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Celebration of Life Day JANUARY 22, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebration of Life Day

Celebration Of Life Day is when we take a step back and truly appreciate our children and grandchildren. Granted, some may do this on an everyday basis, but it’s an opportunity to look at our young ones’ lives from a different angle, think about what it is that makes them truly special, and of course, to lavish treats upon them if we so wish, be it an ice cream or a trip to Disneyland.
It can be easy to forget that our children and grandchildren are people in their own right. You’ve helped them to discover themselves over the years, but you can’t take all the credit. Their life choices are ultimately down to them; sometimes they’ll do you proud, and other times, as is the case with us all, they’ll make mistakes. So be the one who’s there to offer congratulations, or encouragement to pick themselves up when they fall. And above all else, as cheesy as it may sound, show that you love them.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A serviceman in the artillery.
Usage:You were a cannoneer that day there, and you were among the first to enter the accursed fortress when it fell.


Sir Francis Bacon (1561)

Bacon was a British statesman and philosopher widely regarded as the father of modern scientific method. His elaborate classification of the sciences inspired the 18th-century French Encyclopedists, and his empiricism inspired 19th-century British philosophers of science. Bacon began his public career as a member of Parliament, later serving as attorney general and lord chancellor

St. Vincent's Day

São Vicente (St. Vincent of Saragossa) is the patron saint of Lisbon, Portugal. In Lisbon, people celebrate his feast day with processions and prayers. But in the surrounding rural areas, there are a number of folk traditions associated with this day. Farmers believe that by carrying a resin torch to the top of a high hill on January 22, they can predict what the coming harvest will be like. If the wind extinguishes the flame, the crops will be abundant; if the torch continues to burn, a poor growing season lies ahead. 

Man Feared Frozen to Death Makes "Miracle" Recovery

"We knew we needed a big, big miracle." Those words from Pennsylvania mom Sissy Smith suggest just how grim the prospects seemed for her 26-year-old son, Justin, who was found unconscious and frozen after a night out in subzero temperatures last winter.

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1666 - Shah Jahan, a descendant of Genghis Khan and Timur, died at the age of 74. He was the Mongol emperor of India that built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz-i-Mahal. 

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1874 - A patent was issued to Samuel W. Francis for the spork. 

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1879 - James Shields began a term as a U.S. Senator from Missouri. He had previously served Illinois and Minnesota. He was the first Senator to serve three states. 

1930 - In New York, excavation began for the Empire State Building

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1968 - "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In", debuted on NBC TV.

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1973 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down state laws that had been restricting abortions during the first six months of pregnancy. The case (Roe vs. Wade) legalized abortion.

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1997 - The U.S. Senate confirmed Madeleine Albright as the first female secretary of state. 

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2003 - It was reported that scientists in China had found fossilized remains of a dinosaur with four feathered wings. 


If You Were Born Today, January 22

You are highly intelligent, although your viewpoints are not always understood and your thinking is often far ahead of its time. Easily bored and quickly distracted, you can be impatient at times if others are not as quick or clever as you. While broad-minded overall, you can also be quite stubborn in your thinking. Work and daily routines need to change, even in small ways, in order to keep you interested and challenged. Many of you have a strong travel itch. Famous people born today: John Hurt, Graham Kerr, Francis Bacon, Diane Lane, Sam Cooke, Michael Hutchence, Linda Blair.

Picture of the day
Eight Bells
Eight Bells is an 1886 oil painting by the American artist Winslow Homer which depicts two sailors determining their boat's position. Though Eight Bells only sold for $400, it was praised by critics at its first exhibition in 1888. The painting is now held by the Addison Gallery of American Art.

Picture of boys skateboarding on Venice Beach in California

Boys of Dogtown

Photograph by Patricia Kerkhofs, National Geographic 
Venice Beach is one of the most legendary skateboard spots there is—not just in Southern California, but around the world. The acclaimed film Lords of Dogtown was based on the famed Z-Boys skate team in the 1970s. This image of skaters taking advantage of the waterfront skate park, captured by Patricia Kerkhofs, has a special significance: It was taken on the day Jay Adams, one of the subjects of the film and a member of the Z-Boys, passed away.

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Hearts Scarf Pattern
Hearts Scarf Pattern




Double Moss Pocket Shawl pattern by Donna Barranti
This cozy shawl features two pockets large enough to warm your hands or carry accessories. Moss stitch makes up the border; double Moss is used for the ...
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Boy's Dino Sweater
Boy's Dino Sweater Crochet Pattern | Red Heart
Step  1. Choose your size Size 2 Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 To Fit Chest: 21". Finished Chest: 22".
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Crochet Flower Heart Wreath



crochet, vintage
Garden Paths Bedspread Pattern #211




Time to crochet round wall clock


Easy Recipe for Homemade Peanut Butter DogTreats

Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

DIY Dog Treats Your Pup will Love

To be honest, my dog will eat most anything you give him or he can snatch off the floor before you tell him no. But he does have a particular taste for peanut butter. So what better homemade dog treat to make than one using peanut butter. And with my dog, and maybe your pup as well, I decided to keep it simple which meant using as few ingredients as possible. In the end my recipe created 27 peanut butter bone-shaped dog treats. I bought this dog bone cookie cutter set on Amazon and it worked out great. I used the largest size bone cookie cutter, but using smaller cookie cutters would yield more servings. (or make your own cookie cutter)

4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Doggie Treat Recipe

  • 2 cups flour (or whole wheat flour)
  • 1 cup low-fat milk
  • 1 cup natural peanut butter (or almond butter if you pet is allergic to peanut butter)
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder

How to make DIY Peanut Butter Dog Treats at Home

  1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Add flour and baking powder in a bowl and mix.
  3. Now combine peanut butter and milk in another bowl and mix.
  4. Add the wet mixture to dry mixture, and mix them well together.
  5. Put the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead thoroughly.
  6. Roll out so dough is 1/4-inch in thickness and then cut out shapes or use a dog bone cookie cutter.
  7. Place cut outs on a baking sheet, lightly greased and bake 20 minutes. Check on them frequently as they can burn easily.
  8. Cool on a rack.
  9. Watch your dog devour with glee.
This really turned out well; and the treats have kept for two weeks in a zip top plastic bag and still look great and our dog Toby still loves them. 


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If only yarn grew on trees



Things do not happen. Things are made to happen. - John F. Kennedy


This Japanese Bookstore Only Stocks One Book at a Time

By Sumitra
Japanese bookseller Yoshiyuki Morioka has come up with a highly unusual concept for a bookstore – he sells one book at a time in a tiny shop located in Ginza, Tokyo’s luxury shopping district. Ever since he launched the store in May, he has stocked multiple copies of only one title per week. 
You might argue that it’s hardly a bookstore if you can’t go in and spend at least a few hours browsing through hundreds of volumes, but Morioka never intended to create a classic bookstore. It’s like a weekly ‘suggested reading’ service – you just go in and pick up the book chosen for the week, relieving yourself of the burden of choice. Morioka said he came up with the idea a store that solely focused on one book at a time after organising several book-launch events at his old bookstore.
“Before opening this bookstore in Ginza, I had been running another one in Kayabacho for 10 years,” Morioka toldThe Guardian. “There, I had around 200 books as stock, and used to organise several book launches per year. During such events, a lot of people visited the store for the sake of a single book. As I experienced this for some time, I started to believe that perhaps with only one book, a bookstore could be managed.” To finance the store, Morioka sold his huge collection of Japanese wartime propaganda, famous for the quirky, strong graphics.

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Two blondes were sipping their Starbucks when a truck went past loaded up with rolls of sod.
"I'm going to do that when I win the lottery," announced  #1 Blonde.
"Do what?" asked #2 Blonde .
"Send my lawn out to be mowed."

"what is your name?" in Amharic (Ethiopia) - Sëmëwot man nô?

Animation Animated Gif animated GIF

It's all fun and games...until the skein runs out.




10 bra myths you've probably believed your entire life

Those of us who depend on a brassiere to hold our boobs close and prevent chaffing know that with great bras comes great responsibility. As in, finding the right bra, washing that bra, wearing that bra during the right time of day or night, and treating that bra like it deserves to be treated.
giphy (1)
But what if everything we know about bras is wrong? Or at least, kind of wrong? Here are some super popular bra myths that we’ve learned from our parents, our grandparents, Victoria’s Secret sale associates, and friends:

1. Sleeping in your bra causes cancer and stops your boobs from growing

giphy (3)
Do you sleep in your bra? I slept in my bra when I was a tween and very new to this whole bra thing. After admitting to a friend that I didn’t take my bra off before going to bed, she whispered that sleeping with your bra on was DANGEROUS and causes CANCER. But. According to Dr. Amber Guth, who works at Breast Cancer Surgery Multidisciplinary Fellowship, there’s no way to say sleeping in a bra is bad for you. “There is certainly no evidence that sleeping in bras is either helpful or harmful,” Dr. Guth states.

2. But also, sleeping in your bra keeps your breasts firm

giphy (10)
NOPE. Sleeping in your bra will not mutate cells, nor will it deter your boobs from eventually sagging. “A bra will hold up your breasts to give you the shape and look you want, but it can’t prevent further sagging, which is caused by age and gravity,” says Dr. Dan Mills, VP of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

3. Underwire bras = cancer

giphy (4)
This idea might have come from the book Dressed to Kill, published in 1995. In it, writers Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer claim that wearing tight bras every day would eventually lead to cancer (which is, apparently a prevalent theme when it comes to boobs and bras). But according to The Scientific Americanthere is no evidence whatsoever that backs this claim. “It just really is not logical in terms of what would increase your risk of breast cancer,” states Louise Brinton, who is the chief of hormonal and reproductive epidemiology branch of the National Cancer Institute.

4. If you strategically exercise, you can keep your breasts perkier

giphy (5)
We must, we must, we must increase our bust!
Even if you did one-trillion push-ups and pull-ups and lifted all the weights, your boobs would remain as they are. And that’s because breasts are made of fat, and you can’t really shape or form fat. What you CAN do, is work out your chest. Some exercises do “help improve the appearance of your pectoral area by strengthening surrounding ligaments,” according to Anne Taylor, MD, a clinical assistant professor of plastic surgery at Ohio State University.

5. Only wash your bra once a month or less

giphy (6)
Maybe you’ve heard you need to wash your bra once a week. Or twice a month. Or almost never. And maybe this confused and rattled you, so you just avoided all of it by purchasing MORE bras, but then you ended up running into the same problem with your mounting pile of new bras: When do you wash them? And how often?
This seems to be a conflicting subject. An eBay lingerie “expert” says that it really depends on your lifestyle. “Depending on a woman’s personal hygiene and lifestyle, a standard bra may be worn a couple of times before it needs to be washed. Some women who sweat more may wish to wash their bras more often but for everyday wear, washing after every wear isn’t necessary,” the expert says.
Lexie Sachs, a product analyst at Good Housekeeping, says that washing your bra after three or four wearsshould be fine. But don’t wait until your bra is stinky. “Washing gets rid of the oils and germs that accumulate, so the more oil you’re producing, the more frequently you’ll need to launder your bra,” Sachs states.

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