightly.
This pattern is for your personal use. You can share it with your friends or use it for charity knitting, but do not use it for commercial use. If you print it make sure my information is included.
Monika Steinbauer/
knit (medieval socks)
my recreated sock
Dar Anahita: Medieval Egyptian Knitting 2 - Sock from th...
I have very little actual information on this sock. It was found somewhere in northern Egypt, and dates from sometime between the 11th and 14th centuries...
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Waving Lace Baby Blanket pattern by Karen Baumer
A baby blanket with just the right amount of texture for both interest in stitching and softness for baby.
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Creepy Cute animated GIF

Mini Valentine's Day Puppy pattern by Melissa's Crochet ...
This is a mini version of Sweetheart the Valentine’s Day Puppy. He measures 8 inches from head to foot when laying flat.
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Giant Doily Rug
Crochet | Giant Doily Rug
You can DIY your own exquisite giant doily rug from this crochet pattern and tutorial.
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Hooded Jacket for Ken and Barbie | CrochetN'Crafts
Free crochet pattern for a hooded jacket for Ken and Barbie dolls. The pattern is easy enough for an advanced beginner to master and can be crocheted up ...
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Diaper Changing Pad
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crochet (snowflake throw)

Free Crochet Patterns and Knitting Patterns | Red Heart
Come grab a few minutes to unwind with us. Do you want to create a soft blanket for charity? Explore a new pattern as a loving gift? Or release your imagina...
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1950s 1960s animated GIF

9 Easy Steps to Delicious Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips are one of the British national dishes. They are so easy to make, follow these 9 simple steps for better than fish shop bought ones.
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DIY sunglasses - customize them two ways! - Mod Podge ...
These DIY sunglasses are so cool! Shannon has customized them with two methods - one with glitter and the other with paper and Dimensional Magic.
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homemade mod podge
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Glasses Movies animated GIF


Movie Vintage animated GIF

'hello' in Taiwanese: li ho bo

Black And White Medicine animated GIF

dancing shoes
Dancing Shoes | 30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

Flipbookit Vintage animated GIF


Unusual Flowers In The World

Flame Lily (Gloriosa Superba) – This unusual flowering plant is native of tropical regions of Asia and Africa and belongs to Colchicaceae family. Flame Lily usually grows as tuberous climbing plant and produces unusual red or yellow flowers with wavy edges. It is the national flower of Zimbabwe
Most Unusual Flowers: Flame Lily

Bee Orchid (Ophrys Apifera) – Bee Orchid comes from the Mediterranean regions and belongs to the orchid family. This perennial plant produces between one and ten flowers on each spike every summer
Most Unusual Flowers: Bee Orchid

Corpse Lily (Rafflesia Arnoldii) – This remarkable flower is the largest flower in the world. It is rare and hard to find in its habitat which are the rainforests of Bengkulu, Sumatra Island and Indonesia. Flowers emit a bad smell and can be as wide as one meter wide and weigh up to 11 kilogram
Corpse Lily - the largest flower in the world

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) – Bird of Paradise also known as Crane Flower is another unusual flower from South Africa. The plant belongs to the Strelitziaceae family and produced unusually colorful and beautiful flowers that resemble a bird
Most Unusual Flowers: Bird of Paradise

Huernia Oculata – This flowering plant belongs to the family of Apocynaceae. The plant produces small succulent stems that can be used to propagate the plant. The plant is fairly easy to grow in well drained soil and dry climate
Most Unusual Flowers: Huernia Oculata

Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos) – A species of flowering plant in the poppy family Papaveraceae, native to Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan.  It is valued in gardens and in floristry for its heart-shaped pink and white flowers (that are poisonous). It is also known as “lady-in-a-bath”
Most Unusual Flowers:The Bleeding Heart Flower

Snake’s Head (Fritillaria meleagris) – A species of flowering plant in the family Liliaceae. Its other common names include chess flower, frog-cup, guinea-hen flower, leper lily (because its shape resembled the bell once carried by lepers), Lazarus bell, checkered lily or, in northern Europe, simply fritillary
Snake's Head (Fritillaria meleagris)

Maypop Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) – A fast growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems with large, intricate flowers with prominent styles and stamens. A member of the passionflower genus Passiflora. it is a common wildflower in the southern United States. Also known as purple passionflower, true passionflower, wild apricot, and wild passion vine
Most Unusual Flowers: Maypop Passionflower

Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior) –  A species of herbaceous perennial plant. It is an exceptionally red, waxy flower found throughout gardens in Costa Rica. The showy flowers are used in decorative arrangements while the flower buds are an important ingredient in the Nonya dish laksa. In North Sumatra, the flower buds are used for a dish called arsik ikan mas
Most Unusual Flowers: Torch Ginger

Sea Poison Tree (Barringtonia asiatica) – A species of Barringtonia, common along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. They have a sickly sweet smell that attracts bats and moths at night. It is grown along streets for decorative and shade purposes in some parts of India
Most Unusual Flowers: Sea Poison Tree

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