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Magna Carta Day JUNE 15. 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ...Celebrate Magna Carta Day

Magna Carta is Latin for Great Charter, and is one of the most important documents in political history. Drawn up in Britain and signed on 15th June 1215, it outlines the rights of the common people and limits the powers of the monarchy. Since then it has been used as the basis for civil liberties around the world, advancing the cause of liberty, constitutionalism and parliamentarianism.
Why not celebrate Magna Carta Day by making your own parchment declaration. Take a sheet of white paper and crumple it into a ball, then open it out and wipe with strong black coffee, using some cotton wool. Dry this with a hairdryer and your parchment will look old and stained. Write out your declaration using a fountain pen, or quill pen made from a feather. Make a seal by dripping candle wax on the corner and making an impression with a coin.

Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
Usage:His superstitions led him to the study of occult subjects, much to the dismay of his highly rational parents.


Arlington National Cemetery Established (1864)

Early in the Civil War, Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his family fled their Virginia estate. Shortly thereafter, Arlington National Cemetery was established there. More than 290,000 people are now interred in Arlington, a privilege that is limited to active, retired, and former members of the armed forces, Medal of Honor recipients, high-ranking federal government officials, and their dependents.

Erik Erikson (1902)

Erikson was a Pulitzer Prize-winning German-American psychoanalyst known for his psychosocial development theory. In his most influential work, Childhood and Society, he divided the human life cycle into eight psychosocial stages of development: trust, autonomy, initiative, industry, identity, intimacy, generativity, and ego integrity. He also explored the convergence of personal development and social history in his psychohistorical studies.

Valdemar Day

According to legend, Danish King Valdemar II set out to conquer the pagan Estonians and convert them to Christianity. During the night of June 15, 1219, the Estonians made a surprise attack on the Danish camp. A red banner with a white cross floated down from the sky, and the Danish archbishop heard a voice say that the Danes would win if they raised this banner. Schools, sports organizations, and Boy Scout troops in Denmark often hold pageants on June 15 in which they reenact the story of the Dannebrog (the Danish flag) and King Valdemar.

Ancient DNA Sheds Light on How Language, Cultures Evolved in Bronze Age Europe

It's tricky studying the history of a time when no one wrote things down. Archaeology pieces together how people lived in the past by studying artifacts they left behind; linguistics by analyzing newer languages to reconstruct the old. 

1215 - King John of England put his seal on the Magna Carta.

1667 - Jean-Baptiste Denys administered the first fully-documented human blood transfusion. He successfully transfused the blood of a sheep to a 15-year old boy. 

1844 - Charles Goodyear was granted a patent for the process that strengthens rubber. 

1864 - An order to establish a military burial ground was signed by Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. The location later became known as Arlington National Cemetery.

1919 - Captain John Alcock and Lt. Arthur W. Brown won $50,000 for successfully completing the first, non-stop trans-Atlantic plane flight. 

1983 - The U.S. Supreme Court reinforced its position on abortion by striking down state and local restriction on abortions. 

1992 - U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle instructed a student to spell "potato" with an "e" on the end during a spelling bee. He had relied on a faulty flash card that had been written by the student's teacher. 

Died, 1996

Ella Jane Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996)

Recorded "Yesterday," 1965

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney’s vocal and acoustic guitar together with a string
 essentially made for the first solo performance of The
Beatles. It remains popular today with more than 2,200 cover
 and is one of the most covered songs in the history
of recorded music. It was voted the No. 1 pop song of all time
by MTV and Rolling Stone magazine the following year. In
1997, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame
and Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) reports that it was
performed over seven million times in the 20th century alone.

Born, 1909

Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives (June 14, 1909 – April 14, 1995)
Folk singer Burl Ives recorded "A Little Bitty Tear" (1961) and 
was responsible for Christmas standards like "Holly Jolly
Christmas” (1965). On a local note, Ives was the Grand
Marshal of the 1975 Portland Rose Festival Parade.


If You Were Born Today, June 15

Your mind is lightning quick. Your unique wit, love of entertaining, and endearing nature make you a lively companion. You have a youthful quality no matter what your age. Partnership is extremely important to you--you thrive with the support of a significant other. Many of you achieve more success in business with a trusted partner. Famous people born today: Neil Patrick Harris, Helen Hunt, Courteney Cox, Wade Boggs, Jim Belushi, Anna Torv.

Picture of the day
Magna Carta
Cotton MS Augustus II.106, one of four surviving exemplifications of Magna Carta. This document, sealed by King John of England on 15 June 1215 (O.S.), was drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular king and a group of rebel barons. The charter promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown. The document was reissued and renewed several times over the centuries, though its political impact decreased as later laws were passed. The charter was significant because the king had agreed to limit his power, so that although it dealt predominantly with the king and the barons, since the late 16th century it has been considered a symbol of liberty and the freedom of the individual.

Picture of Lake O’Hara in the Canadian Rockies

Bowl of Mountains

Photograph by Peter Essick, National Geographic
Lake O’Hara nestles in the Canadian Rockies at more than 6,600 feet “like an emerald in a bowl of mountains,” wrote paleontologist Charles Walcott in 1911. Generations of artists have put brush to canvas at this lookout, called All Souls Prospect, in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park.

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McQuackerton pattern by Rebecca Diamond
This is a small-ish duck I created for The Little Yellow Duck Project.
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image title

Crochet Trapeze Jacket

Three Little Pigs Pillow

The cardiologist's diet:  if it tastes good spit it out.
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diabetic friendly

stephanie o'dea
Cajun Roasted Turkey Breast CrockPot Recipe

This is a moist, flavorful way to make turkey breast. I like turkey, but don't like the dryness and blandness that sometimes comes along for the ride when making turkey. Cooking turkey in the crock really helps with keeping the meat from becoming overly-dry. You can rub whatever spices you like on turkey pieces, but I was in a Cajun mood, and was pleased with this spice combination.

The Ingredients.
--turkey breast
--1/2 t black pepper
--1 t kosher salt
--1/2 t red pepper (cayenne)
--1 T onion powder
--1/2 t paprika
--1/2 t thyme
--1/4 t nutmeg
--3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary, or 1/2 t dried
--1 cup chicken broth

The Directions.

I used my 6qt Smart Pot Crock-Pot for this dish. I took the skin off the turkey breast. I know, I'm a weirdo.

In a bowl, combine all of your spices together. Rub the turkey with the spice mixture, getting it in all the nooks and crannies. Put the bird piece into the crock, meaty breast side down. If you have extra spice mix left, go ahead and pour it on top.

Add the 1 cup of chicken broth.

Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. There isn't much moisture in turkey, so try not to peek too often.

Serve warm with your favorite sides, and save the leftovers for sandwiches.

The Verdict.

This turned out the way that I expected. It was not dripping in moisture the way that a whole chicken is after being crocked, but it was only the white meat of the turkey represented ---where as in the whole chicken you get a nice mix of brown meat, which has tons of juice. The kids ate it dipped in barbecue sauce, and we've been having leftovers for sandwiches the whole week. I liked the spice combo--it gave a bit of kick on the outer edge, with out being over-powering.


By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step, he's too old to go anywhere.

- Billy Crystal


DIY Fairy Garden

Light is the symbol of truth. - James Russell Lowell

Man Invents Toilet Seats That Glow to Help You Go in the Dark

By SumitraWhen American man Dave Reynolds hurt himself in the bathroom one night, he decided that no one should ever have to go through the same ordeal. So he invented the world’s first glow-in-the-dark toilet seat that can be spotted and used safely in the dark. Thanks to his creation, you don’t need to worry about fumbling with the light switch or tripping in the dark anymore.
“It eliminates the problem of not knowing where you are or where you’re going,” said Reynolds, a former employee of Virgin Records. “This could help anyone from a grandparent to children.”
He first got the idea for the unique product when he suffered a bathroom mishap shortly after moving to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 2012. “I went to the bathroom one night and literally fell off the toilet in the dark,” he recalled. “On my way down, I felt something was wrong. I bounced off the toilet, fell to the ground and halfway into the bathtub. The next morning I was all banged and bruised and I told my family what had happened and, of course, they all laughed at me.”


Maybe it's true that life begins at fifty, but everything else starts to wear out,
fall out, or spread out.

- Phyllis Diller

"Good Morning" in Danish (Denmark, Greenland) -  God morgen


These shoes were actually really invented: | 30 Pictures That Prove We’re Living In The End Of Times

I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it.

- W. C. Fields

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