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World Plant a Flower Day March 12, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate World Plant a Flower Day

What could be more fun than spending a sunny day outside planting lupins, poppies or fuchsias? World Plant a Flower Day was meant to be enjoyed. But, as of today, not in canada .. yet! lol

The aim of this day is to plant flowers, e.g. in your garden. In modern times, people have sought ways to cultivate, buy, wear, or otherwise be around flowers and blooming plants, partly because of their agreeable appearance and smell. Around the world, people use flowers for a wide range of events and functions that, cumulatively, encompass one's lifetime. People therefore grow flowers around their homes and dedicate entire parts of their living space to flower gardens. 

A flower, sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. The biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction, usually by providing a mechanism for the union of sperm with eggs.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A tuba that coils over the shoulder of the musician.
Usage:As the marching band strolled by, Karen could see that the small boy carrying the giant helicon was sweating profusely.

Idiom of the Day

a bridge too far

 — An act or plan whose ambition overreaches its capability, resulting in or potentially leading to difficulty or failure. Taken from the 1974 book A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan, which details the Allies' disastrous attempts to capture German-controlled bridges in the Netherlands during World War II.


Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott (1832)

Boycott was the estate agent for the Earl of Erne, an absentee landowner in County Mayo, Ireland, at a time when the Irish Land League was pressing for agrarian reform. In 1880, Boycott's refusal to reduce rents for tenant farmers, combined with his attempted eviction of 11 of them, led the League to launch a campaign of ostracism and isolation—now known as a "boycott"—against him and his family. 

Bok Kai Festival

The Bok Kai Festival is a two-day event in Marysville, California, that began as a Chinese religious event to honor Bok Eye, the god who has the power to control flooding and the waters of irrigation and the rains. Today, the celebration of Bomb Day—Bok Eye's birthday—with the Bok Kai Festival is a community-wide affair. A parade is another highlight of the festival, and a 150-foot dragon is the highlight of the parade. The Bok Kai Temple in Marysville is the only religious shrine to Bok Eye outside of Asia and is a designated historical landmark.

These Birds Use a Linguistic Rule Thought to Be Unique to Humans

When it comes to human language, syntax — the set of rules for arranging words and phrases to impart meaning — is important. People might understand what you meant if you declared "to the store I go must," but your phrasing wouldn't seem quite right.

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1789 - The U.S. Post Office was established. 

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1884 - The State of Mississippi authorized the first state-supported college for women. It was called the Mississippi Industrial Institute and College. 

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1894Coca-Cola was sold in bottles for the first time. 

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1911 - Dr. Fletcher of Rockefeller Institute discovered the cause of infantile paralysis. 

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1912 - The Girl Scout organization was founded. The original name was Girl Guides. 

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1974 - "Wonder Woman" debuted on ABC-TV. The show later went to CBS-TV. 

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1994 - A photo by Marmaduke Wetherell of the Loch Ness monster was confirmed to be a hoax. The photo was taken of a toy submarine with a head and neck attached. 

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1994 - The Church of England ordained its first women priests.

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2009 - It was announced that the Sear Tower in Chicago, IL, would be renamed Willis Tower. 


If You Were Born Today, March 12

No matter what your age, you always remain youthful and playful. You are open to a wide range of ideas, and you have a real sense of the right words to say or write and the best way to present an idea. You would be excellent at promotion or advertising, and also make a warm and interesting friend who always seems to lend a hand or lift others' spirits with words of encouragement. At times impatient with others, your warm heart wins in the end. Famous people born today: Liza Minnelli, Jack Kerouac, Barbara Feldon, James Taylor, Samm Levine, Darryl Strawberry.

Picture of the day
Lynx (constellation)
An illustration from Urania's Mirror (1825) depicting the constellation Lynx, with the obsolete constellation Telescopium Herschelii to its right. Lynx, introduced in the 17th century by Johannes Hevelius, is a faint constellation in the northern sky. Its brightest star, Alpha Lyncis, has an apparent magnitude of +3.13.

Picture of a monk reading in Myanmar

A Quiet Spot

Photograph by Nuttawut Jaroenchai, National Geographic 
A young monk in Myanmar's ancient city of Bagan has found a quiet spot to read. The archway behind him offers shade and neatly frames a nearby pagoda, thousands of which dot the Bagan landscape.





knit, EASTER

crochet, ST. PATRICK'S DAY



crochet, 6 - 18 mths

crochet, EASTER

thanks, shelley


project by: natalie shriver &  kamryn stimpson 
it’s been a little dull and rainy here in LA lately (which i love), and i’ve been seeing lots of umbrellas around. i think they are one seriously underrated accessory. today we thought it’d be fun to show you how to make a stylish one of your own using wax paper, some tape, and a little paint…
what you’ll need:
• umbrellas
• blue painter’s tape
• wax paper
• paint brush
• circle cutter or circle punch

how to make it:
• tape a section of blue tape on wax paper.
• punch or cut a hole in the wax paper to create a circular stencil.
• pull tape off of wax paper and transfer onto umbrella in desired place and smooth down.
• paint stencil. we recommend applying two coats.
• let dry completely, then peel off tape. voila!
we used slightly larger dots for the black umbrella and just painted the inside so that the polka dots had more of a fun reveal when opened. the little pink heart we just painted by hand…it doesn’t have to be perfect!
something that is perfect…that bunch of poms on tara’s jacket!

CHILDREN'S CORNER ... coloring



On December 23, 2015, White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, welcomed the seemingly virgin birth of twin lambs! --------------------- In Ibiza, Spain, it is bad luck to allow a priest on a fishing boat! --------------------- Actor Michael J. Fox’s middle name is Andrew.

"what is your name?" in Bisu (China, Thailand, Myanmar) - 
Nang ang hméng ma cheu?

succulent pleasure!
36 Totally Easy DIY Projects To Try In 2016



  1. Had to smile when I saw the succulents in the mismatched tea cups. I have an air plant in a tea cup on my kitchen window. It was intended that I put it in a glass globe and mist it but the water is so hard on glass, that I opted for an orphan tea cup from my mom's collection.

  2. Love the bird linguistics:) On our walk this morning there were dozens and dozens of robins gathering on the patches of earth where the sun had shone and the frost had vanished. Apparently sparkly isn't a big favorite for them!