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Chocolate Cake Day JANUARY 27, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Chocolate Cake Day

Sticky, gooey, creamy chocolate. Soft, moist and delicious cake. Put them together, and celebrate Chocolate Cake Day! From chocolate cream buns to a whopping great gateaux, today is the day to indulge! (now my life is complete .. chocolate .. yum)

which came first? the chicken or the egg? 

Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse.
Usage:Some students enjoyed the teacher's succinct style, while others wished she would elaborate on certain topics.

Idiom of the Day


 — The final stages of a process, development, or activity. An allusion to the last stage in chess, when the majority of pieces have been removed from the board


usa today


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the date the United Nations has chosen to commemorate victims of the Holocaust during World War II. Six million Jews were murdered by Germany's Nazi regime, along with 5 million non-Jews who were killed.
The anniversary, marked each year since 2005, falls on the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland by the Russian army in 1945. One million people died there.
Here is how countries around the world are marking the 71st anniversary:

Lewis Carroll (1832)

Carroll was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, English author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There. Carroll developed the stories from tales he told to the children of H. G. Liddell, the dean of Christ Church College at Oxford, one of whom was named Alice. Many of his characters—the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the White Rabbit—have become familiar figures in literature

Birthday of Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, on this day in 1756. His achievements in composing operas, chamber music, symphonies, and piano concerti have earned him a reputation as one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. Mozart's birthday is observed all over the world by musical societies, who often give concerts of his music on this day. The city of his birth also honors him at the end of January with Mozart Week, as well as with the Salzburg Festival each summer.

Hubble Successor Maintains Course

The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is reaching some key milestones in its preparation for launch in 2018. Engineers are about to complete the assembly of the primary mirror surface on the James Webb Space Telescope.

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1870 - Kappa Alpha Theta, the first women’s sorority, was founded at Indiana Asbury University (now DePauw University) in Greencastle, IN.

Image result for 1888 - The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, DC.

1888 - The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, DC

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1926 - John Baird, a Scottish inventor, demonstrated a pictorial transmission machine called television

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1940 - In Rockford, IL, Frank Sinatra made his first public appearance with the Tommy Dorsey band at the Coronado Theater. 

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1967 - More than 60 nations signed the Outer Space Treaty which banned the orbiting of nuclear weapons and placing weapons on celestial bodies or space stations.

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1973 - The Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris

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1988 - The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Phantom of the Opera" opened at Broadway's Majestic Theater.

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2010 - Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad.


If You Were Born Today, January 27

You possess creative and verbal style, an analytical mind, and a broad tolerance of others' differences. Many of you are excellent at teaching, whether or not you do it for a living, as others readily respect you and follow your lead. As well, you are good at encouraging and motivating people. You are an especially trustworthy person. You value your personal freedom more than most and don't easily accept restrictions. Your thinking is progressive and way ahead of your time. Famous people born today: Wolfgang Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Bridget Fonda, Mordecai Richler, James Cromwell, Mimi Rogers.

Picture of the day
The Holocaust
During The Holocaust, approximately six million Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime and its collaborators. Other victims of Nazi crimes included Romanisethnic Poles and other Slavs, Soviet POWs,communistshomosexualsJehovah's Witnesses and the mentally and physically disabled.
This photograph shows less than half of the bodies of the several hundred inmates who died of starvation or were shot by the Gestapo in the yard of the Boelcke Barracks, a subcamp of the Mittelbau-Dora Nazi concentration camp located in the south-east of the town of Nordhausen. Numbers at the camp, which was used for sick and dying inmates from January 1945, rose from a few hundred to more than six thousand by the end of the war; up to a hundred inmates died every day.

Picture of a street scene reflected on a window in Montpellier, France


Photograph by Yuri Rasin, National Geographic 
Yuri Rasin found a clever way to capture the scene in Place de la Comédie, Montpellier, France’s central square: reflected on the window of the local tourism office. “My intention was to avoid making a cliché tourist photo of the [city’s] main promenade,” he explains. The decor within the office window seemed an unexpected yet appropriate backdrop for his “view of the city on a hot summer day.”

whew .. america is safe!
America is Safe. Source: Colbert Report subscribe for more Fourth Test Main article: Fourth Test, 1948 Ashes series During the drawn Third Test, Barnes was inju




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knit, 0 - 6 mths


Conversation Hearts Dog Collar

crochet, vintage




how to crochet a clown doll


Craft Supplies:
  • 4 oz Worsted weight yarn - main color
  • Small amount contrasting color for border around hat and collar & for pompoms; Worsted weight yarn
  • Small amount of white or other solid color for face; Worsted weight yarn
  • Red yarn for mouth or scraps of felt for face
  • 3" Styrofoam ball
  • Size H crochet hook
  • Yarn needle


Legs (make two):
Chain 37; turn
Row 1:   2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, 3 dc in rem ch; ch 3 turn
Row 2:   2 dc in 1st dc, 3 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc, *3 dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc; repeat from * to end of row; cut yarn
Arms (make two):
Chain 25; and follow instructions for rows 1 and 2 of legs.
Chain 20
Follow instructions for rows 1 and 2 of legs but before cutting yarn, change color to contrasting color and crochet a row of 1 sc in each dc.
  • Chain 10 (this will be the height of the hat)
  • sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across; turn
  • sc in each sc for 11 more rows.
  • Join sides to form tube.
  • Close one end of tube to form top of hat
  • On other end, work sc around
  • 1st row of brim: 2 dc in each sc
  • 2nd row of brim: *3 dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc; repeat from * to end of row.
  • 3rd row of brim: Change to contrasting color and work 1 sc in each dc. Cut yarn
Chain 4, join to form a ring; work 10 sc in ring
  • Round 2: Inc 1 sc in every other sc (total of 15 sc)
  • Round 3: Inc 1sc in every 4th sc (total of 18 sc)
  • Round 4:  Inc 1 sc in every 5th sc (total of 21 sc)
  • Round 5:  Inc. 1 sc in every 6th sc (total of 24 sc)
  • Round 6 through 13: work even
  • Round 14: Dec 1 sc in every 6th sc; insert Styrofoam ball before finishing.
  • Round 15: Dec 1 sc in every 5th sc
  • Round 16:  Dec 1 sc in every 4th sc
  • Decrease to close end
  • After knotting off  and cutting each piece weave loose ends back into crocheted piece using a yarn needle.  This helps hide the knots and end pieces of yarn
  • Make a small pompom for the top of the hat and attach it.
  • Make 2 pompoms next size for hands.  Attach one to the end of each arm.
  • Make 2 pompoms size larger for feet and attach one to the end of each leg.
  • Sew arms and legs together with yarn needle and a matching piece of yarn.*
  • Attach the collar to the bottom of the head by sewing it in place then attach the arms and legs to the head.
  • Sew the hat on top of the clown's head.
  • Make a face by either embroidering one with yarn and a yarn needle ( I made the sample using two x for eyes and an outline stitch and red yarn to make the mouth) or cut a face out of felt and glue or sew it onto the head
  • Optional: work a chain of desired length to form a loop and attach it to the top of the clown's head to hang him on the wall.
*I have always found the easiest way to join the arms and legs together is to line up the top of the arms and legs altogether and whip stitch the top 1 1/2" or so with a yarn needle and matching yarn. I stitch both the inner and outer curves then stitch the whole arm leg assembly to the bottom of the head.  Be sure to put the two legs between the arms.
crochet valentine free pattern

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Refried Beans Without the Refry
Refried Beans Without the Refry


Paper Clip Mini Mobiles
Here you have it, my first paper clip craft, mini mobiles made using just paperclips and recycled plastic bottles! I know, you didn't expect this one to be a recycling craft, but yippee it truly is!
Paper Clip Ornaments Craft For The Succah 2
Now, these little paper clip mobiles, modeled after my idea of a cute chandelier, aren't very large, but they sure are adorable, and if you make just a few to hang over a child's desk or even over a baby's crib (way out of reach of course) the results could be just fantastic!
You'll Need:
  • colored paper clips in 2 sizes (small and large)
  • a recycled clear plastic bottle
How To:
I used the middle section of a recycled soda bottle, which I first pierced with a knife and then cut with scissors. One of the mobiles uses a slice of bottle that is just the height of the large paper clips, while the other one, top photo, uses a slice that is higher than the height of the paper clips.  If you choose the later you could try running a stripe of washi tape around your mobile, or even punching holes in it to hang more paper clips.
Have fun coming up with all sorts of variations, and of course one can hang little notes or drawings from them too......imagine the possibilities!


actually a drain in the sink

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. - Nikos Kazantzakis

11-Year-Old Skips Rope 108 Times in 30 Seconds, Sets New World Record

By Sumitra 
11-year-old Cen Xiaolin can move his legs faster than most people can count. The boy recently set a new rope skipping world record by completing a whopping 108 skips in just 30 seconds!
That’s so fast that you can’t even see the rope. In fact, judges at the first World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championships, in Dubai, simply couldn’t keep up with him. They were unable to count Cen’s steps while he was skipping, as it was all a bit of a blur. They had to rewatch the footage in slow-motion eight times to verify the exact number of steps. Later, he broke another record by skipping 548 times in three minutes.

"what is your name?" in Apiaka (Brazil) - Antaykytú?

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