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Hat Day JANUARY 15, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Hat Day

Cold head? A great solution might be to wear a hat; and what better opportunity than Hat Day?
If you’re short of ideas for what type of hats to wear, check out this great periodic table of hats for inspiration!

Funny Cartoons

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A fire-breathing dragon of Germanic mythology.
Usage:Unlike other firedrakes, the dragon in this story liked to recite poetry and was a connoisseur of fine wines.



Philip Livingston (1716)

Livingston was a successful merchant who became an American revolutionary leader in the protests against the Stamp Act and other British trade restrictions. Although he was not originally an advocate of independence, Livingston signed the Declaration of Independence and remained an active member of the Continental Congress. He was generous with his large fortune and was a supporter of many causes.


It was unusual in ancient Rome for a single deity to have two separate festival days only a few days apart (January 11 and 15), and a number of explanations have been offered for why the second festival in honor of the goddess Carmenta was instituted. The only thing that is certain is that it was primarily women who frequented her temple near the Porta Carmentalis, a gate at the foot of the southern end of the capitol. Carmenta had her own priest, or flamen, whose duties on her festival days were confined to the preparation of offerings of grain or cereal. 

New US Dietary Guidelines Limit Sugar, Rethink Cholesterol

Just in time to help with your New Year's resolution to eat more healthily, the government announced its latest dietary guidelines on Thursday.

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1863 - "The Boston Morning Journal" became the first paper in the U.S. to be published on wood pulp paper

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1870 - A cartoon by Thomas Nast titled "A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion" appeared in "Harper's Weekly." The cartoon used the donkey to symbolize the Democratic Party for the first time. 

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1892 - "Triangle" magazine in Springfield, MA, published the rules for a brand new game. The original rules involved attaching a peach baskets to a suspended board. It is now known as basketball. (really exciting moment!!! a FIRST .. i am blown away .. while looking for a pic for this historical fact, i saw an odd looking tree that caught me eye as it appeared on the google page for this fact. and that tree came up as available to see on DIANE'S CORNER .. the first time i ever googled and got ME .. wowwie!) here is the pictures of the tree available on my blog on JAN. 15, 2015 .. my goodness!!! lol

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1908 - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority became America's first Greek-letter organization established by African-American college women.

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1936 - The first, all glass, windowless building was completed in Toledo, OH. The building was the new home of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company Laboratory. 

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1943 - The Pentagon was dedicated as the world's largest office building just outside Washington, DC, in Arlington, VA. The structure covers 34 acres of land and has 17 miles of corridors. 

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1974 - "Happy Days" premiered on ABC-TV. 

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1986 - President Reagan signed legislation making Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a national holiday to be celebrated on the third Monday of January.

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2001Wikipedia was launched. 


If You Were Born Today, January 15

You are a practical person but at the same time highly creative--a rare combination! Others quite naturally respect you. With so many talents and interests, it can be hard to choose only one path. Many of you have quite a few sideline hobbies. Most of you are very good with words. The key to success is focus, which might come a little later in life. You are a little temperamental, and others don't always know what to expect from you as a result. Famous people born today: Martin Luther King Jr., Lloyd Bridges, Gene Krupa.

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Picture of the day
Springtime is an 1872 painting by Claude Monet. It depicts his first wife, Camille Doncieux, seated serenely beneath a canopy of lilacs. The painting is presently held by the Walters Art Museum.

Aerial picture of an evaporation pond in Utah

The Blues

Photograph by Jassen Todorov, National Geographic 
Jassen Todorov flew his plane through turbulent air to get this shot of an evaporation pond in Utah. “I was fascinated and attracted by these unusual shapes and bright colors,” he says. “The area is known as Potash, not far from the beautiful and picturesque town of Moab.”




Jonathan pattern by Taiga Hilliard Designs
Jonathan is a classic fitted beanie hat that works for the
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crochet, newborn - adult


The Boy Trifecta: Dino Spike Crochet Pattern
Hook: 5mm (H) Yarn: Any worsted weight is fine - I used Wool-Ease. Mark the first stitch in each round. You're crocheting in a spiral, so don't join your ro...
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thanks for all the 'firsts,' jane
First time finding a cookie picture in a cooking magazine: 


First time forgetting how spoons work: 


First time "drinking" out of a hose: 


First time meeting a puppy: 

What bow cannot be tied?

First time having their toes licked by a cat: 


First time smelling someone's foot: 


First time experiencing the sweet, sweet glory of television: 

Fruit-Scented Plastic Cup Makes Drinking Water More Enjoyable, Helps You Lose Weight

By Sumitra
The ‘Right Cup’ is a new weight loss device designed to trick dieters into enjoying a drink of plain water. The cup has a scented inner lining that emanates the aroma of sugary fruit, satiating cravings for flavored drinks like juice or soda without having to consume the calories.
The cup works on the basic premise that 80 percent of the flavor and experience of food comes from its smell. The material of the cup is BPA-free and has a proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release technology on the inside, so when users tilt the cup towards their face to take a sip, the aroma floods the senses, making them forget that they’re actually drinking bland water.

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the first time experiencing the taste of sour: 

"what is your name?" in Aklanon (Philippines) - Sino ro imong ngaean?


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Author J. R. R. Tolkien created many languages for his Elves, which eventuated in the creation of a mythology (expounded in his books), complete with races, to speak the languages he had constructed. His interest was primarily philological, and he said his stories grew out of his languages. The languages were the first thing Tolkien created for his mythos, starting with what he originally called "Qenya", the first primitive form of Elvish. This was later called Quenya (High-elven) and is one of the two most complete of Tolkien's languages (the other being Sindarin, or Grey-elven). The phonology, vocabulary and grammar of Quenya and Sindarin are strongly influenced by Finnish and Welsh, respectively. In addition to these two, he also created several other (partially derived) languages. In addition to Tolkien's original lexicon, many fans have contributed words and phrases, attempting to create a language that was fully usable in reality


Write your name in Elvish.:

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