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Global Beatles Day JUNE 25, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Global Beatles Day

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

About Global Beatles Day

It was in the year 1960, on a foggy island found Nor-Norwest of Spain that music history changed forever. Four young proto-gods came together to form what would be one of the most influential rock bands to ever come out of England, if not the entire world. We’re speaking, of course, of the Beatles. Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr. These four boys came together to change the world one song at a time.
While they started their career like most musical groups, playing cheap dive clubs all over their home town of Liverpool, their manager was an artisan of his craft and helped guide them to rise to their potential. Their explosion in popularity came on the heels of their first hit song “Love Me Do”, and love them we did, it didn’t take long before the entire world was caught up in Beatlemania.
Global Beatles Day celebrates the huge influence they brought to the world, not just with their musical sounds, but with the values they professed and believed in. Throughout their entire career they promoted the idea that we could all live in a peaceful world, built on the ideas of truth, love, and reaching beyond the boundaries of current human consciousness. Through their music they instigated changes in the ways people express themselves, fashion trends, sex, art, and the embracing of the imagination.

How to Celebrate Global Beatles Day

The Beatles give us a lot of material to work with when it comes to celebrating a day dedicated to them. Perhaps on Global Beatles Day you can show up at work dressed as your favorite Beatle, or just spend the day listening to your favorite Beatles album. Trips down to your local crosswalk with a group of friends can serve as an opportunity to recreate the cover of the Abbey Park album.
With a lot of creativity and an encyclopedic knowledge of the Beatles discography, you can probably produce a quote from a song throughout the day to suit just about any situation! Even better, get together with a group of your buddies and throw ‘Yellow Submarine’ in the media player, and watch a psychedelic trip through one of the most famous albums of all time!
The Beatles still stand as one of the most influential bands of all time, famous all over the world to this very day. The prevalence of them in the worldwide culture can be seen in everything from choices of music for movie backdrops to jokes that are made around the world, from visual to audio. Global Beatles Day is a great time to remember these pioneers of the music industry, and honor the change they brought to the world.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A hostile disagreement face-to-face.
Usage:The relationship between the two officers deteriorated until they had a noisy face-off at the chief's office.


Custer Dies at the Battle of the Little Bighorn (1876)

Popularly known as "Custer's Last Stand," the Battle of the Little Bighorn occurred during the US government's campaign to force the Cheyenne and Sioux onto reservations using federal troops. Upon encountering a large encampment of the tribes, General George Custer launched an early attack with a party of approximately 200 soldiers. The troops were annihilated by the vastly larger force, and Custer himself was killed during the battle along with two of his brothers.

George Orwell (1903)

Best known by his pseudonym George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair was a British novelist and essayist famed for his scathingly satirical and frighteningly political novels: the anti-Soviet fable Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, a prophetic novel that portrays the catastrophic excesses of state control over the individual. Orwell was distrustful of all political parties and ideologies, and this sentiment is reflected in much of his work.

Slovenia National Day

Slovenia declared its independence from Yugoslavia on June 25, 1991, after elections in 1990 showed that 88% of the people wished to secede from Yugoslavia. Previously, Slovenia, which is a little smaller than New Jersey, was part of the Austria-Hungarian kingdom. It joined with Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro at the end of World War I, and this federation was called Yugoslavia after 1929.

Cockroach Robot Squeezes Though Cracks

While researchers hope this robot won't be crawling around your kitchen floor, they do think a new cockroach-inspired bot will be able to slip through tiny cracks to find people buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings.

1867 - Lucien B. Smith patented the first barbed wire. 

1985 - ABC's "Monday Night Football" began with a new line-up. The trio was Frank Gifford, Joe Namath and O.J. Simpson. 

1990 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of an individual, whose wishes are clearly made, to refuse life-sustaining medical treatment. "The right to die" decision was made in the Cruzan vs. Missouri case. 

1993 - Kim Campbell took office as Canada's first woman prime minister. She assumed power upon the resignation of Brian Mulroney. 

1997 - U.S. air pollution standards were significantly tightened by U.S. President Clinton.

1998 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that those infected with HIV are protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

2000 - U.S. and British researchers announced that they had completed a rough draft of a map of the genetic makeup of human beings. The project was 10 years old at the time of the announcement. 

Yesterday, Sad

John Herbert "Jackie" Gleason (February 26, 1916 – June 24, 1987)


If You Were Born Today, June 25

You have an unusually strong, and to some, uncanny, sense of the needs or problems of others. You are an observer, and although very much a people lover, you frequently need your "space" in order to regroup. You often don't speak about something until you're quite certain you know what you're going to say. Your intuition is outstanding - you need only learn to trust it. Famous people born today: Carly Simon, George Michael, George Orwell, Phyllis George, Chloe Webb.

Picture of the day
Black-crowned night heron
black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) feeding on a fish in the shallows of the Chêne River in Montreal, Quebec. These widespread ambush predators average 64 cm (25 in) in length.

Picture of swimmers at dawn on Bondi Beach, Sydney

Morning Swim

Photograph by Massimo Rumi, National Geographic 
“Swimming is an early morning ritual for many people in Australia,” writes Massimo Rumi, who captured this sunrise shot on Sydney’s popular Bondi Beach.




crochet, 4 - 5



thanks, heide
Crockpot Cube Steak and Gravy

Cube steak (I used a family size pack)
2 cans (10.75 ounce size) cream of mushroom soup
1 envelope onion soup mix
3/4 cup water
Salt and Pepper to taste
Place all ingredients in a crock pot. Cook on low all day. Serve over rice, noodles, mashed potatoes or with your favorite side dishes.
the steak really fell apart ..maybe use round steak?​

stephanie o'dea

Super Easy Fajitas Thanks to the CrockPot

I've mentioned before how much my family loves Mexican food. My kids will eat anything with cheese and sour cream on it, and avocado was their very first food. Fajitas are fun to make (I like the name---they sound much fancier than tacos for some reason), and are very easy to prepare with the help of the crockpot. I get the meat going in the morning, and then can head out for fresh ingredients at some point during the day, or ask Adam to stop on his way home. 

The Ingredients.

--2 lbs of thin cut stir fry beef (you could use chicken)
--1 or 2 packets of fajita seasoning mix (I said one or two because I've found that it's awfully spicy if I use 1 packet per pound of meat as directed on the label--use what you think is right for your family. Make sure to read labels carefully if GF. I stick to McCormick for their clear labeling.) 
--1 onion

--2 bell peppers (I used 1 orange, 1 yellow)
--1/2 cup of water 

The Directions.

Dump your meat into the crockpot. It can be frozen or thawed. Cut the onion and the peppers in strips, and add to the crock. Add the seasoning and water. Cover and cook on low for 8-9 hours, or high for 6. The meat is done when it reaches desired tenderness. I like to cook on low for as long as possible, because I don't like to chew forever. Serve with your favorite fajita fixens'. We really like squeezing some fresh lime over the top of the meat before doctoring it up. 

The Verdict.

This is a family favorite. We make fajitas often, and always use the crockpot. I can't imagine taking the time to brown the meat on the stove and then let it simmer in the fajita seasoning until it's tender enough.


Fill 80% of the stage with colors while avoiding collisions with enemies in this happy arcade flash game! 


Japan’s Bizarre Anti-Crime Orange Balls – A Unique Way to Stop Crime

By Sumitra If you happen to visit shops, commercial establishments, and even police stations in Japan, you might be baffled to discover bright orange baseball-sized orbs, generally placed next to the cash register. But they won’t be for sale, because believe it or not, they’re actually anti-crime devices!
The balls, locally known as bohan yu kara boru, derive their bright hue from the orange paint that fills them. In the event of a theft or robbery, store employees are supposed to fling the balls at the perpetrator. When the balls hit the thief, they will burst, marking him with orange paint and making it easy for the police to identify and apprehend him.


It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. - Vince Lombardi

"Good Morning" in Hebrew (Israel)  -   Boker tov

thanks, patty


You've never seen balloon animals like this

mother nature network
Balloon animals: Goldfish
All photos: Masayoshi Matsumoto
Balloon animals are a staple of childhood birthday parties, but rarely do they get more complicated than the basic forms: swords, flowers, funny hats and, of course, the classic dog and its numerous variations. (Ever wondered why the "giraffe" balloon animal looks suspiciously like a dog with a long neck?)
While the allure of these squeaky creatures generally rubs off by the time you reach the double digits in age, you might change your tune once you see the work of Masayoshi Matsumoto.
Using nothing more than his hands and breath, this expert balloon twister from Japan takes this delicate art to a whole new level. All of his sculptures — from goldfish to goats — are highly detailed and surprisingly realistic when compared to typical party balloon creations.
Balloon animals: Goat
You'll never look at balloon animals the same way again!
Continue below to see more of Matsumoto's meticulous balloon work, and be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all of his latest creations!
Balloon animals: Baboon
Balloon animals: Jellyfish
Balloon animals: Lizard
Balloon animals: Bunny
Balloon animals: Turtle
Balloon animals: Crab
Balloon animals: Owl
Balloon animals: Mouse
Balloon animals: Seahorse
Balloon animals: Caterpillar

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