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Buzzard Day March 15, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Buzzard Day

The annual celebration of a bird whose circling overhead was a signal to the cowboys of old that a once living creature had met its demise seems strange to say the least. Yet, Buzzard Day is circled on the calendars of many dedicated Ohio residents who, once a year, eagerly scan the skies with binoculars watching for its return. For them this graceful, winged creature with its bald head and red beak signals, not death, but rebirth.
The mid-March buzzard celebration is led by an ‘Official Buzzard Spotter’ on the Hinckley Reservation in the Cleveland Metroparks. A large number of enthusiasts converge on Buzzard Roost at around 6:30am in anticipation of the bird’s return. Those for whom this is beyond the call of duty can still participate in the joyous celebrations by attending Buzzard Sunday for festive family fun that celebrates the return of this flying precursor to spring.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A person excessively concerned with dress.
Synonyms:dandydudefashion platefopgallantsheikbeauswell
Usage:The clotheshorse could be found at the boutique once a week, poring over a variety of suits, sweaters, and ties, and inevitably buying at least three of each.

Idiom of the Day

brood over

 — To worry anxiously or be despondent about something or someone, especially at great length and in isolation


First Commercial Internet Domain Name Registered (1985)

A domain name is an address of a computer, organization, or other entity on a network, such as the Internet, that follows TCP/IP communications protocol. Domain names must be unique on the Internet and must be assigned by a registrar accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They typically include the type and name of an organization and identify the specific host server at the address. The first commercial Internet domain name was registered in 1985

Fabio Lanzoni (1959)

Widely known simply as Fabio, Lanzoni is an Italian male fashion model and actor who became famous for appearing on the covers of hundreds of romance novels throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He has also written romance novels, includingPirate and Comanche, and is said to be the first best-selling male romance writer to publish under his own name rather than a pseudonym. Lanzoni has appeared in a number of commercials for a range of different products.

Buzzard Day

About 75 turkey vultures, also known as turkey buzzards, return to Hinckley, Ohio, each March 15 to spend the summer. Thousands of people celebrate them at the Hinckley Buzzard Day Festival, held since 1958 on the first Sunday after March 15. It features tours, hikes, and talks by naturalists at Metro Park, where the buzzards roost. The vultures' return was first documented by a park patrolman who logged their arrival date for 23 years. Why the birds return, however, isn't known. 

Reading from a Tablet before Bed May Affect Sleep Quality

People who read from an iPad for 30 minutes before going to sleep felt less sleepy and had different electrical activity in the brain during sleep than those who read from a physical book, a recent study found.

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1493 - Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first New World voyage. 

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1892New York State unveiled the new automated ballot voting machine. 

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1892 - Jesse W. Reno patented the Reno Inclined Elevator. It was the first escalator. 

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1910 - Otto Kahn offered $500,000 for a family portrait by Dutch artist Frans Hals. Kahn had outbid J.P. Morgan for the work.

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1913U.S. President Woodrow Wilson held the first open presidential news conference.

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1937 - In Chicago, IL, the first blood bank to preserve blood for transfusion by refrigeration was established at the Cook County Hospital. 

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1945 - "Billboard" magazine began listing a top albums chart. The first #1 was "The Nat King Cole Trio." 

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1948 - Sir Laurence Olivier was on the cover of "LIFE" magazine for his starring role in Shakespeare’s "Hamlet."

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2002 - In the U.S., Burger King began selling a veggie burger. The event was billed as the first veggie burger to be sold nationally by a fast food chain. 


If You Were Born Today, March 15

You possess much personal magnetism and inner strength. Often you are drawn to the more challenging of any chosen paths, and you have a strong sense of responsibility. Success comes to you through hard work, as well as a personality that is sweetly persuasive and very likeable. It's important for you that others see you in a favorable light, and you are helpful and thoughtful not only with the people  close to you, but with strangers as well. Famous people born today: Eva Longoria, Fabio Lanzoni, Phil Lesh, Judd Hirsch, Will I Am, Kellan Lutz.

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Picture of the day
Man sweeping volcanic ash
A man sweeping volcanic ash in Yogyakarta during the 2014 eruption of Kelud. The East Javan volcano erupted on 13 February 2014 and sent volcanic ash covering an area of about 500 kilometres (310 mi) in diameter. Ashfall from the eruption "paralyzed Java", closing airports, tourist attractions, and businesses as far away as Bandung and causing millions of dollars in financial losses. Cleaning operations continued for more than a week.

Picture of pastel-colored buildings in a frosty landscape in Vӧlkermarkt, Austria

Winter Pastels

Photograph by Sonia Sokhi, National Geographic 
A “casual stroll on the farm” afforded Sonia Sokhi the opportunity to make this photo of a frosty and colorful scene in Vӧlkermarkt, located in the Austrian province of Carinthia. In part because of its more than 200 lakes and captivating landscapes, Carinthia is known as the “Austrian Riviera.”

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must log in

Shamrock Rainbow Scarf

Image of Shamrock Rainbow Scarf


garter stitch, knitted flat, worked in one piece


knit, EASTER



Tokyo Jacket
Tokyo Jacket



crochet, EASTER
All About Ami Spring Bunny  - Easter #crochet

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thanks, shelley

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Beef Bourguignon Stew

Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon Stew


CHILDREN'S CORNER ... painting

not a good thing (something could fly into his eyes) but so adorable!
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In the city of Pozarevac in Serbia, Slavisa Pajkic can turn on light bulbs and even cook food using electricity stored or conducted via his body. Submitted by Chester Tumidajewicz, Amsterdam, NY. -------------------- Hura crepitans, the sandbox tree, is not only covered in thorns, but its fruit explodes when ripe—launching seeds as far as 330 ft at speeds of 150 mph! Submitted by Dan Paulun, W. Lafayette, OH. -------------------- Rodent Roadies In 1999, the tv, lighting and sound cables for Greenwich Park’s Millennium Pop Concert were laid there by three Spice Girl-named ferrets—Beckham, Posh and Baby!

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tips and hacks

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from my point of view, this is one of the reasons the internet 
is so pleasing! if you put in any word in the english language, 
the graph that's produced shows you when the word came 
into the language and when it's usage was most popular
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