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Freethinkers Day JANUARY 29, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Freethinkers Day

Freethinkers Day falls on the birthday of Thomas Paine, a prominent thinker whose work and publications promoting a philosophy of Enlightenment heavily influenced the course of the American and French revolutions.
Embrace Freethinkers Day by challenging arbitrary authority, questioning the status quo, and constructing logical and reasonable arguments against engrained behaviour.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients.
Synonyms:aquiculturetank farming
Usage:The soil where he lived was poor in nutrients, so he decided to try his luck with hydroponics.

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Idiom of the Day

a feast for the eyes

 — An especially attractive, pleasing, and/or remarkable sight or visual experience

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860)

Chekhov was a Russian short-story writer, dramatist, and physician who earned enduring international acclaim for his stories and plays. His early works were broad humorous sketches and tales published under a pseudonym, written to support himself and his family while he studied for his medical degree in Moscow. His first full-length play, Ivanov, was produced while he was practicing as a doctor.

Thomas Paine Day

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) was a propagandist and humanitarian whose influential pamphlet, Common Sense, is credited with persuading the American colonies to declare their independence from Great Britain. On January 29, Paine's birthday, he is honored by members of the Thomas Paine National Historical Association inNew Rochelle, New York. They lay a wreath at his monument in the Thomas Paine Memorial Museum, which houses some of his letters and personal effects. The cottage in which Paine lived is only a short walk away.

Antarctic Fungi May Hint at Potential for Life on Mars

If scientists one day discover life on Mars, they might just want to thank a tiny fungi found on Antarctic rocks. 

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1802 - John Beckley became the first Librarian of Congress. 

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1845 - Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" was published for the first time in the "New York Evening Mirror." 

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1856 - Britain's highest military decoration, the Victoria Cross, was founded by Queen Victoria. 

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1924 - R. Taylor patented the ice cream cone rolling machine

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1936 - The first members of major league baseball's Hall of Fame were named in Cooperstown, NY. 

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1963 - The first members to the NFL's Hall of Fame were named in Canton, OH

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2014 - Archaeologists announced that they had uncovered what they believed to be the oldest temple in Roman antiquity. The temple was found at the Sant'Omobono site in central Rome. 


If You Were Born Today, January 29

You are extremely likable and quite brilliant. You love a good debate, friendly challenge, and stimulating conversations, and always have something unique to share. Although you seem wiser than your years while young, you have a youthful quality that is with you throughout your life. There is a gentle and caring quality about you that others love. While you could get away with a whole lot just because you are so easy to like, you are fair to an extreme and will always end up doing your share. Famous people born today: Oprah Winfrey, Tom Selleck, Adam Lambert, W.C. Fields, Heather Graham.

Picture of the day
Lyme Park House
The south facade of Lyme Park house in Lyme Park, a large estate located south of DisleyCheshire. The symmetrical 15-bay three-storey south front overlooking the pond is the work of Giacomo Leoni and was completed in the 1720s. The house itself measures 190 feet (58 m) by 130 feet (40 m) round a courtyard plan. The older part is built in coursed, squared buffs and stone rubble with sandstone dressings; the later work is in ashlar sandstone.

Picture of water rushing into a cove in South Africa

Memories Rush In

Photograph by Pieter Russouw, National Geographic 
Water—and memories—rush in for Pieter Russouw in his photo of a cove in Yzerfontein, a small town on the west coast of South Africa. “We used to visit this little town … [during] school holidays,” he writes. “I used to love this cove, as it has a cool breeze flowing through it and was a safe haven from the harsh African sun on hot summer days.” To capture the energy of the water flooding into the space, Russouw set his camera on a small tripod and adjusted the shutter speed “to get a small amount of blur to show the water movement.”















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Hot Buttered Rum

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Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. - Mattie Stepanek

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You Can Now ‘Freck Yourself’ with These Fake Freckles Cosmetics

By Sumitra There was a time when freckles were considered unsightly, but they might just become the ‘in’ thing when this new cosmetic fake-freckle kit hits the market! Called ‘Freck Yourself’, the kit comes with a set of 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball containing skin-pigmenting formula. Users need to place the stencil on the spot where they want freckles, and then roll the formula all over it. The result is a sun-kissed look that is guaranteed to last for two days with one-time use, or up to six weeks with everyday use.
Freck Yourself is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based Remi Brixton, who always wanted to have freckles her whole life. “There is nothing more beautiful to me than bare skin and fresh freckles,” she said in a promotional video. “To me, they’re a mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventures, and unapologetic beauty.”

"what is your name?" in Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [informal] -  
Cómo te clamas?


1. Pixie sticks: Stick with me, Valentine
2. Smarties: It’s smart being your friend
3. Chocolate coins: Don’t ever change Valentine
4. Lolly pop with a cape: Have a super Valentines Day
5. Gum: I chews you as my Valentine
6. Mints: We’re mint to be
8. Extra gum: You’re extra special to me
9. Tootsie rolls: Happy Valentine, toots!
10. Pop Rocks: You rock, Valentine
11. Krackel chocolate bars: You krack me up
12. Rolos: I like the way you roll
13. Peeps: Happy Valentines Day to all my peeps
14. Snickers: Thanks for making me snicker
16. Hot tamales: You’re one hot tamale
17. Butterfinger: Life is butter with you in it
18. Any candy: You’re sweet
19. Button candy: You’re as cute as  a button
20. 2 of any candy: We’re 2 of a kind
21. Reeses pieces: You stole a piece of my heart
22. Almond Joy: It’s a joy being your friend
23. Starbursts: I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend
24: Rolos (wrapped in red construction paper): You’re the bomb
26. Sweet tarts: You’re as sweet as can be
28. Tootsie rolls: I like the way you roll
29. Blow pop: You blow me away, Valentine!
30. Hershey kisses: I love you a bushel and a peck
31. Life Savers: Valentine, you float my boat
33. Teddy Grahams: You are so beary nice
35. Apple Jacks: You’re the apple of my eye
36. Lucky Charms: I’m lucky to have you
37. Cracker Jacks: You crack me up
38. Funyun chips: You’re so much fun
39. Chips Ahoy cookiesAhoy Matey, be my valentine
40. Ice cream: You’re cool
41. Gold fish: You are o’fish’ally an awesome friend
42. Donut holes: I love you a hole bunch
43. Donut holes: Do nut you know I love you a hole bunch
44. PB&J Sandwiches: We stick together like PB&J
45. Crush soda: I’ve got a crush on you
46. Kool Aid: You’re kool
47. Mountain Dew: I love everything you dew
48. Apple juice boxes: You’re the apple of my eye
49. Hot chocolate: You melt my heart
50. Soda: I soda think you are amazing
52Fortune cookie: I’m so fortune-ate that you’re my friend
53. Froot loops: You make my loop complete
54. Can of soup: You’re souper!
55. Key shaped cookies: You hold the key to my heart
57. Apple sauce: You’re awesome sauce
61. Cheerios: You’re O so special to me
62. Pickle: You mean a great dill to me
63. Clementine orange: You’re such a cutie
64. Berries: I like you berry much
65. Banana: I go bananas over you
66. Orange: Orange you glad you’re my valentine
67. Plum: You’re plum perfect
69. Pear: We make the perfect pear
70. Nuts: I’m nuts about you
71. Peanut butter: Spread the love
72. Popcorn: To a pop-ular kid
73. Olives: Olive you a lot
76. Crayons: You color my world, Valentine!
77. Ruler: You rule, Valentine
78. Highlighter: You’re the highlight of my day!
79. Glue: Let’s stick together
80. Pen/ Pencil: You’re just write for me
81. Matchbox car: I wheelie like you
82. Playing cards: 52 things I love about you
83. Magnifying glass: I’ve got my eye on you
84. Glow sticks: You make my heart glow
85. Bouncy ball: You make my heart bounce
86. Bubbles: You blow me away, Valentine
87. GI Joe: Love is a battlefield
88. Stickers/ tattoos:  I’m stuck on you
89. Plastic zoo animals: I’m wild about you
91. Shovel: I dig you
92. Toy Dinosaur: You’re dino-mite
93. Lion: You’re sweet and I’m not lion
94. Toy Dinosaur: Valentine, you make my heart ‘saur’
96. Star Wars: You’re the Obi-Won for me
97. Puzzle pieces: We just fit
98. Bubbles: I’m bubbling with excitement that you’re my friend
99. Any tattoo or sticker: I’m stuck on you
100. Cat (tattoo, sticker, eraser): I think you’re purrrrrfect
101. Ball: I like the way you roll
102. Mad libs: I’m mad about you
103. Owl (tattoo, sticker, eraser):  I’ll owl-ways be your friend
104. Boat: You float my boat
105. Crazy straw: You make me loopy
106. Map/ globe: You mean the world to me
107. Chap stick: Read my lips, Valentine…I’m yours
108. Cookie cutter: You’re a cut above the rest
110. Search wood book: I searched and found the best Valentine
111. Google Eyes: I’ve got my eyes on you
112. Crazy straws: I’m crazy for you
113. Sewing kit: You’re sew special to me
114. Band Aids: I’m stuck on you
115. Buttons: You’re as cute as a button
116. Magnet: Can’t resist your pull
117. Friendship bracelet: Our class would knot be the same without
118. Matches: We’re the perfect match
119. Handi wipes: You can count on me when things get sticky
120. Sewing kit: I love you sew much
121. Soap: I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine
122. Hot pad: You warm my heart
123. Hammer: You make my heart pound
124. Candle: You light up my life
125. Comb: Honey, comb your hair we have a date tonight
126. Dry erase/ chalk board: I’m never board when you’re around
127. Playing cards: You are the King of my heart
128. Lottery ticket: I love you a whole Lotto
129. Lottery ticket: You’re a whole lotto fun
130. Door hanger: I adoor you
131. Magnets: Let’s stick together
132. Screwdriver: You drive me mad (in a good way)!
133. Socks: You knock my socks off
134. Watch: You make my heart go tick tock
135. Light bulb: I love you a whole watt
136. Paper/electric fan: You blow me away
137. Toothbrush: I can’t smile with out you
138. Scratch off jokes: 6 cheesy heart day jokes
139. Mustache: I mustache you a question? Will you be my Valentine?
140. Painted twigs: Stick with me, Valentine
141. Typewriter doodle: You’re just my type
142. Sheep doodle: I love ewe
143. Owl doodle: Owl be you’re friend forever
144. Star Wars: You’re the obi-one for me
145. Clothes pins: I’d love to hang out with you
146. Rocket ship: You’re outta this world
147. Owl doodle: You’re a hoot
148. Deer doodle: You’re a deer to me
149. Maze: I think you’re a-maze-ing
150. Flower: I’d pick you any day
151. Thumbprint: Thumb-body loves you
152. Lottery ticket: I love you a whole “Lotto”
153. Painted rocks: You rock, Valentine

thanks, heide

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