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Bikini Day JULY 5, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Bikini Day 

Bikini Day is the anniversary of the invention of the bikini in 1946 by a Parisian fashion designer, Louis Reard. The goal of this holiday is to get to the closest beach, or find some cheap travel deals to the Philippines, Bali, Hawaii or anywhere with lots of beach, and spend the day in your bikini!

Thanks to Patty for sharing her stroll at Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A humorous play on words.
Usage:His attempts at comedy usually flopped, especially when he recited his favorite paronomasia, "I do it for the pun of it."


SPAM Introduced into the Market (1937)

Introduced in 1937 by the Hormel Foods Corporation as "Hormel Spiced Ham," the precooked, canned-meat product was renamed "SPAM" when it began to lose market share. SPAM is now popular worldwide and is sold in more than 40 countries, including South Korea, where it is said to be so popular that it is sometimes given as a gift. The product has become a part of pop culture as the butt of many jokes and urban legends about mystery meat

Cecil Rhodes (1853)

Rhodes left England at 18 for South Africa, where he later founded De Beers Consolidated Mines. By 1891, his company was mining 90% of the world's diamonds. He extended the company's control to two northern provinces, which were eventually named for him as Southern Rhodesia—now Zimbabwe—and Northern Rhodesia—now Zambia. He is perhaps best known for the eponymous scholarship established by his final will

Clipping the Church Day

The old English custom of "clipping the church" entails embracing the church by joining hands around it and performing a simple dance step, advancing and retreating three times. In GuiseleyYorkshire, the custom traditionally was observed on St. Oswald's Day, August 5, but now takes place in July, during the Festival of Guiseley. There is a special service followed by a procession outside the church where all sing "St. Oswald's Ballad."

Woolly Mammoth Clones Edge Closer to Reality After Genome Analysis

Scientists are one step closer to bringing a woolly mammoth back to life. A new analysis of the woolly mammoth genome has revealed several adaptations that allowed the furry beasts to thrive in the subzero temperatures of the last ice age, including metabolism that allowed them to pack on insulating fat, smaller ears that lost less heat and a reduced sensitivity to cold.

1865 - William Booth founded the Salvation Army in London. 

1916 - Adeline and Augusta Van Buren started on the first successful transcontinental motorcycle tour to be attempted by two women. They started in New York City and arrived in San Diego, CA, on September 12, 1916. 

1946 - The bikini bathing suit, created by Louis Reard, made its debut during a fashion show at the Molitor Pool in Paris. Micheline Bernardini wore the two-piece outfit. 

1947 - Larry Doby signed a contract with the Cleveland Indians, becoming the first black player in the American League. 

1948 - Britain's National Health Service Act went into effect, providing government-financed medical and dental care.

1975 - Arthur Ashe became the first black man to win a Wimbledon singles title when he defeated Jimmy Connors.

Released, 1966



If You Were Born Today, July 5

You are excellent at business and tend to have what many people think is "good luck" because you are typically successful in whatever you set out to do, but you do work hard. You tend to seek out relationships and feel incomplete without them. You are accomplishment-oriented, and you tend to attract success with a powerful, even if quiet, aura around you. While not feeling content with what you have does keep you moving forward, developing patience will benefit you greatly. Famous people born today: P. T. Barnum, Huey Lewis, Katherine Helmond, Ryan Hansen, Eva Green, Shirley Knight.

Picture of the day
Sheep are quadrupedal ruminants, typically kept as livestock. Although the name "sheep" applies to many species in the genus Ovis, in everyday usage it generally refers to Ovis aries. One of the first animals to be domesticated, sheep are likely descended from the wild mouflon of Europe and Asia. They are raised for their for fleecemeat, and milk.

Aerial picture of land meeting sea near Dubai

Between Land and Sea

Photograph by Abrar Mohsin
Though Dubai is known for its grandiose cityscapes, it also has a vast and awe-inspiring natural beauty, writes Abrar Mohsin, who captured this aerial view from a helicopter above the seaside UAE metropolis. “The serene turquoise water and the golden hues in the desert sand present an interesting contrast,” he writes.




Woodland Superheroes - Willow Yarns
Brave and daring, the superhero duo of Rocco and Sonia are flying in to save the day and protect your child from monsters under the bed. Skill Level: Inte...
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knit, 9 - 22 mths



Baby Bowler Caps - Willow Yarns
Give your little one a hint of grown-up style with a baby-sized bowler easy to crochet in sizes preemie through toddler. Skill Level: Easy Sizes: Preemie (Ne...
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Table Topper


thanks, heide

stephanie o'dea

CrockPot French Dip Sandwiches

f you are looking for some easy and delicious recipes for a backyard barbecue, you can make French Dip Sandwiches. These sandwiches are completely and totally American, because they call for The Two American Ingredients: beer and red meat. 

But this isn't just any ordinary beer---it's gluten free! I finally tracked down 
some Redbridge beer at a local Beverages and More.Redbridge's website has a zipcode tracker, but none of the locations were close enough. A quick email later, and Lindsay from Anheuser-Busch confirmed that both our Beverages and More and Whole Foods carry the line. Awesome.

The Ingredients.

serves 6

2 pounds thin pieces of steak meat  (fajita meat works well for this!)
1/2 tablespoon granulated sugar
2 tablespoons butter
3 cups beef broth
1 (12-ounce) bottle of beer (I use a gluten free beer)

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/4 cup cooking sherry
1 yellow onion, cut in rings 
3 cloves smashed and chopped garlic
1 teaspoon  Worcestershire sauce

The Directions.

Put the butter into the bottom of the crockpot and turn on. Add the meat, garlic, and onions, and swirl around in the butter. 

Pour in the broth, beer, and cooking sherry. Add pepper and Worcestershire sauce.

Cover and cook on low for 7-9 hours.

If your meat is still in large chunks, remove it carefully, and slice. Return the meat back to the broth.
Serve on rolls. Since we are gluten free, I used a gluten free hoagie roll, sliced, but if you aren't gluten free I'd choose a sourdough french roll.

Dip the sandwich into the broth before each bite for a nice juicy flavor and consistency.

The Verdict.

These were so much fun and tasted marvelous! 

Just Moved Paint Chip Cards
Just Moved Cards
Postcard-sized paint chip sam­ples that were ran through a home printer to make a per­fect and totally budget-friendly mov­ing announcement.

CHILDREN'S PAGES .. coloring

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows. - Aristotle Onassis


These amazing works came into our warehouse recently are made of nothing but colored sugar! All of them are about FOUR feet tall and almost as wide. The pieces are big!
Any guesses how many bags of sugar this must have taken?


The Hulk
The Hulk
Neytiri from Avatar (2009)
Neytiri from Avatar (2009)
Some of the Avengers
Some of the Avengers

"Good Morning" in Latin (Vatican, ancient Rome) -  
Ut vales hatie mane?

Food Preparation - Pit Cherries – Save Time


The Most Creative And Clever Bookmarks For Bookworms

earth porm

There is nothing like getting lost in a great book. But unless you have ample free time it’s nearly impossible to read an entire book in one sitting. Eventually someone comes along to interrupt, maybe the kids get of school, or your shift at work is soon scheduled to start, but for whatever reason you must mark your page and return to real life.
Some people fold their pages to mark their spot, while others (myself included) can’t stand to damage the pristine pages of a good book. Bookmarks are a stationary product in my life, meaning this list is about to do some damage to my bank account… I. Want. Them. All!!!
To all my fellow bookworms out there, this is for you. Get ready to go gaga over the most creative bookmarks ever!

1. Witch Legs Bookmark

For anyone that watched Wizard Of Oz over and over again as a child (me! me!) this bookmark is perfection.

73% of American adults said they read at least one book in the last year. 69% of adults say they read a book in print within the last month. Half of all adults read 5 books in the last year, and the other half read less than 5 books in the last year. Women are more likely to have read a book in the past month than men.

2. Bookmark Lets You Mark Your Page AND Section

Bookmarks are great at marking your page but not at marking a certain paragraph on the page. This bookmark allows you to stop reading at any point on the page, just move the pointer to your last line.

3. Happy Hippo Bookmark


4. Reading Lamp Inspired Bookmark


5. Help! I’m Smashed In A Book Bookmark


6. Zipper Bookmark

This bookmark is a total conversation starter…

7. Be Right Back Bookmark


8. Reading Light Bookmark

A place to put your book and a night-light to read it with, handy! But you’ll still need another one of the bookmarks on this list if you want to read your book outside of the bedroom.

9. The Perfect Bookmark For Every Book, Seriously


10. Cute Animal Bums Bookmarks

Pet lovers can’t get enough of these adorable animal bottom bookmarks!

11. Grass Page Markers

What a natural way to mark the pages of a textbook, or anything else you read that requires marking numerous pages.

12. Murder Mystery Bloody Bookmark

A bloody creepy way to mark your page in the latest thriller…

13. Cup of Coffee Bookmark

Reading is always better with coffee, in fact… everything is better with coffee!

14. Sprout Bookmarks

From every great book sprouts a new look on life…

15. Cassette Tape Bookmarks

For those of you that still like to kick it old school with cassette tapes, here’s the perfect #tbt bookmark for you!

16. Birds Bookmark


17. Beautiful Crochet Flower Bookmark

This beautiful crochet bookmark makes for a treasured keepsake and a handy page saver.

18. Cute Fox Bookmark


19. Reading Victorian Lady Bookmark


20. Magnifying Camera Bookmark

This multi-purpose bookmark gives a magnify glass for hard to read print and a bookmark to save your page– score! Plus it’s camera-themed for all of you photographers out there.

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