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Universal Children's Day NOVEMBER 20, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Universal Children's Day

You’ve heard so many people say it: children are the future. And whether you yourself have children or not, that still rings true. Today’s children are tomorrow’s scientists, politicians, doctors and teachers. Today’s children will inherit all of what humanity has managed to accomplish since the beginning of its existence, both the good and honorable deeds and the cruel wars and terrible failures. It is the children of today that will be charged with protecting the weak and vulnerable of this world, and making even the hardest of decisions in order to do so. Who then, if not our children, deserves a holiday? This special day is dedicated to all of the children, so that they may enjoy these carefree years while they last and be ready for the responsibilities that await them. So let’s live it up, kids!
Universal Children’s Day was first announced by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1954. Originally, there were 2 goals this day was to help achieve: to encourage children of all races, creeds and religions to spend time together, getting to know each other and appreciating each other’s differences, and to prompt governments worldwide to pay more attention to the welfare of their youngest citizens. Since its establishment as a holiday, Universal Children’s Day has been tied to many different, honorable causes, such as the commitment to stopping HIV/AIDS by 2015. Another one of the goals Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations aspires to reach is for every child to have access to an education and be able to attend school. Promoting peace, respect and concern for the environment among the world’s children are also considered to be of utmost importance.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information.
Usage:Because the poem was reproduced in block text, virgules were used to indicate where the lines had originally been separated.


Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy (1925)

Following his successful management of his brother's campaign for the presidency, Robert Kennedy served as US attorney general and was John F. Kennedy's closest adviser, exerting considerable influence on the nation's domestic and foreign affairs. He later won election to the US Senate and, in 1968, announced his intention to run for president. After winning the California Democratic primary in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, he was assassinated. 

Opening of the Underground Caves Day

The end of World War II is marked annually by the people of Butaritari Island (of the independent republic of Kiribati). Each year, they open the caves that were built to shelter them during World War II. Accompanied by a celebration, the event takes place on the anniversary of the day the caves initially were opened after the war ended in 1945. The event's main activities take place in Ukiangang village on Butaritari Island, featuring singing, dancing, feasting, and indoor and outdoor games.

These Slimy Deep-Sea Worms Are Surprisingly Close Cousins to Humans

People have more in common with deep-sea worms than one might suspect. Over 500 million years ago, humans and certain worms shared a common ancestor, and people still share thousands of genes with the worms, said scientists who recently sequenced genomes from two marine worm species.

1805 - Beethoven's "Fidelio" premieres in Vienna

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1866 - Howard University founded (Washington, D.C.)

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1902 - Geo Lefevre & Henri Desgrange create Tour de France bicycle race

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1914 - US State Department starts requiring photographs for passports

Related image

1923  - Garrett Morgan invents & patents traffic signal

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1969 - Brazilian soccer icon Pele scores his 1,000th goal

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1986 - The one billionth Little Golden Book was printed. The title was The Poky Little Puppy. 

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1992 - Queen Elizabeth's home Windsor Castle catches fire

OOPS ... thanks to shelley for reminding us of this important historical event

The Humane Society of the United States Founded

The Humane Society of the United States Founded
On November 22, 1954, when the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was founded by a handful of dedicated visionaries, the modern concept of "animal welfare" barely existed.


If You Were Born Today, November 20

You are a dedicated, family-loving person who is loyal to loved ones. Your personality is highly intuitive and receptive, and the quiet strength that sits just under the surface forms some of your considerable charm. Desirous and passionate, you sometimes over-indulge in the pleasures of life. Because you value partnership so strongly, you must guard against smothering your loved ones. There is a fine line for you between caring and possessiveness. Your strong character is apt to propel you into a leadership position in your career. If so, you are what might be considered a benevolent leader, as you are very big-hearted. Famous people born today: Bo Derek, Richard Dawson, Gene Tierney, Robert F. Kennedy, Joe Walsh, Edwin Hubble.

Picture of the day
Mucous membrane
An H&E stain of a histological section taken from the gastric antrum, showing the mucosa of the stomach.

Picture of icebergs in Iceland

Quiet Reflection

Photograph by Freia Lily, National Geographic 
Freia Lily submitted this photo of an iceberg reflected in the “still waters of Jökulsárlón,” a “glacier lagoon” in Iceland. Detached remnants from the vast Vatnajökull (Vatna Glacier) wash up on the shorelines here, gracing visitors with views of the shimmering blocks before they melt.








Apache Tears pattern by Sarah London
Beautifully textured, captivating and fascinating!
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Lilac Lace Shoulderette - Talking Crochet Newsletter - J...
Welcome to the July 30, 2013 issue of Talking Crochet Newsletter! Enjoy making this free crochet pattern!
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Free amigurumi Mr. Teddy sleepy bear crochet pattern
*Of course you can sell the finished dolls that are made out of my original pattern* Beacuse I love to support crafter, who made the doll with love and care....
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sweet potato curry

Picture of sweet potato curry
This sweet potato curry is one of my favorites - I make it all the time! Sweet potatoes and chickpeas make it nice and filling when served over rice. :)
And best of all, you can have this curry on the table in under 45 minutes, so it's a great weeknight dinner! I tend to make this whenever we're down to the last of our groceries to hold us over until we go shopping again.
Picture of Ingredients
  • 1 sweet potato cut into 1/2 inch chunks
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 inch ginger, grated
  • 2+ tablespoons curry powder/garam masala of choice
  • hot pepper of choice to taste - I'm using chipotle pepper powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon+ amchoor powder
  • 14.5 oz can chickpeas + their liquid
  • 14.5 oz can coconut milk
  • turmeric for color (optional)
  • brown sugar to taste
  • salt to taste
  • fresh limes for serving and seasoning
  • rice for serving
  • parsley and cilantro for serving
  • coconut oil or other oil for cooking
For this recipe, I suggest using a bright and spicy curry powder - nothing too sweet! The coconut milk and sweet potatoes are already quite sweet, so you want to balance it out. I used mostly curry powder and a bit of garam masala to round it out.
I'm using amchoor powder here for tartness, but you can also just add fresh lime juice near the end of cooking. I normally do that any way. :)

stephanie o;dea

CrockPot Wassail (Spiced Punch) Recipe

After dinner we sipped our wassail out of mugs while watching A Murder She Wrote marathon. It was cold and we needed warmth from the hot mug of cider and the heat from the vanilla Glade candle. It was a good night.

The Ingredients.

--2 quarts apple cider
--1 cup pineapple juice
--1/2 cup honey
--3 sticks cinnamon
--2 whole cloves
--1 whole orange, cut in rings
--brandy, optional

The Directions.

Use a 4-6 quart crockpot. This makes 9 cups of juice.

I had *just* watched an Unwrapped episode where they explained the difference between cider and juice: you can't see through cider, because they use the whole apple. I headed to Safeway with that knowledge, and didn't find 1 bottle in the whole store labeled cider (other than the sparkling Martinellis), so I brought home a bottle of organic apple "juice" that I couldn't see through.

Put all of the ingredients into the crockpot (not the brandy). Wash your orange well, and cut off each end. Slice the remaining orange into rings, and float the pieces on the top of the juice.

Cook on high for 2 hours, or on low for about 4. You want the juice completely hot, and the flavor of the cloves and the cinnamon to have permeated.

Ladle into mugs. If you are going to add the brandy, put a shot into each mug, then top with the hot cider.

If serving to guests, provide a ladle, and keep the crockpot lid off, and the pot turned to low. If on warm with the lid off, it won't stay quite hot enough.

The Verdict.

Delicious and soothing. One of my kids has a sore throat, and she drank a lot, and was happy with how it made her throat feel better. We're having some more for breakfast.

put a note of thankfulness inside!



Genius... is the capacity to see ten things where the ordinary man sees one. - Ezra Pound


"Welcome" in Igbo (Nigeria) - Ilo la



10 Lovely Quotes From Mister Rogers About Love

Mister Rogers taught us about kindness, imagination, wonder, and countless other life lessons. Above all else, he emphasized the importance of love—loving ourselves and loving others. Here are 10 quotes about love from our favorite neighbor, Mister Rogers.
1. "Deep within us—no matter who we are—there lives a feeling of wanting to be lovable, of wanting to be the kind of person that others like to be with. And the greatest thing we can do is to let people know that they are loved and capable of loving."  From The World According To Mister Rogers
2. "Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like 'struggle.' To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now." — From The World According To Mister Rogers
3. "Love and trust, in the space between what’s said and what’s heard in our life, can make all the difference in this world." — From The World According To Mister Rogers
4. "There are many ways to say I love you. Just by being there when things are sad and scary. Just by being there, being there, being there to say, I love you." —"Many Way to Say I Love You" as performed on Episode 1643 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
5. "We need to help people to discover the true meaning of love. Love is generally confused with dependence. Those of us who have grown in true love know that we can love only in proportion to our capacity for independence." — From The World According To Mister Rogers
6. "Love is like infinity: You can’t have more or less infinity, and you can’t compare two things to see if they’re 'equally infinite.' Infinity just is, and that’s the way I think love is, too." — FromThe World According To Mister Rogers
7. "The toughest thing is to love somebody who has done something mean to you. Especially when that somebody has been yourself." — From Episode 1665 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
8. "Listening is where love begins: listening to ourselves and then to our neighbors.” — FromThe World According To Mister Rogers
9. "Love seems to be something that keeps filling up within us. The more we give away, the more we have to give." — From The World According To Mister Rogers
10. "When we love a person, we accept him or her exactly as is: the lovely with the unlovely, the strong along with the fearful, the true mixed in with the façade, and of course, the only way we can do it is by accepting ourselves that way." — From The World According To Mister Rogers


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