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Sunglasses Day June 27, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Sunglasses Day

Elton John has over a thousand pairs, Canadian singer Corey Hart only wears his at night, and you can tell the good guys from the bad guys in The Matrix by the shape of theirs. What am I talking about? Sunglasses, of course! There’s nothing quite as stylish as a pair of shades, so get out your aviators or your wayfarers and start celebrating Sunglasses Day!
Although the origins of Sunglasses Day are unknown, the history of sunglasses stretches as far back as 14th century China, where judges used eyewear made of smoke-coloured quartz to mask their emotions. Fast-forward 600 years and modern sunglasses as we know them today were first marketed by entrepreneur Sam Foster on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.
One other thing to remember is that sunglasses also help protect your eyes from harmful UV light, so channel your inner-cool and slip on those shades on Sunglasses Day!


Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A sailor or mariner.
Synonyms:old saltJack-tarmarinersea dogseamangobJacktar
Usage:Then he arose quickly, like a seafarer who all at once seeth the land; and he shouted for joy: for he saw a new truth.

ellin shares yellowstone, wy with us 


Vera Wang (1949)

As a girl, Wang trained as a figure skater. However, after failing to make the US Olympic team, she turned to fashion. She served as senior fashion editor for Vogue for 16 years and as a design director for Ralph Lauren for two before opening her own design salon in 1990. Now a successful fashion designer, Wang has created wedding gowns for the rich and famous as well as costumes for Olympic figure skaters.

Verdur Rock

Verdur Rock, a music festival held in the French-speaking region of Belgium known as Wallonia, offers amateur rock bands a rare shot at playing before a large audience. As many as 10,000 gather for the free one-day event at the Verdur Theater, an open-air venue standing on top of the historic citadel of Namur. Over the years, organizers have negotiated a balance between established international and Belgian performers and the "Young Talents," local French-speaking bands who earn stage slots by beating out other competitors.

Scientists Describe Why Your Eyes Sometimes Sting, Turn Red in Pools

Like many people who swim in the summer, you might have assumed it's the chlorine that makes your eyes so red in pools. That's not exactly true, the Centers for Disease Control says in its annual healthy swimming report.

1693 - "The Ladies' Mercury" was published by John Dunton in London. It was the first women's magazine and contained a "question and answer" column that became known as a "problem page." 

1918 - Two German pilots were saved by parachutes for the first time.

1924 - Democrats offered Mrs. Leroy Springs for vice presidential nomination. She was the first woman considered for the job.

1927 - The U.S. Marines adopted the English bulldog as their mascot.

1931 - Igor Sikorsky filed U.S. Patent 1,994,488, which marked the breakthrough in helicopter technology.

1955 - The first "Wide Wide World" was broadcast on NBC-TV. 

1959 - The play, "West Side Story," with music by Leonard Bernstein, closed after 734 performances on Broadway. 

1969 - Patrons at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village, clashed with police. This incident is considered to be the birth of the homosexual rights movement. 

2005 - In Alaska's Denali National Park, a roughly 70-million year old dinosaur track was discovered. The track was form a three-toed Cretaceous period dinosaur.


If You Were Born Today, June 27

You are a wonderful conversationalist and idea-person. You have a way with words, and others tend to appreciate your sense of fun. You are very able to make sacrifices for others, and sometimes do so to the detriment of your own progress. This is particularly true in your love life. You are highly creative. Possibly the most impressive of your many abilities is your empathic qualities that allow you to put yourself into virtually anyone's shoes and understand. Famous people born today: Tobey Maguire, J. J. Abrams, Julia Duffy, Lionel Richie, Helen Keller.

Picture of the day
San Francisco Ferry Building
The San Francisco Ferry Building is a terminal for ferries, incorporating a food hall and offices, located on The Embarcadero in San FranciscoCalifornia. Designed by architect A. Page Brown and completed in 1898, the building saw decreased use after bridges across the San Francisco Bay were built. It underwent a major restoration in 2002, which included the refurbishing of the Great Nave and the addition of a marketplace. The building is a designated San Francisco landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Picture of a lone tree on a pillar of rock, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Tree Top

Photograph by Kat Lawrence, National Geographic
A lone tree grows on a pillar of quartz and sandstone in China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. There are more than 3,000 such peaks in the Hunan Province park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its diverse landscape—dense forest, gullies, cliffs, and valleys—shelter macaque and rhesus monkeys, pangolins, and Chinese giant salamanders, as well as rare birds and trees.

knit, 0 - 3 mths
Cozy Little Toes pattern by Judy Kaethler
These socks knit up in a wink and actually stay on teeny-tiny baby feet.
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Case For Eye Glasses with Cord pattern by Lion Brand Yar...
Whether you want to keep your sunglasses or eyeglasses covered and safe, this case keeps them at hand! Can double as a cell phone holder, too. (Lion Bran...
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MagKnits, your friendly online knitting magazine
Ballet Camisole, by Alexandra Virgiel Pink, shaped like a leotard, pink, summery, and did I mention pink?
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Animal Washcloths | Love of Knitting Summer 2011 | Lov...
These washcloth knitting patterns feature elephants or pigs.
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Lazy Daisy Pillow
Lounging around never looked so good with this Lazy Daisy Pillow. It's a wonderful project for those who want to work on their embroidery knitting. This kn...
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Red Riding Hood Pillow


stephanie o'dea

How to Make CrockPot Crayons

What's the best thing to do with old, broken crayons? Recycle them! This is a great rainy (or overly hot) day project, that is both fun and useful.

The Ingredients.--old crayons

--muffin tin or candy mold. I was ecstatic to find a 6-hole, throw-away muffin tin at the grocery store. I really want to try and make cupcakes. In order for it to fit in my 6qt oval Smart-Pot, I needed to trim the edge a little with some scissors, but afterward I did that, it fit nicely into the crockpot. My friends have candy molds that fit in their crock perfectly, and next time I'm at the craft store I'm going to look for them.
--kid helpers.
The Directions.

Sort the crayons into color families, and peel the wrappers off. It helps to soak the crayons in some warm water before peeling.

Break the crayons into small pieces, and load into the candy mold or muffin tin. It's best to mound the crayons up a bit; they will melt and shrink down.

Put the tin or mold into the crock, cover, and turn on. We cooked our crayons on high for 1.5 hours.

Once the crayons have melted completely, your crayons are done.
Let the hot wax sit in the crock and begin to harden before trying to remove the pan--- you don't want hot crayon wax spilled, or to get burnt.

Refrigerate the pan for 30 minutes, or until the crayons have hardened completely and pull away from the edges.
 Pop out and enjoy!

The Verdict.

This was a fun project to do. We were surprised at how easy some crayons peeled, and how others needed to soak for quite a while to loosen the wrapper. We also noticed that crayola crayons sunk, while the generic crayons floated. The same thing happened in the melting process---the generic wax floated to the top, and the deep crayola color sunk to the bottom---which meant that in order to get a nice color, the kids need to use the bottom of the crayon. I will make these again. They were easy and the kids had a ball.

The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true. - J. Robert Oppenheimer


Artist Overcomes Her 100 Biggest Fears in Inspirational Project

By Sumitra 
In a bid to live her life to the fullest, artist Michelle Poler has decided to face 100 biggest fears. She’s calling the project ‘100 Days Without Fear’ and her goal is to do one thing that scares her, every day for 100 days.
Originally from Venezuela, Michelle recently moved to New York to get a Master’s Degree in Branding at the School of Visual Arts. She revealed that the experience of living in the city inspired her to take on the project. “Trying to control New York has been a nightmare,” she said. “But what has really pushed me to pursue this project was not the controlled lifestyle I left behind, it is the frustration of not enjoying this city and life in general to the fullest.”


"Good Morning" in Hungarian (Hungary)   -    Jó reggelt

Simple Solutions - Open jars instantly with a bottle opener


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