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World Book Day March 3, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day celebrates the joy and value of books and reading. Drama, visual arts and character visit workshops have been carefully developed to promote a lifelong love of reading.

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How I imagine a vacation in Australia

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) Squid prepared as food.
Usage:Lisa ordered calamari at the Italian restaurant.


Idiom of the Day

bare (one's) teeth

 — To display an angry, violent, and/or threatening reaction to or against something or someone, as does a dog or wolf when threatened.



Jamsetji Tata (1839)

Tata was an Indian entrepreneur and pioneer industrialist known as "the father of Indian industry." He began his career at his father's trading firm but formed his own company in 1868 and had early success in the textile industry, buying, selling, and setting up cotton mills. He went on to establish the Tata Group of companies, which now has interests in steel, automobiles, information technology, energy, tea, and hotels.

In emergencies, people place too much trust in robots

Imagine that you're in an unfamiliar building, participating in a research experiment. A robot escorts you from room to room to complete a survey about robots and then read an unrelated magazine article. 

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1885 - The American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) was incorporated in New York as a subsidiary of the American Bell Telephone Company. 

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1894 - The "Atlantis" was first published. It was the first Greek newspaper in America.

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1906 - A Frenchman tried the first flight in an airplane with tires. 

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1915 - The motion picture "Birth of a Nation" debuted in New York City. 

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1923 - The first issue of Time magazine was published. 

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1931 - The "Star Spangled Banner," written by Francis Scott Key, was adopted as the American national anthem. The song was originally a poem known as "Defense of Fort McHenry." 

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1959 - The San Francisco Giants had their new stadium officially named Candlestick Park. 

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1999 - Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones began their attempt to circumnavigate the Earth in a hot air balloon non-stop. They succeeded on March 20, 1999.


If You Were Born Today, March 3

You can work tirelessly toward a goal as long as you are inspired. Your faith in your ability to succeed is remarkable. However, because of your many talents and interests, it can be hard for you to choose any one path, especially in your youth. It can take time to come into your own when it comes to career and focus. You are amusing, versatile, and intriguing, with a delightful way with words and a wonderful sense of humor. Famous people born today: Jessica Biel, Alexander Graham Bell, Jean Harlow, Matthew Marsden, Julie Bowen.

Picture of the day
North Carolina pound
An early example of a handwritten £Colonial banknote from the Province of North Carolina, dated 27 November 1729. The North Carolina pound was the province's currency until 1793, though valued at less than the co-circulating British pound.

Picture of two purple glossy starlings at the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri

Pearlescent Pair

Photograph by Joel Sartore
This portrait of a pair of purple glossy starlings (Lamprotornis purpureus) at the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri was taken for the Photo Ark project by photographer Joel Sartore. Photo Ark is a multi-year National Geographic project with a simple goal—to create portraits of the world’s captive species before they disappear, and to inspire people everywhere to care. The photo collection currently comprises images of more than 5,000 species, but Sartore aims to document the 12,000 captive species worldwide.

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Tender pattern by maanel
Material : Craveyarn “Serenity” 100 % baby alpaca : 2 skeins.
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Kirara Fingerless Gloves pattern by Ram Wools Yarn Co-op
Using only a single skein of Noro’s Kirara yarn and worked flat this pattern is a quick and easy knit. Accented with a button band this fabulous knit will have...
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 Viking Boat Jacket


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Norwegian house slippers

If you’re relatively new to knitting, you’ll love this simple felting project, based on a classic Norwegian design.
Below are dummy-proof instructions on how to turn this:
into this:
This is a felting project, which means that after you do the knitting and folding/sewing, you will wash the slipper in hot water and shrink it down to about 50-75% of its size.
You will be knitting an “L” that is six squares long and three squares across. Start by choosing your colors and make a note of them on a piece of paper.
Use standard worsted-weight wool, size 10 (6mm) needles. You must use wool that shrinks – ask at the shop to be sure you don’t use pre-shrunk wool.
For a small child’s slipper, try 14 knit stitches across. For an older child, 16 stitches. For an adult, 18-20.
The number of rows may not match the number of stitches, since some people knit more tightly than others. You should try to keep your patches as square as possible, but this is a very forgiving project, so don’t worry if you make mistakes (they probably won’t show after the felting).
After you knit the row of six squares, bind off. To knit the short part of the L, insert a needle into the stitches on one side of the end square (a thinner needle is sometimes easier). Make sure the number of stitches you pick up matches the number of stitches you have been using across. For example, if you started with 20 stitches, be sure to pick up 20 stitches on the needle.
Using that inserted needle to start your row, knit two squares and bind off.
Now is the time to weave in your ends with an upholstery needle or similar. Again, you don’t have to do a perfect job with this, but here is how I like to do it:
When you’re done tidying up your loose ends, it’s time to start folding and sewing (see key below). Note that you will make the folds in alphabetical order.
Here is the first fold:
For the sewing, you can use either of the adjoining colors.
The sewing should be snug and reasonably even, but don’t worry about trying to make it perfect. The seams won’t show when you’re done. However, after sewing each section, you should be weaving in the ends. Don’t tie knots – they could create lumps in the final product.
In this step, you will be knitting across a line that is three squares long:
Once you have completed step “e” you should be able to figure out how to sew the last fold:
When you have finished, turn the slipper inside-out. Note that it will look floppy… and enormous.
Now throw the slippers into a hot-water wash (the hotter the better) with a pair of jeans. Don’t use a towel, or anything that could create lint.
If the slippers are still a bit floppy, you can stuff some balled-up newspaper into them so they’ll hold their shape while drying. If the slippers are still too big after washing and drying, you can wash them again for more shrinkage. I’ve been told that you can put them briefly into the dryer, checking them frequently, but I haven’t tried that.
These slippers are super-warm and comfy, and are likely to be worn a lot. If desired, to prevent the big toe from wearing a hole in the bottom over time, you can line the slippers with a fleece sole insert.

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A Blonde in First Class

A plane is on its way to New York when a blonde woman in economy class gets up and moves into an open seat in the first class section.

The flight attendant watches her do this, and politely informs the woman that she must sit in economy class because that’s the type of ticket she paid for.

The blonde replies, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to New York and I’m staying right here.”

After repeated attempts and no success at convincing the woman to move, the flight attendant goes into the cockpit and informs the pilot and co-pilot that there’s a blonde bimbo sitting in first class who refuses to go back to her proper seat. The co-pilot goes back to the woman and explains why she needs to move, but once again the woman replies by saying, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to New York and I’m staying right here.”

The co-pilot returns to the cockpit and suggests that perhaps they should have the arrival gate call the police and have the woman arrested when they land. The pilot says, “You say she’s blonde? I’ll handle this. I’m married to a blonde. I speak blonde.” He goes back to the woman and whispers quietly in her ear, and she says, “Oh, I’m sorry,” then quickly moves back to her seat in economy class.

The flight attendant and co-pilot are amazed and ask him what he said to get her to move back to economy without causing any fuss.

“I told her first class isn’t going to New York.”

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Rita as Gilda in that gorgeous gown. “Amado Mia” is the song she sings.

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Grace Kelly and Cary Grant on the set of TO CATCH A THIEF.

Classic Cuban Ropa Vieja


On the set of FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. Ingrid Bergman, director Sam Wood, Katina Paxinou and Gary  Cooper.

Paint Chip Eggs Easter Egg Background

The four sisters of LITTLE WOMEN. Joan Bennett, Jean Parker, Katharine Hepburn, Frances Dee. Joan the youngest March girl, Frances, the oldest.


Fred Astaire and Lucille Bremer dancing to ‘Limehouse Blues’ in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1945).


Love those fabulous dancers, Harold and Fayard, the Nicholas Brothers. 

The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows. - George William Curtis

Victor Moore,Fred Astaire,George Stevens.SWING TIME.
Victor Moore, Fred Astaire, George Stevens. SWING TIME.

Pamela Paquin, of Petite Mort Furs, creates fur fashions out of roadkill—as as she calls it “accidental fur”! -------------------- Figs are full of digested wasps! -------------------- Mice have the same number of bones in their neck as a giraffe—seven!


"what is your name?" in Batak (Indonesia) [given name] - Ise goar mu?

Black And White Animation animated GIF

Paul Henreid,Bette Davis. NOW VOYAGER.
Paul Henreid, Bette Davis. NOW VOYAGER.

removing price ticket residue quickly and easily

Ever buy something on impulse (yes impulse is my middle name) just because you love it. Then when you get the item home and try peeling off the price ticket do you find that it just leaves a sticky residue? I don't know why they use stickers like that but there is nothing worse than that sticky, gummy gooey mess left behind.  You try washing (if it's something that is washable) and nail polish remover and find that the stickiness simply spreads! 

Since you love it--banish that thought of returning it.  You can get that sticky mess off very easily.

Go to your pantry and get a jar of peanut butter.  Yes I said peanut butter. Rub a glob of peanut butter over the sticky residue and wipe off with a paper towel.  You may have to repeat this once more but the sticky mess will disappear like magic!

So the next time you are faced with one of those fiendish stubborn price tickets get out the Jiff, and the problem is solved--in a Jiff.

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