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Stress Awareness Day NOVEMBER 4, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Stress Awareness Day

Stress affects us all, and no more so than in the workplace. The chemicals, adrenaline and hormones which build up in our systems in response to the pressures of everyday life have no way to dissipate in our modern lives, and the effects of this can be serious enough to cause significant physical and psychological damage.
Stress Awareness Day aims to promote awareness of these particularly modern challenges, and to aid individuals and organisations in changing behaviors and lifestyles which may lead to excessive stress.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(adjective) Warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious.
Usage:She had always found him to be bellicose and was not surprised when he was expelled from the military academy for his belligerent and violent behavior.

(this could be a picture of pc and i every night. cute when a kitten but now he weighs 16 lbs!!!)


Will Rogers (1879)

Rogers was an American humorist and actor. A cowboy in his youth, Rogers traveled the world before returning to the US to perform in vaudeville and Wild West shows as a rider and trick roper. The "cowboy philosopher's" homespun wit and salty commentary on current political and social events soon earned him a following through movies, books, radio, and a syndicated newspaper column.

Mischief Night

The idea of letting children have a "lawless night" originated in England, and was often celebrated on May Day Eve (April 30) or on Halloween. But in the mid-17th century, when Guy Fawkes Day (November 5) became a national holiday, Guy Fawkes Eve became the most popular night for mischief in England, Australia, and New Zealand, where it is sometimes called Mischievous Night or Danger Night.

Can Dutch Chimps Pick up a Scottish Accent? Scientists Aren't So Sure.

Can chimpanzees learn new accents? A widely-covered study published in February that suggested that primates can adapt their grunts to match those of new neighbors in new places is now being questioned by a group of primatologists

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1846 - A patent for an artificial leg was granted to Benjamin Palmer.

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1847 - Scottish obstetrician James Young Simpson discovered the anesthetic qualities of chloroform. 
            (i have always been aware and appreciative of having been born into the era of anesthesia))

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1880 - James and John Ritty patented the first cash register.

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1922 - In Egypt, Howard Carter discovered the entry of the lost tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. 

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1924 - Nellie T. Ross of Wyoming was elected America's first woman governor so she could serve out the remaining term of her late husband, William B. Ross. 

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1961Bob Dylan made his Carnegie Chapter Hall debut in New York City. The show was seen by 50 people who paid two dollars each at Carnegie Hall.

1991 - Ronald Reagan opened his presidential library in Simi Valley, CA. The dedication ceremony was attended by President Bush and former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald R. Ford and Richard M. Nixon. It was the 1st gathering of 5 U.S. chief executives. 

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1999 - Cristina Saralegui received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 


If You Were Born Today, November 4

You possess a versatile and creative mind, yet you have a strong appreciation for concrete results. Although you indulge in the pleasures of life, you are also very hard-working and take much pride in your work and in your hobbies. You deal with pressures rather well, and you are able to right yourself quickly when things do go wrong. Inside, you are passionate and ardent. Your sensitivity and your emotional nature are not very apparent on the surface of things. You have the ability to stick to a project and make sure it functions properly. Determined and quietly bold, you have what it takes to succeed in life. Famous people born today: Matthew McConaughey, Sean Combs, Walter Cronkite, Laura Bush, Loretta Swit, Markie Post.

Picture of the day
Red squirrel
The red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is a species of tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus common throughout Eurasia. This arborealomnivorous rodent feeds on seedsnuts,berries, young shoots, and sap.

Picture of a snowy fishing port

A Flurry of Activity

Photograph by Stian Servoss, National Geographic 
Stian Servoss says this enchanting photo was taken on a day that actually began as a sunny one in Reine, a small fishing village in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. “I was about to pack my gear as it suddenly started snowing—a lot,” Servoss writes. “I ran down to some fishermen working at the docks to get a few shots of them as they were lifting containers of fish from their boat to land … All of a sudden, I noticed hundreds of birds.” The birds appear to be playing in the snowflakes—though they are more likely attracted to the day’s catch.

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Different Stripes for Different Types pattern by Aimee P...
This pattern was written for the MN Yarn Shop Hop 2014. There are also notes to make a crochet version on this pattern.
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Shibui - Cliff Hat
Cliff Hat / SHELLIE ANDERSON Free pdf download. Pin It Yarn / Pebble Specs / Sizing One Size Gauge
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Knitted Dragster Race Car pattern by Ilana R. Marks
This week on DrFrankKnits’ Free Pattern Fridays, I present a small knitted drag racer softie. When worked with worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles, it me...
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Portland Poncho pattern by Vladimir Teriokhin
Ad in Crochetworld for this pattern calling it the “Soho Poncho”.
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Danube DK Lacy Shell Skirt pattern by Cathy Campbell
This is a fun little flirty skirt that looks great over a slip or leggings. It features a firm, nice-looking waistband and comfortable shell stitch body.
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roman sock: Transforming Knobs from drab to fab! Door ...
We've just moved into a new flat (I love it!) Near the centre of Edinburgh but still quiet and leafy. I decided to give some of our painted furniture a little bit o...
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Free #Crochet Pattern: Starstuff Cowl by Moogly!
As Carl Sagan famously said, We are made of starstuff. And that applies double to the Starstuff Cowl crochet pattern!
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Circus Elephant Lovie – A Dribs and Drabs Design
I am so excited to share Edward with you. He is a Circus Elephant Lovie with a jaunty little hat and a striped linen-stitch blanket. This is a Dribs and Drabs d...
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thanks, susan b. for some of the pics today

stephanie o'dea

John McCain's Rib Recipe--in the CrockPot

Did you know that John McCain had a famous rib recipe? I had no idea. These are the most simple ribs I've ever made, and they are good. Really good. 

The Ingredients.
--4 lbs of ribs (I used beef, but you can certainly use PORK)
--2 T garlic powder 
--2 T kosher salt

--2 T black pepper
--3 lemons, juiced 

The Directions.

I used a 6.5 qt crockpot. 4 lbs of ribs fit comfortably, but I maybe could have squeezed in another pound.

Cut the ribs to fit your crockpot. In a small bowl, combine the dry spices.

Rub the rack of ribs with the dry mixture, covering all sides of the ribs. Put them into your crockpot. If you have extra seasoning, pour on top.

Squeeze the lemons (use one of those hand-held juicer things, to make sure all the juice gets out) on top of the ribs.

Cover and cook on low for 7-10 hours, or on high for about 5. The meat will be more tender if you cook it on low.

The Verdict.

I've never made ribs in the crockpot with a dry rub before. I was nervous that they'd get awfully tough and burn. I couldn't have been farther from the truth. The meat was flavorful, tender, and juicy. The lemon gave a neat tartness I've never had with ribs before. The kids ate the meat, and there were happy noises at the table. They've asked me to make this again.


Paint Chip Notebooks
Paint Chip Matchbook
What an ingenious idea to make a notebook shaped as a matchbook.  Only 5 sheets of regular white paper was used to make each one.  Pair it with a fabulous pen and they would be the perfect gift for teachers, friends, neighbors, bosses, co-workers and friends.

CHILDREN'S CORNER ... dot-to-dot


Forgiveness is the final form of love. - Reinhold Niebuhr




meteor glass cosmic scarab


Tutankhamun, popularly referred to as King Tut, ruled as Pharaoh over 4 millennia ago. In 1922 his nearly intact tomb was opened by British explorers, Howard Carter and George Herbert. Among their findings was a mysterious scarab.
cosmic scarab
From the Egypt Archive


Inside, they found numerous tributes to his wealth and power, but among them was a brooch with a curious gem at its center. Geologists easily identified it as glass, but they couldn’t explain why it had formed over  28 million years before the birth of Tut.
This piece of Saharan Meteor Glass resides in the Ripley’s collection.


The glass is the result of a meteor exploding over the Saharan Desert. The astral debris flash heated the desert to temperatures over 3,600°F, creating small fragments of glass across 2,300-square-miles of desert.
Bohemian Moldavite CC H. Robb


The glass must have been found by a tradesman, and—through a process called knapping—was shaped into the yellow, cosmic scarab adorning King Tut’s brooch.


Another known site of meteoric glass lies in Bohemia. These glass shards have an emerald color and are slightly translucent with a feathered texture. Some even believe these gems to possess mystical energies.

"Welcome" in Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) - Swaagat

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Cleaning - Rust Build Up?


21 things you only know if you knit

21 things you only know if you knit
This is how everyone knits, right? (Picture: Rex)
Knitting is fun. It’s challenging and useful and draws you into a community full of interesting and talented people
It also sometimes makes you want to throw your beautiful, hand-dyed, merino yarn into a corner and stab yourself in the eye with your needle.

I’ve been knitting for 12 years and, with more than a few dropped stitches along the way, I’ve learned some things.

Cats and small children must be kept away from the knitting basket.

It turns out it’s perfectly reasonable to take a couple of sharp, pointed metal things on a plane.

Although a difficult project can be a love-hate relationship, once you’re hooked there’s no turning back.

Here are 21 things every knitter knows.

1. You never forget your knitting mentor. Whether it was your mum, gran, friend or an online tutorial, you’ll remember the person 

who sat with you through those painful first stitches for life

2. Dropping a stitch at the start seems like the worst thing you’ve ever done. Until you realize messed up stitches are probably just a clever type 

of knitting you haven’t learned yet.

3. You finally finish your first scarf… and carry it around for three weeks until someone teaches you how to cast off.

4. But pretty soon you can do it with your eyes shut. Until you leave your stitching and come back to realize you haven’t got a clue if it’s a knit or 

purl row. (Hint: If the side facing you looks like seed pearls, you purl.)

5. Still, if you have to leave your knitting in the middle of a row, only the gods know which direction you were going in.

21 things you only know if you knit
This is probably not the best use of your knitting time (Picture: Getty)
6. One more row is always a lie.

7. But blocking hides a multitude of sins.

8. You’ve lost count of the number of TV programs you started but didn’t finish because you were so busy knitting you forgot it was on.

9. The first time you went into your local knitting shop you ran amok. So many colors…

10. Then someone introduced you to the hand dyed yarns and your bank balance has never forgiven them. The indecision is crippling.

21 things you only know if you knit
All the colors! (Picture: Getty)
11. You now know what a stash is, and yours is guiltily hidden from your partner. You will honestly use that neon pink and yellow 

flecked chunky alpaca one day…

12. Eyelash yarn looks like the most fun when you’re not a knitter. Then you realize it’s disgusting.

13. Knitting on a plane is the perfect way to pass the time, but you know you should always take cheap bamboo needles and a 

spare piece of wool to transfer your project on to in case airport security nick them.

14. The network of stitching friends you’ve made is your favorite thing about knitting.

15. Even if there’s too much gossip and wine when you stitch ‘n’ bitch to actually get anything done.

21 things you only know if you knit
Stitch one, bitch one (Picture: Getty)
16. You’re secretly wondering if you should buy some wool and drop spin it. This is mostly because there were some really cute spindles at the 

 last craft fair you went to.
17. Everyone wants you to knit them something for Christmas, and it seems like a great idea. Until you remember how time 

consuming and expensive two jumpers, three pairs of socks and six scarves will be.

18. So this year you promise yourself you’re going to start in July. And you’re still in a panicked rush at the start of Advent.

19. Knitting your boyfriend anything will make you wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to end that relationship.

20. Because, with the time it takes and the cost of yarn, it really is cheaper to buy a jumper.

21. But nothing will make you prouder than knowing you made the one you’re wearing.

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