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Senior Health & Fitness Day May 25, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Senior Health & Fitness Day

For Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, Gramps, Nana, Papa and all our well-loved elders, Senior Health & Fitness Day is a time to explore the many senior-friendly physical activity options, and to understand the importance of exercise and nutrition for ongoing health and illness-prevention. A healthy diet can boost energy and immunity, and regular exercise is necessary to retain bone mass and lower the risk of fractures, and to build muscle strength and reduce the risk of falls.
Various community events will be staged on Senior Health & Fitness Day, and seniors are encouraged to attend for health screenings and diet and exercise information sessions. Low-impact, non-competitive exercise program choices may include stretching, walking and swimming, all designed to increase strength and flexibility. And although Grandma is probably an excellent cook, she may be able to pick up a few healthy tips to make her legendary meals even more delicious and nutritious.
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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A steep artificial slope in front of a fortification.
Synonyms:protective embankment
Usage:Instead of trying to breach the escarp, the army encircled the fortress, planning to starve out the inhabitants above.

Idiom of the Day


 — Of or having an appearance of health, vitality, and/or youthfulness


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (1878)

Robinson was an influential virtuoso tap dancer. An innovator, he was reputedly the first to dance on the balls of his feet instead of in the earlier flat-footed style. He began dancing professionally at the age of eight and became a popular nightclub and vaudeville performer. He first performed on Broadway in 1928 and was the first African American to star in a Ziegfield Follies.

Moving Day (Scotland)

The idea of packing up one's belongings and changing residences on a particular day has been a tradition in many countries. In Scotland, it was called Flitting Day and took place on May 25. The decision of whether to "sit or flit" was up to thetenant, but "flitting" seemed to be more common. On Flitting Day, they had to vacate their houses by noon, which often meant a great upheaval for the family during the preceding day or two. Apparently, the novelty value of flitting outweighed the boredom of sitting. 

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585 BC - The first known prediction of a solar eclipse was made in Greece. 

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1844 - The gasoline engine was patented by Stuart Perry. 

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1927 - The "Movietone News" was shown for the first time at the Sam Harris Theatre in New York City. 

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1935 - Babe Ruth hit his final home run, his 714th, and set a record that would stand for 39 years. 

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1968 - The Gateway Arch, part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, MO, was dedicated. 

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1992 - Jay Leno debuted as the new permanent host of NBC's "Tonight Show." 

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1996 - In Nimes, France, Cristina Sanchez became the first woman to achieve the rank of matador in Europe.

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2001 - Erik Weihenmayer, 32, of Golden, CO, became the first blind climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

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2001 - Sherman Bull, 64, of New Canaan, CT, became the oldest climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest. 

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2008 - NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander landed in the arctic plains of Mars. 


If You Were Born Today, May 25 

You are a witty, humorous, talkative person. Under the chatty or sociable surface, you are a lot more serious than you appear. In fact, you never take anything at face value. You consider yourself unusual, and most people agree! You are highly imaginative with fantastical dreams and ideas. Famous people born today: Robert Ludlum, Mike Myers, Anne Heche, Karen Valentine, Cillian Murphy.

Picture of the day
Gas mask
gas mask (Polish MUA model pictured) is a mask used to protect the user from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxic gases. It forms a sealed cover over the wearer's nose and mouth, but may also cover the eyes and other vulnerable soft tissues of the face. Most gas masks are also respirators, though the term gas mask is often used to refer to military equipment (e.g. a field protective mask). Gas masks do not protect from gas that the skin can absorb.

Picture of an ermine and melting snow in spring

Dressed for the Weather

Photograph by Alexia Burille, National Geographic 
An ermine, also known as a stoat or short-tailed weasel, emerges in its springtime coat. In the winter, these animals do not hibernate, and their coat turns almost completely white. For centuries the ermine's winter pelt has been sought by furriers both for its warmth and its beauty.

Top knitting pattern

knit, toe up








Cozy at Home Crochet Socks
Cozy at Home Crochet Socks Crochet Pattern | Red Heart


Slow Cooker Refried Black Beans with Roasted Garlic


Jell-O Marshmallow Fondant


Marshmallow fondant is already awesome, but if you add jello to it you can make it even more delicious while coloring it at the same time! Jello seems to mix in really well with the powdered sugar and gives good results for taste and look.

  • 8 oz Marshmallows
  • 1 lb Powdered Sugar*
  • 3 oz Box of Jello Mix flavor of choice
  • 2 tbs Water (I never measure this but it is about this much)
Helpful Supplies:
  • Silpat Mat (This is the best thing to have when working with marshmallow fondant! So easy to clean it off!)
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Microwave
I made only 2oz at a time and then multiplied it for a whole bag of marshmallows, but if you are wondering, here is what I did for each of the colors shown:
  • 2 oz Marshmallows
  • 1/4 lb Powdered Sugar
  • 4 tsp. Jello Mix
  • Little bit of water
*I actually don't measure powdered sugar. I figure it is always going to take what it takes.

We are going to start off like normal, but instead of just mixing marshmallows and water, we are going to add in our jello mix.  If the jello has bigger grains, you might want to run it through a food processor.  You want this as fine as powdered sugar so it mixes in well.  Otherwise, it might come out too grainy.

I melt the mix for 50 seconds on half power, take out and stir, melt for 45 seconds on half power, and mix one more time.  If it still isn't melted, throw it in a little longer, but keep an eye on it.  It'll puff up!

Mix in your sugar!  Like I said, I don't measure.  I sift in a handful at a time.  Mix it in the bowl first until it starts to form a ball.  If you leave it along for half a minute and it melts down into the bottom of the bowl, it's not ready.  Once it is mostly solid, pour it out onto your surface (a silpat mat is perfect for this) that has powdered sugar on it.  Carefully knead it while incorporating as much powdered sugar as you need.

I keep going until I can pass it between my hands about 20 times without it sticking to me.  Wrap it up and put it away until you are ready to use it.

My Cherry came out kind of tough, but I'm not sure if that means I put in too much powdered sugar or if the Cherry just doesn't work well.  The taste is pretty good, not too strong.  I don't think it would hurt to add in a bit more if you want the flavor more prevalent.

I thought they all tasted great, but Berry Blue was my favorite!


CHILDREN'S CORNER ... coloring



In 2015, 6,500 out of the 8,670 noise complaints against Washington’s Reagan national Airport came from the same person! -------------------- Swedish musician Martin Molin created a machine that makes music by moving 2,000 marbles! -------------------- Although Don Juan Pond is in Antarctica, it never freezes! -------------------- In Khlong Mai, Thailand, the 17-story Wat Samphran temple is surrounded by a massive dragon!


Close up of largest crochet blanket


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