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Won't You Be My Neighbor March 20, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Won't You Be My Neighbor

Any day can be a beautiful day in the neighborhood – and Won’t you Be My Neighbor Day, is no exception!
Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day is a day to remember and honor Fred Rogers, that iconic children’s TV presenter of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. His show reached it’s heyday in popularity back in the 1970’s and 80’s, and repeats can still be seen today. Gentle, soft-spoken Mr. Rogers was a mainstay for preschoolers and their parents; teaching them that respect of those around you and a good attitude were just as important as learning your colors and letters.
Why not don a 70’s style sweater today, and speak softly to your partner? Be mindful of how you can show kindness and patience in explaining a simple concept to a child (or perhaps even to a work colleague!) After all, it’s a beautiful day for a neighbor – and for being neighborly!

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) Swiftness of action or motion; speed.
Usage:These rapid attentions were bestowed with the celerity and skill of a practiced surgeon.

Idiom of the Day

amateur hour

 — A result, activity, task, or situation characterized by unprofessional, talentless, or careless performance(s). The term likely originates from or refers to The Original Amateur Hour, a radio and television talent program in the US that ran from the 1930s through the 1970s. Primarily heard in US, South Africa


Henrik Ibsen (1828)

Ibsen, a Norwegian playwright, is considered the father of modern theater. Emphasizing character over plot, he explored psychological conflicts stemming from frustrated love and destructive family relationships, and he addressed social problems such as political corruption and the changing role of women. Many considered his plays scandalous, but he earned a worldwide audience with powerful studies of middle-class morality, such as A Doll's House

Health Benefit of Standing Desks Not Proven, Medical Review Shows

The dangers of sitting for long stretches of time have come into focus in recent years, with the sedentary act connected to increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
READ MORE:Standing Desk Health Benefits Not Proven, Medical Review Shows

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0141 - The 6th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet took place.

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1602 - The United Dutch East India Company (VOC) was formed.

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1852 - Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book "Uncle Tom’s Cabin," subtitled "Life Among the Lowly," was first published. 

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1885 - John Matzeliger of Suriname patented the shoe lacing machine. 

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1888 - The Sherlock Holmes Adventure, "A Scandal in Bohemia," began.

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1897 - The first U.S. orthodox Jewish Rabbinical seminary was incorporated in New York.
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1903 - In Paris, paintings by Henri Matisse were shown at the "Salon des Independants". 

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1914 - The first international figure skating championship was held in New Haven, CT

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1963 - The first "Pop Art" exhibit began in New York City. 

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1967 - Twiggy arrived in the U.S. for a one-week stay.

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1982U.S. scientists' returned from Antarctica with the first land mammal fossils found there. 

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1985 - Libby Riddles won the 1,135-mile Anchorage-to-Nome dog race becoming the first woman to win the Iditarod. 

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1990 - The Los Angeles Lakers retired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's #33.

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1997 - Brian Grazer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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1999Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones became the first men to circumnavigate the Earth in a hot air balloon. The non-stop trip began on March 3 and covered 26,500 miles. 

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If You Were Born Today, March 20

Extremely creative and enterprising, you are also very charismatic and warm. As much as you need stability and security, especially with close relationships, you crave variety in your daily life, balking at routine and needing to mix things up from time to time. You have an unmistakable innocent charm to your manner, and your optimism and friendliness help win you much success in life, both personally and professionally. Famous people born today: B.F. Skinner, Spike Lee, Carl Reiner, William Hurt, Fred Rogers, Brian Mulroney, Holly Hunter, David Thewlis.

Picture of the day
black-lip oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) specimen. This species of clam in the genus Pinctada is a marine bivalve mollusc that is harvested for its pearls in the Persian Gulf and southwestern part of the Indian OceanFijiTahiti,MyanmarBaja California, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Picture of two men relaxing by the seaside in Beirut, Lebanon

Friends in Fair Weather

Photograph by Yasmina B., National Geographic 
At a seaside facility in Beirut, Lebanon, “two old-time friends,” writes photographer Yasmina B., “enjoy life by the beach.” Once called the Paris of the Middle East, Beirut’s glamorous image was shattered by a 15-year civil war that ended in 1990. Rebuilding efforts have taken place in the decades since.

oops. guess i forgot the chicken diaper pic yesterday. thanks, sally. ;-)
knit, EASTER

knit, 4 - 8 yrs




crochet, EASTER






Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Pork Meatballs




Flowers - Magnolia, cream and pink


Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years. - Ausonius

In 1969, the Army Corps of Engineers “turned off” Niagara Falls! -------------------- The Ghost A very rare white giraffe was recently discovered in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park! -------------------- A cow has a 1 in 17,420,000 chance of becoming an NFL football used in the Super Bowl! -------------------- The first flower ever to bloom in space, an orange zinnia, blossomed aboard the International Space Station on January 16, 2016.

Shirt That Grandpa Used To Wear Becomes Pillow To Remind Family Of Him Whenever They Hold It


Vintage Tips from the 1900s

A lot may have changed in the last century or so, but some of life's nagging problems are as relevant today as they were to our ancestors. For that reason, some vintage tips and tricks from days long gone can still help us solve everyday issues - after all, the facts of science haven't changed, so if these solutions worked then, they must still work now! British tobacco firm Gallaher's included a series of wonderful picture cards inside packets of cigarettes, which helped their customers get to grips with common problems. 
1. Separate Two Drinking Glasses
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: When two glass tumblers stick together, there is a danger of breakage in trying to separate them. The simplest and most effective method of releasing the glasses is to put cold water in the upper one and place the lower one in warm water. They will be found to separate at once.
2. Remove a Splinter
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: Fill a wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim, and press the affected part of hand tightly against the mouth of the bottle. The suction will pull down the flesh, and steam will soon draw out the splinter. 
3. Increase Your Lung Capacity (perhaps with today's knowledge, this does seem a slightly ironic matter for a cigarette company to target!)
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: Stand erect on the balls of the feet with the head held well back. Then inhale deeply until the lungs are fully inflated, gradually exhale, allowing the chest to sink first, followed by the lungs. Repeat exercise several times both morning and evening.
4. Pick Up Broken Glass
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: To pick up broken glass quickly and cleanly, a soft damp cloth will be found to be most effective, for it takes up the small splinters. The best plan is to use an old rag that can be thrown away with the glass.
5. Make Your Shoes More Comfortable
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: A pair of loose shoes can be made to fit comfortably by fixing (with seccotine) a piece of velvet or velveteen inside the heel as shown in the picture. Care must be taken to see that no wrinkles are left in the velvet.
6. Treat a Sprained Ankle
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: Elevate the injured joint and wrap in cloths wrung out in cold water. The picture shows how to keep the cloths constantly wet without having to change them. A jug of water is placed higher than the injured limb, and a strip of linen with one end in the jug and the other end resting upon the wrapping of the sprained joint, is all that is necessary. The water will pass from the jug to the compress by way of the linen strip. 
7. Carry a Heavy Jug Safely
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: The correct way to hold the jug is shown in the right-hand sketch. This prevents the weight from pulling the jug down, spilling what it contains, as is likely to happen if carried the other way.
8. Keep Flies Away from Your Trash Can
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: As the result of experiments it has been found that a small amount of ordinary Borax sprinkled daily in the dustbin, which is one of their favorite haunts, will put a stop to the breeding of flies.

9. Stop Your Eye Glasses from Fogging Up
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: The moisture which collects on eyeglasses causes a great deal of trouble, but if the glasses are rubbed daily with soap, and well polished afterwards, a very thin, invisible film of soap remains, which has the effect of preventing the condensation of moisture on the glass.
10. Stop a Vase from Being Easily Toppled by a Pet or Child
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: Partly fill the vase with sand, which, acting as a weight, keeps it upright and firm on its base. This idea is particularly useful in the case of vases which are inclined to be top-heavy.
11. Safely Remove a Stuck Nail
1900s Life Tips

InstructionsIt is often rather difficult to pull out a long nail from wood into which it has been driven, for when drawn out a short distance as in A, there is no purchase from which to pull it further. If, however, a small block of wood be placed under the pincers, as in B, the nail can be pulled right out without difficulty.
12. Remove Water Stains from Leather Shoes
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: Such stains can be removed by washing the shoes over with a preparation composed of a piece of washing soda, about the size of a chestnut, dissolved in two tablespoons of hot milk. When dry, the shoes should be polished in the ordinary way, and the stains will be found to have disappeared.
13. Judge Upcoming Weather Changes by Sight
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: The traveler, setting off in the early morning, will find a fairly sure guide as to the weather he is likely to encounter by watching a very small distant cloud. If the cloud grows gradually larger, then unsettled, rainy weather will probably come. But if the cloud decreases in size, the day should be a fine one.
14. Strike a Match When in Breezy Conditions
1900s Life Tips
Instructions: The familiar difficulty of lighting a match in a wind can be, to a great extent, overcome if thin shavings are first cut on the match towards its striking end, as shown in the picture. On lighting the match the curled strips catch fire at once; the flame is stronger and has a better chance.
15. Make Your Fire Extinguisher (useful if you failed to strike the match correctly!)
1900s Life Tips

Instructions: Dissolve one pound of salt and half a pound of sal-ammoniac in two quarts of water and bottle the liquor in thin glass bottles holding about a quart each. Should a fire break out, dash one or more of the bottles into the flames, and any serious outbreak will probably be averted.
16. Finally...Keep Your Plants Watered When You're Away (from rival manufacturer Wills's Cigarettes)
1900s Life Tips
Instructions: Fill a large pail with water, and stand it a little above the level of the plants and group round or near as many plants as practical. Loosely plait two or three strands of wool together, immerse completely in water, and place one end in the pail, weighted, and touching the bottom. Rest the other end on the soil: a separate plait of wool is advisable for each pot.

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