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Brother's Day MAY 24, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Brother's Day

Brother’s Day celebrates the bond between brothers – an amazing gift and should be cherished. Take this day to make contact with your brother and tell him how much he means to you. Why not arrange to take your brother out for a meal and discuss your family memories?
Brother’s Day should not be confused with Wright Brothers Day, which is observed in the USA in December to celebrate the iconic brothers who worked together to create the first heavier than air flying machine. This example of successful brotherhood shows just how amazing the brotherly connection can be.

Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) A light purplish blue.
Usage:The large silver kite gleamed against the azure expanse of sky.


Peter Minuit Buys Manhattan (1626)

Peter Minuit was the director-general of the Dutch colony of New Netherland who is credited with the purchase of the island of Manhattan in 1626. According to legend, he persuaded the natives—perhaps a Metoac band of Lenape known as the Canarsee, who were actually native to what is now Brooklyn—to "sell" the island for a handful of trade goods worth approximately 60 guilders.

Pontormo (1494)

Pontormo was a Florentine painter and one of the creators of mannerism, an artistic style characterized by distortion of elements such as scale and perspective. In fact, his altar for the church of San Michele Visdomini, Florence, is considered by many to be the first mannerist work in recorded history. He was also a talented portraitist. Pontormo was a recluse for much of his life and kept a diary in which he chronicled his obsessions.

Bronze Age Woman Had Surprisingly Modern Life

Though she died nearly 3,500 years ago, the Egtved Girl tells a surprisingly modern story. A new analysis of the iconic Bronze Age woman, whose well-preserved remains were unearthed near Egtved, Denmark, in 1921, suggests she was born  elsewhere and traveled widely during her lifetime.

1816 - Emamual Leutze was born in Germany. He was most famous for his paintings "Washington Crossing the Delaware" and "Columbus Before the Queen". 
1830 - The first passenger railroad service in the U.S. began service. 
1844 - Samuel F.B. Morse formally opened America's first telegraph line. The first message was sent from Washington, DC, to Baltimore, MD. The message was "What hath God wrought?" 

1883 - After 14 years of construction the Brooklyn Bridge was opened to traffic.

1950 - ‘Sweetwater’ (Nat) Clifton’s contract was purchased by the New York Knicks. Sweetwater played for the Harlem Globetrotters and became the first black player in the NBA. 

1954 - The first moving sidewalk in a railroad station was opened in Jersey City, NJ.

1974 - The last "Dean Martin Show" was seen on NBC. The show had been aired for 9 years.

2001 - Temba Tsheri, 15, became the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. 

74, Today

Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) is 74 years old today
Dylan was born a Jew, but converted to Christianity, later returning to Judiasm. 
While studying at the University of Minnesota, he became more enthused with 
folk music than rock and roll. His last name is derived from the Welsh modernist 
poet Dylan Thomas.  One of Bob Dylan’s sons, Jakob, has became a rock singer and
guitar player.

82, T0day

Joan Henrietta Collins
English born actress Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington on TV’s
Dynasty, which was a popular series in 1985. Collins, an established author,
maintains residences in LondonLos AngelesNew York and France,
describing her life as being "that of a gypsy". 


If You Were Born Today, May 24

You are capable of practically anything you set your mind to once you find your calling. You have a commanding manner, and you set clear boundaries. You have strong opinions and love exchanging ideas with others. When your heart is won, you are loving, considerate, and involved. You have a good head for business. Famous people born today: Queen Victoria, Bob Dylan, Patti Labelle, Priscilla Presley, Kristin Scott Thomas.

Picture of the day
Cendrillon is an opera in four acts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Henri Caïn. Based on Charles Perrault's 1698 version of the Cinderella fairy tale, it follows a young woman who meets and falls in love with a prince owing to help from her fairy godmother. The opera has been performed numerous times since its 1899 premiere at the Salle Favart, and several recordings have been produced.

Picture of an ice crack on a frozen lake in Russia.

Cracking the Surface

Photograph by Alexey Trofimov, National Geographic
“Ice on Lake Baikal is a very interesting phenomenon,” writes Alexey Trofimov. “Ice ridges, cracks, tears, hugging. All this creates unique and fantastic stories.” Trofimov spends a few months a year photographing landscapes at the lake—the world’s deepest and oldest—in southeastern Siberia. On this trip, he hoped to make an unusual picture of the ice, showing elements not normally visible. When one morning brought a strong frost and wind, which created unusual patterns in the cracks, Trofimov “had only to wait for sunrise to make this picture.”

knit, 9 mths - 4 yrs
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Image of Neck's Best Thing New Slant Blanket

New Slant Blanket



stephanie o'dea

CrockPot Crunchy Roasted Garbanzo Beans

I'm making my way through the garbanzo beans! Since the falafelst urned out so nicely, I tried my hand at roasting garbanzo beans. I came across the idea while searching for falafel recipes, and knew that I needed to give it a try. The different accounts likened the roasted beans to corn nuts. I like corn nuts! I probably haven't had them in 20 years, but I still like them!

The Ingredients.

--2 cans garbanzo beans (chick peas), drained and rinsed
--juice from one very small lemon (that lime-looking thing is actually a lemon; I've picked our tree clean)
--1 t kosher salt
-- 1/4 t cayenne pepper

The Directions.

I used a 6qt oval Smart Pot.

Drain and rinse your garbanzo beans, and dump them into the crockpot. Squeeze on the lemon juice, and add the salt and the touch of cayenne.

Toss well to distribute the flavors.

Prop the lid open of your crock to release the condensation. I didn't feel the need to do so for the falafels, but these beans were awfully wet and slimy. I couldn't find the ONE chopstick left in the house (the kids "borrow" them for art projects. I guess they finally borrowed this one too.), so I used a wooden skewer. It worked well, and provided just a bit of a gap, which was nice.
cook on low for 8-10 hours, or until the garbanzo beans have shriveled up and have a crunch.

I cooked this batch on low for 9 hours overnight.

The Verdict.

Oy. These are fun to munch on, are slightly addictive, and were super easy to make. Every once in a while I get a soggy-ish bean, but the crunch of the beans are nice. They aren't quite as hard as corn nuts, which is good for the thousands of dollars of dental work I've had done.


Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Indian Librarian Has Been Donating Every Penny Earned to Charity for 35 Years

By Sumitra 
Meet Kalyanasundaram, an Indian librarian with a heart of gold. During his 35 years of service, he donated almost all the money he earned to orphanages and children’s welfare funds. Now that he is retired, Kalyanasundaram donates his entire pension to those who need it more than he. Although he has no material possessions to his name, he considers himself one of the richest people in the world.
The 73-year-old retiree, from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, started to think about helping the poor and underprivileged at a very young age. He lost his father at the age of one, and his mother struggled to raise him all by herself. As he grew older, his shrill, high-pitched voice troubled him to such an extent that he became depressed and suicidal. But his life turned around when he met a local motivational writer, who told him, “Don’t bother about how you speak. Strive to make others speak well about you.”
Kalyanasundaram took the advice seriously, and decided to dedicate his life to the service of others. The humble man insists that the reason he started helping people was to make himself happy.


"Good Morning" in Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) -  Mirëmëngjes
stock photo : Illusion-O  (motion illusion)  Zigzag-patterned wheels rotate in opposite directions in an abstract optical illusion of the illusory motion variety.  optical illusion,illusion,motion,op art,blue,wheels,rotating, wall art,wallpaper

Did not know that...


Accurate Fortune Cookies That Will Make You Think Twice About Life


This one is probably accurate
This one is probably accurate
Just some words of wisdom
Just some words of wisdom
No problem
No problem
Good news
Good news
So much positive energy in one cookie
So much positive energy in one cookie
Now eat it
Now eat it

We totally did!
We totally did!
This one is kind of harsh
This one is kind of harsh
Then we must eat another one
Then we must eat another one
Speaking about irony...
Speaking about irony...
And finally: Thank you Captain!
And finally: Thank you Captain! share

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