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Raspberry Cake Day JULY 19, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Raspberry Cake Day

With summer in full swing, it’s hard to imagine anything more seasonal and enjoyable than fresh, juicy raspberries; that is, except for Raspberry Cake Day – a whole day dedicated to enjoying raspberries in cake format!

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A heated greenhouse for plants that require an even, relatively warm temperature.
Synonyms:conservatoryindoor garden
Usage:When those young ladies left your hothouse door open, with a frosty east wind blowing right in . it killed a good many of your plants.


Mary I Begins Reign as Queen of England (1553)

After King Henry VIII divorced her mother, Catherine of Aragon, and married Anne Boleyn, Mary was declared illegitimate and lost her place in the line of succession. In 1553, her granddaughter, Lady Jane Grey, was deposed following a nine-day reign, and Mary—restored to the line of succession in 1544—became queen. She restored Roman Catholicism to England, but the resulting persecution of Protestants and the execution of some 300 heretics earned her the hatred of her subjects.

Samuel Colt (1814)

Colt patented his revolving-breech pistol in 1836, but the six-shooter was slow to gain acceptance, and his company failed in 1842. However, a US government order for 1,000 pistols during the Mexican War allowed Colt to resume its manufacture in 1847. Colt advanced the development of interchangeable parts and the assembly line, and his revolvers, including the famous Colt .45, became so popular that the word "Colt" was sometimes used as a generic term for any revolver.


Kinderzeche is a festival in Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria, Germany, to honor the children who saved the town during the Thirty Years' War of 1618-48. In 1632, according to legend, as Swedish troops rode into town, a small band of children appeared before the commander and asked for his mercy. The commander's heart softened, and he spared the town. The celebration today is a reenactment of the event, with participants in costumes of 17th-century town councilors and soldiers. Highlights of the festival include the parade of the Dinkelsbühl Boys' Band and a performance of a sword dance.

Feathered Dinosaur with Bird-Like Wings Discovered in China

Paleontologists have discovered a bird-like dinosaur in China that lived 125 million years ago and had a set of wings that surprisingly weren't used for flight. The Zhenyuanlong suni was a cousin of the better known Velociraptor. 

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1799 - The Rosetta Stone, a tablet with hieroglyphic translations into Greek, was found in Egypt. 

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1848 - The Women's Rights Convention took place in Seneca Fall, NY. Bloomers were introduced at the convention. 

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1939 - Dr. Roy P. Scholz became the first surgeon to use fiberglass sutures. 
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1946 - Marilyn Monroe acted in her first screen test. 

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1984 - Geraldine Ferraro was nominated by the Democratic Party to become the first woman from a major political party to run for the office of U.S. Vice-President. 

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1985 - George Bell won first place in a biggest feet contest with a shoe size of 28-1/2. Bell, at age 26, stood 7 feet 10 inches tall. 

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1985 - Christa McAuliffe of New Hampshire was chosen to be the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the space shuttle. She died with six others when the Challenger exploded the following year. 

94 Yesterday

John Herschel Glenn, Jr. was born in CambridgeOhio.
Astronaut and senator John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth
in 1962 and in 1998 became the oldest person to go to space. He was a
recipient of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and Presidential
Medal of Freedom among several other distinctions.



If You Were Born Today, July 19

Some might call you an "old soul" - your intuition is very powerful and you often seem to see right through others. You also tend to have wise advice. Your sense of humor is entirely unique and your perspective on things similar. These are just some of the reasons why you make such great company. Even so, your emotions are powerful and you can be a little moody, needing your space from time to time. You possess a somewhat mysterious allure and appeal. Famous people born today: Edgar Degas, Campbell Scott, Jim Norton, Elizabeth McGovern, Nick Faldo, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Picture of the day
Mosquito larvae diagram
A diagram showing the anatomy of a mosquito (sp. Culex restuans) larva. Such larvae have a well-developed head with mouth brushes used for feeding, a large thorax with no legs, and a segmented abdomen. The water-inhabiting larvae breathe through spiracles located on their eighth abdominal segments, or through a siphon, and must come to the surface frequently. Larvae develop through four stages, or instars, after which they metamorphose into pupae. At the end of each instar, the larvae molt, shedding their skins to allow for further growth.

Picture of a man carrying mirrors with people reflected in them, Kenya

Mirrored Gazes

Photograph by Randy Olson
Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake, sustains the tribes in Kenya’s remote north—but projects upstream threaten its lifeblood. Here, a man sells mirrors in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Located a hundred miles from Lake Turkana, the UN camp holds 180,000 refugees who fled conflicts in Sudan, Somalia, and other nations.

(photo by kidballa)


Mybootee Sock Hippo pattern by Bobbi Padgett
Most recent version is available on my blog.
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Windows pattern by Nicis Strickstube
Diese Spülianleitung enthält u.a. einen Chart für das eigentliche Muster von 45 M x 72 R. Um zu verhindern, dass sich das Stück rollt, schlag bitte einige zu...
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knit, bookmark

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Pretty Tea Cosy pattern by Frankie Brown
The coloured stripes on this tea cosy are worked in a thick, slip stitch pattern which will help to keep the tea hot. Only small amounts of each colour are ne...
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(photo via rukaba)

Quick Crochet Earrings FREE Accessories Pattern
Quick Crochet Earrings {free crochet pattern and tutoria...
Here's another fun jewelry accessory you need to make. These little Quick Crochet Hoop Earrings are so cute, a great yarn stash-buster and perfect for s...
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Tributary pattern by Funny dieBarbarin
Just as streams join to form a mighty river so too does the influence of family and friends shape and form a person. The textured design of this pattern is r...
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Puppets For Play - Flying Monkey pattern by Sahrit Freud...
Sizes available 6½” (16.5 cm) circumference
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Attic24: Granny Stripe Blanket :: the beginning
Hello my lovelies, great to be here in the Attic :: truthfully I should not be tucked up nattering in the Attic at all, should be attending to the business of mak...
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alligator pencil pouch (no pic available, but it's cute!)


Peach Crostatas

Kimberley Hasselbrink

Peaches get jammy when cooked, and are rather heavenly in the company of a good vanilla ice cream. You could go for any summer fruit here: peaches and berries are great paired together, as are peaches with any of their stone fruit cousins, such as plums or nectarines. Just remember: don’t fret!

Individual Peach Crostatas
Recipe for dough adapted from The Kitchn
Yield: 4 small crostatas
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup (1 stick) cold, unsalted butter, cubed
1/2 cup ice water
1 egg, beaten
Coarse sugar (such as demerara) for sprinkling
3 ripe yellow peaches, thinly sliced (no need to remove skin)
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cardamom
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
First, prepare the dough. Combine the flour, sugar and salt in the bowl of a food processor and pulse a few times. Add the chilled butter. Pulse until a coarse, sandy texture emerges, about five or six times. With the processor running, slowly add the ice water in a drizzle until a dough is just formed.
Turn the dough onto a clean, floured surface. Form into a ball, then flatten into a disc and cover in plastic wrap. Chill for at least one hour.
While the dough is chilling, prepare the peaches. Mix together the peach slices, sugar, lemon juice and cardamom. Set aside.
After an hour, remove the dough from the fridge. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Divide into four equal portions (or six, if you’d prefer mini crostatas).
On a well-floured surface, roll the dough into a disc shape, roughly six inches across. Transfer the disc to the parchment-lined baking sheet.
Arrange the peach slices in a fanned circle, leaving at least one inch of dough at the edges. Drizzle just a little of the remaining peach juices over the fruit. Fold the dough over the peach filling in a clockwise circle. Repeat with remaining balls of dough.
Lightly brush the egg wash over the surface of the dough, and sprinkle with coarse sugar.
Bake at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes, until crust is golden brown. Remove from oven and cool for ten minutes before serving.
(photo via dldude)

stephanie o'dea

CrockPot Peach Compote Recipe

The Ingredients.

--3 to 4 fresh peaches (I used 3 large ones)
--1/3 cup brown sugar
--1/4 cup brandy (gluten free)
--2 T butter
--1/2 t ground cinnamon
--1 t vanilla

The Directions.

I used my 1.5 qt mini crockpot for this. Wash and slice your peaches. Put them into your crockpot. Cover with the brown sugar, brandy, the 2T of butter, and the cinnamon and vanilla. There is no need to melt the butter beforehand.

Cover and cook for about 90 minutes, to 2 hours. 

Serve over vanilla ice-cream.

The Verdict.

Beyond delicious. I wonder if I can get away with only eating peaches this way from now on? This is very, very good.

4gifs:“Alright karma, you’ve won this round.” [video]

Thumb Tack Lanterns 
Thumb Tack Art
These beautiful luminaries were inspired from tin can luminaries.  Simply trace a desired pattern on card stock and punch out the pattern with a thumb tack. They add an elegant touch to a wedding, bedroom, or even as a centerpiece.


4gifs:Bulldog puppy loves the slide. [video]


gifsboom:Video: Big Cucumber Surprises Cat

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. - Pablo Picasso

ftcreature:I’ve realized that leopard geckos look like Disney characters.

Doctors Keep Teen Awake for a Week to Keep Parasite from Tunneling into Her Eye

By Sumitra 
Contact lenses seem harmless, but they can cause the eyes some serious damage, something that 18-year-old Jessica Greaney learned the hard way. She was nearly left blind last month, when a parasite burrowed into her eye and started feeding on her cornea, all because of a contaminated lens.
When Jessica first noticed that her eyelid was drooping, she thought she just had a minor infection. The young girl visited the hospital, where doctors told her it was an ulcer, but in spite of using medication for a week, her symptoms didn’t go away. In fact, they steadily worsened.
“By the end of the week, my eye was bulging, and it looked like a huge red golf ball,” Jessica told student newspaper The Tab. “It was swollen, and extremely painful, and they admitted me into hospital.


by Jim Benton

"Good Morning" in Mongolian (Mongolia, Northern China) - Ogloonii mend

Grocery Shopping - How To Tell If Your Watermelon is Ripe


thanks, patty

‘Irregardless’ is a Word, but Here’s Why You Still Shouldn’t Use It

grammarly blog
People seem to feel the same way about irregardless as they do about God.
Some swear it doesn’t exist as a word in the English language. Others counter, just as passionately and piously, that it does. There are people who want proof, and there are those who argue that the word itself is illogical because it’s a double negative thanks to the negative prefix ir- and the negative suffix -less.
You want the truth? If you can handle it, here it goes:
According to the noble brethren at such esteemed institutions as The Oxford English Dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary, and The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, irregardless is absolutely a word. It means the same thing as regardless, and language experts estimate that it’s been around for at least a century (most likely thanks to an accidental combo of regardless and irrespective).
Though, as the above keepers of the faith are quick to point out, anything can become a word if it’s in widespread use. Dictionaries do not invent words; rather, they legitimize them after it’s been proven that they’re part of communication convention.
So, the better question is, is irregardless acceptable?
We took to Twitter to find out. One user clarified, “Irregardless is not not a word. It’s a stupid word. There’s a difference.” Others threatened to flip a table, end a friendship, or take their own life if they came in contact with the term, and one particularly angry poster even suggested “Hunger Gaming” anyone who used the word.
Right, so there’s your answer in a nutshell. As the Twitterati have so aptly demonstrated (and as the dictionaries themselves more tactfully second), while irregardless may technically be a legitimate word, those who use it will be treated as uneducated, blasphemous toads at risk of being offed by greater society.
And that, friends, is the main reason you shouldn’t use it.

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