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Sandwich Day NOVEMBER 3, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Sandwich Day

Sandwich Day celebrates the ultimate convenience food. Why not try something a little different in your lunchbox today?

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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines.
Synonyms:ground-effect machine
Usage:The police lost track of the bank robbers at the water's edge, where the thieves escaped in a hovercraft.

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Vincenzo Bellini (1801)

Bellini was an Italian composer who was born into a musical family and began composing in his childhood. He wrote his first opera at age 24 and went on to complete nine more before his death at age 33. His most celebrated works, which rely strongly on beautiful vocal melody and include the operas Norma and La Sonnambula—Italian for "The Sleepwalker"—greatly influenced the work of Giuseppe Verdi.

Melbourne Cup Day

The only public holiday in the world dedicated to a horse race, Melbourne Cup Day has been observed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, since the first Cup race was held there in 1867. For those who attend, it is a particularly glamorous event: the champagne flows, huge sums of money are wagered, and the women wear lavish hats while the men turn out in grey top hats and dark morning suits. A six-week festival, known as the Spring Racing Carnival, leads up to the big day and lasts well into November.

Low-Fat and Low-Carb Diets Show Little Success in the Long Term

Some diets claim you must eat less fat to have any hope of losing weight. Others insist the only way to shed pounds is to shed carbs. A new study suggests that it doesn't much matter which diet you follow. Researchers set out to answer this age-old debate:

1507 - Leonardo DaVinci was commissioned by the husband of Lisa Gherardini to paint her. The work is known as the Mona Lisa. 

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1796John Adams was elected the 2nd U.S. President. 

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1911 - Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant. 

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1975 - "Good Morning America" premiered on ABC-TV. 

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1992 - Carol Moseley-Braun became the first African-American woman U.S. senator.

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1998 - Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, died at the age of 83. 


If You Were Born Today, November 3

You have a markedly sarcastic yet fun sense of humor, which stems from a very keen sense of what is going on around you. You like to make a statement, shock more conservative folk, and you have a flair for the dramatic. Because you are progressive and not especially afraid of expressing your quirkiness, you can be prone to getting in trouble, but generally recover quickly. You actually possess a very practical, resourceful, and strong character. You experience many transformations through your personal relationships, which are passionate and challenging. Famous people born today: Adam Ant, Roseanne Arnold, Charles Bronson, Dennis Miller, Anna Wintour (Vogue), Jeremy Brett, Dolph Lundgren.

Picture of the day
Maddison Elliott
Maddison Elliott (b. 1998) is an Australian swimmer. She is S8 classified, having right side cerebral palsy as a result of a neonatal stroke. At the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, she became the youngest Australian Paralympic medalist by winning bronze medals in the women's 400 m and 100 m freestyle S8 events. She then became the youngest Australian gold medalist when she was a member of the women's 4 x 100m freestyle relay 34 points team.

Picture of a Berber walking on a sand dune

Lead the Way

Photograph by Fabio Petti, National Geographic 
From his perch on a dromedary camel, Fabio Petti made this image of his guide leading him and his fellow travelers into the smooth Erg Chebbi sand dunes of Merzouga, Morocco. “The Berber you see in the picture was the chief of our expedition,” explains Petti. “[He] asked me to stay first, close to him. This gave me the chance to have only the desert and him in front of me.” After a nearly two-hour journey to their campsite, Petti snapped this photo just a few minutes before sunset.

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Cotton Twirl Shorty Vest -  free knitting pattern - Crys...
Cotton Twirl Shorty Vest - free knitting pattern - Crystal Palace Yarns
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the Creations of Crazy Dazy
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knit .. 3-9 mths, w

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(filet) crochet
Thread Dishcloth pattern by Nikki Williams
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free amigurumi pattern baby love
Meet! Baby love Amigurumi Crochet pattern You can sell the finished dolls that are made out of my original pattern. Finish Size -Approximately 4-5 inch.
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Crochet Dreamz: Adeline Fingerless Mitts or Arm Warmers...
Fingerless Mitts, a Slouchie Beanie and a Cowl, make fashion statements like none other. They are the perfect combination of style and comfort.
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Peace, Love & Happiness Pillows - Talking Crochet Newsle...
Welcome to the May 7, 2013 issue of Talking Crochet Newsletter! Enjoy making this free crochet pattern!
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Gulf Coast Shrug
Gulf Coast Shrug - Talking Crochet Newsletter - January ...
Welcome to the January 28, 2014 issue of Talking Crochet Newsletter! Enjoy making this free crochet pattern!
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stephanie o'dea

Chocolate and Marshmallow Fluff Fondue for the Little Dipper CrockPot

Happy November!  Stop eating waxy Halloween candy and eat this. It tastes better, and since it's all stirred up and cooked the calories magically disappear. right?

The Ingredients.
--7 oz milk chocolate
--3 oz white chocolate
--1 cup marshmallow fluff
--1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
--1 T almond extract (or you could add Amaretto)

The Directions.

The best part of this (for me) was that I sent Adam to the store to get the chocolate and he came home with the good stuff: Cadbury and Ghiradelli. I totally would have cheaped out, and he didn't.

Break up the chocolate bars into the Little Dipper. Eat a few squares to make sure it tastes okay. Add the almond extract or Amaretto and the whipping cream. Scoop out a cup of marshmallow fluff from the jar, and push it in with your fingers, so you can then lick them.


Cover, and plug in the Dipper. Cook for about 90 minutes, stirring every 30 minutes or so. Lick the spoons.

Serve with cubes of pound cake, graham crackers, cut up fruit, and some almonds. 

The Verdict. very tasty. I need to brush my teeth.

Superhero Comic Book Magnets - Crafts by Amanda
The flea market has been literally packed with boxes of comic books lately. Sure there are some collectible books for sale, but there’s an overabundance of...
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I would rather be remembered by a song than by a victory. - Alexander Smith

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"Welcome" in Guarani (Paraguay) - Tapeguahê porãite

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Personal Protection & Security - Clever Way to Hide your Spare Key Outside your House

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