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Lighthouse Day AUGUST 7, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Lighthouse Day

If you’re the captain of an ocean-faring ship and frequently navigate through heavy fog (or regularly pull the night shift), you’ll already no doubt be a huge fan of Lighthouse Day. For our less nautical readers, this one’s all about shining big, bright lights from peninsulas to help ships, boats and sailors find their way. Good ole’ lighthouses, eh?

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A gold coin of the Byzantine Empire; widely circulated in Europe in the Middle Ages.
Usage:The gold coin I found on my archaeology dig turned out to be an authentic bezant.


Louis Leakey (1903)

Leakey was a British anthropologist and archaeologist whose work helped establish the course of human evolution in Africa. The son of missionaries, Leakey grew up among the Kikuyu people of Kenya. After attending university in the UK, he returned to E Africa, where he and his wife discovered the first known remains ofHomo habilis, an extinct species of hominin widely regarded as the earliest member of the human genus. 

The Boom in Mini Stomachs, Brains, Breasts, Kidneys and More

It was an otherwise normal day in November when Madeline Lancaster realized that she had accidentally grown a brain. For weeks, she had been trying to get human embryonic stem cells to form neural rosettes, clusters of cells that can become many different types of neuron. But for some reason her cells refused to stick to the bottom of the culture plate. 

1888 - Theophilus Van Kannel received a patent for the revolving door.

1934 - The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling striking down the government's attempt to ban the controversial James Joyce novel "Ulysses." 

Related image

1974 - French stuntman Philippe Petit walked a tightrope strung between the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center

1997 - Garth Brooks played a free concert in New York's Central Park. 

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2003 - In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he would run for the office of governor. 

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2003 - Stephen Geppi bought a 1963 G.I. Joe prototype for $200,000.


If You Were Born Today, August 7

You are a person who is very concerned with balance so that you always aim to be fair. Even so, you are in fact given to excess and at times you can be quite indulgent, as you love all the good things in life. You are charismatic with a friendly, communicative matter but also a highly developed spiritual or imaginative side that others might not always know about. In love you can sometimes be impulsive, as you follow your heart and not always logic, as logical as you are in other areas of life. You might notice that you are more accountable than most when things go wrong. Famous people born today: Mata Hari, David Duchovny, Charlize Theron, Brit Marling, Liam James, Michael Shannon.

Picture of a child standing on a garbage pile in Cambodia

Window on Poverty

Photograph by Yap Kh, National Geographic 
Amid the haze of toxic fumes from burning garbage, in an atmosphere filled with the overpowering stench of rotting waste and surrounded by millions of restless flies flitting ceaselessly, a young garbage scavenger from a swarm of Cambodia’s most destitute people fights to survive, writes Yap Kh. They search, Kh says, for scraps of recyclables in newly dumped loads of rubbish. “Covered in filthy rags, they were scruffy, sickly, and sad. They earned 4,000 riel ($1) a day—if they were lucky.”

Teen Endless Circle Vest
Teen Endless Circle Vest Knitting Pattern | Red Heart
Knitting Easy This young look is fun to knit and perfect for those who want to start knitting projects other than hats and scarfs. It is made in one piece so the...
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Just Crafty Enough – Project: Seamless Knit Starfish
When I decided to make things you’d see at the beach for the last Iron Craft challenge I knew I wanted to make a starfish.
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knit (several free patterns)
Espace Tricot Patterns - FREE!
Villeneuve A racerback tee knit with Wrapped Silk (N-84) from Habu Textiles! Designed to layer over a tank top or t-shirt, Villeneuve is a chic addition to an...
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Free Pattern: Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set
Wiggly Crochet inspired, the Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set takes this fun 3D crochet technique to new dimensions! Make a set today!
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DIY Crochet Cord Necklace
Miss Amy Phipps... Brighton UK // Craft // Vegan // Life...
You will need: A very chunky hook! 9mm T shirt yarn in 2 colours Make a slip knot and chain 3
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Tiggerbee's Buzz: On the Huh Crochet Square
On the Huh 12” block The members of the Ravelry 12” Block a Month 2009 CAL have encouraged me to dust of my notes for this pattern, so that they coul...
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Amigurumi | Sock Monkey
Free monkey amigurumi pattern. The monkey resembles the look of the popular Sock Monkey. It measures 18" tall, great as a cuddly soft toys for kids.
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Fuzzballs are the ultimate in easy and cute crochet, and a perfect way to use up any scraps of fun fur, eyelash or any other fuzzy yarn you may have on han...
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Healthier Homemade Oreos
These Oreos are much healthier than the store-bought version and contain no artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, or ingredients you can't pro...
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stephanie o'dea

The CrockPot as a Foot Bath

I ran a half-marathon yesterday. 13.1 miles. All by myself. Well, myself and 20 thousand people. 
And I'm so very glad it's over.

The Ingredients.

--a finished long run
--bubble bath (and yes, Disney Vapor Bath is the only bubble bath in our house...)

The Directions.

Make margarita.
Fill crockpot with nice warm water from the tap and some bubble bath.
Agitate water with your hand to make bubbles.
Convince the kids that this is for mommy and mommy only, and to go play outside. Or in the garage. Or in the playroom. Just stay away from mommy.
Plug in crockpot with an extension cord right in front of the TV. 
Turn to warm.
Drink margarita.

The Verdict.

Adam: Hey Steph? Did you only run a half-marathon so you could soak your feet in a crockpot and post it on the Internet? Steph: Yes. I absolutely did.


colorful wire clothes hanger

Enhanced wire clothes hanger

, it's an easy craft you could have your kids do or help you with on a rainy afternoon.

What you'll need:

- wire coat hanger (the ones you get at the dry cleaner's)
- bias tape, ribbon, or a piece of fabric
- a piece of (masking) tape
- white glue
- optional: ribbon, rivet punch + rivets

Enhanced wire clothes hanger


1. If you don't have ribbon or bias tape at hand, make your own (pic. 4 & 5) by cutting a long strip from a piece of fabric. Don't bother about cutting in bias, we want the ribbon to fray! Yes, fray! Although I had only a small piece of fabric, I cut one long strip from it. This is how: start cutting a strip lengthwise from one side to the other, BUT WITHOUT CUTTING THROUGH TO THE VERY END! Repeat, alternating sides as shown in the diagram below.

2. Attach the ribbon to the wire coat hanger as shown in pic. 6 and wind the ribbon around a couple of times to hide the tape.

3. Next, start twisting the ribbon around the wire all the way around. Don't be afraid of the fabric fraying - we like the effect! To make sure the ribbon is everywhere tightly twisted around the wire, check once in a while and twist the ribbon between your fingers as you work your way back to where you stopped.

4. At the bottom of the hook twist the ribbon around both wires and work your way up the hook (pic. 9 & 10).

5. Cut off the ribbon leaving a 1 inch end. Put on some white glue and next continue twisting the ribbon, smearing the glue in and over the fabric and such way that the tip is completely covered and there are no loose ends left (pic. 11-13).

6. Optional: Decorate with a tag. I used stamps for this and the motto of our summer "Carpe diem". Make one for every family member and have their names on it, or if you plan for a summer party make one for every guest. The possibilities obviously are endless. Use the rivet punch to attach a rivet and tie to the hanger with a piece of ribbon. All done!


Tiger Finger puppet 

You will need: some card*, orange and brown crayons, a sheet of white paper, scissors, a craft knife, a glue stick, a black ballpoint pen
*The card needs to be thick enough so the finished tiger doesn’t flop over when you put your fingers in the holes.
Start off by drawing a tiger body and head shape onto your card. Include 2 circles (as shown in the picture) which will be the finger holes.
Cut the shapes out. I used the scissors to cut the outline, but needed the craft knife for the finger holes.
Then get colouring. My daughter selected all the orange and brown crayons from our box (good sorting practice!) and then chose her favorite shades to color her tiger. Don’t forget to add some brown stripes, especially along the tail.
We cut out an oval from the white paper to go on the tiger’s tummy. As we used wax crayons we found a black ballpoint pen worked best to make the face. My daughter said at first that drawing the face was too hard, but with a bit of encouragement to have a try I think you’ll agree she did a great job.
Check the finger holes are the right size for your child – you can enlarge them with the craft knife if you need too. Then all tiger needs is a name and he’s ready to play.


We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Anais Nin

How the “Waterman of India” Revived Five Rivers and Brought Back Water to Over 1,000 Villages

By Sumitra 
Rajendra Singh is considered a hero in the state of Rajasthan, in India, for single handedly reviving five rivers that had been dried up for decades. His exceptional work and dedication have earned him the nickname ‘Waterman of India’.
Singh, who studied Ayurvedic medicine at college, had always dreamed of becoming a farmer. So when he moved to Rajasthan’s Alwar district after graduating in 1985, he was interested in healing not just his people, but also the semi-arid region’s ailing ecosystem.
Singh noticed that the district’s population was dwindling – most villagers had left their homes after the local Arvari River had dried up in the ’40s, and the only people who remained were either too old or too poor to move elsewhere. Singh, driven by a strong desire to help the villagers, took on the task of bringing water back to those lands.


"Good Morning" in Scots (Scotland) - Guid mornin


 me:Hands: Ingenious and Creative... you?


Incredible Historical Moments In Photographs

earth porm

History is truly incredible, the journeys of those that have been here before us are telling, fascinating, and inspiring. While paintings and writings have been used for years to recap events, there is nothing like a photo to tell a story.
As they say, a photo is worth 1,000 words, but some photos are worth so many more words. These historical photos transport you to another place and time, granting a uniquely clear peek into the past.
1. Out of an entire crowd, one man refuses to do the Nazi salute, 1936.
2. Nikola Tesla working in his laboratory on his “magnifying transmitter.”
3. Adorable Austrian child is overjoyed at receiving new shoes during World War I. 
4. An unknown soldier poses for a picture during Vietnam, 1965.
5. Katherine Switzer is pictured below, the first woman to ever finish the Boston Marathon. She had to try harder than anyone else to complete the race, here you see the race organizers trying to stop her from competing, 1967.
6. Women working hard to deliver some ice in 1918.
7. Albert Einstein pictured just hanging out near the water at Nassau Point, Long Island, New York. The man responsible for the theory of relativity takes a break from his studies to enjoy some summer sunshine in 1939. 
8. This grotto in an iceberg was found and photographed during the British Antarctic Expedition in 1911.
9. A dream diner! Snow White and Pluto just waiting in line for some food at a cafeteria for Disneyland Employees in 1961.
10. Apparently you can never be too safe. This woman pushes along her gas-resistant pram in England in 1938.
11. This is the last known photograph of the Titanic before it sank in 1912.
12. An adorable group of ducks being used as a form of medical therapy treatment, 1956.
13. In 1922 Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s Tomb with the seal still in tact, untouched for 3,245 years.
14. Ever wonder what it is like to paint the Eiffel Tower? Here’s a look at what these brave men endured in order to get the job done back in 1932.
15. The conjoined graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, each buried on different sides of the cemetery wall, 1888. 
16. Hannah Stilley is assumed to be the first-born person ever captured on film. Hannah was born in 1746, and this photo was taken in 1840. She sure looks great for 94!
17. One and a half years before the Beatles hit mega stardom they played at the Aldershot Club for a total of 18 people in 1961. Little did these dancers know just how lucky they were! Hey, just another reason to support your local musicians.
18. The hip-swinging superstar Elvis Presley serving in the army, 1958.
19. These “baby cages” were invented to make sure children living in apartments were getting enough exposure to sunlight and fresh air, 1937. 
20. This photo was taken during the 1920’s. The man is measuring bathing suits in order to make sure they are long enough. Women caught wearing bathing suits considered too short were given a fine at this time in history.
21. Crowds grew and grew, reaching over 400,000 young people, at the first Woodstock concert in 1969. 
22. This is what the streets looked like the first day Sweden changed which side of the road drivers were to use in 1967. 
23. An Armenian woman guards her house with a gun in 1999; she is pictured at 106-years old. 
24. Annette Kellerman was the first woman to promote the right to wear a fitted bathing suit. The Australian film actress, writer, vaudeville star, and professional swimmer looks great in the modest suit, but the world wasn’t ready for the fashion forward beach wear and Kellerman was arrested for indecency in 1907.  


  1. I particularly like the "Word of the Day" feature. One could do a blog just doing a word per day. The mix of historical photos is interesting.

    Have a good weekend.
    Greg and his cats

  2. Love the lighthouses. I've even climbed a few. The historical photographs are intriguing, frightening, entrancing, and a dozen more adjectives!:) Petrichor. I am "petrichor" than you 'cause I've got two dogs and a cat! (pet-richer)