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Independence from Meat Day JULY 4, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Independence from Meat Day

A day to try and go meat-free, be it just for the day or a more permanent lifestyle choice, Independence From Meat Day is your chance to try out a vegetarian lifestyle and see how it goes!


Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) An official emissary, especially an official representative of the pope.
Synonyms:official emissary
Usage:Cardinal Giovanni Battista Caprara was the legate of Pope Pius VII in France.


Henry David Thoreau Begins Two Years of Simple Living (1845)

In 1845, Thoreau, an American author and naturalist, built himself a cabin on the shore of Walden Pond in Massachusetts. He spent the next two years, two months, and two days there, observing nature, reading, and writing. He also kept a journal that he later used to write his masterpiece, Walden, or Life in the Woods, which compresses his time there into a single calendar year and uses the passage of the seasons to symbolize human development.

Meyer Lansky (1902)

Lansky was a Russian-born US gangster. After partnering with Bugsy Siegel as a young man, he joined Lucky Luciano in forming a national crime syndicate. By 1936, he ran gambling operations in Cuba and the US, and by 1970, he had amassed a fortune estimated at $300 million. In 1979, a government investigation linked Lansky with Jack Ruby, the nightclub owner who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

Turtle Independence Day

Since 1989, the Mauna Lani Resort in Hawaii has taken in baby Hawaiian green sea turtles from the Sea Life Park in Oahu, Hawaii. Staffers raise the turtles in salt water ponds located on the resort hotel's grounds until they reach maturity and can be released into the wild. Every Fourth of July, a Turtle Independence Day is held in which turtles are brought down to the hotel's beach and let go. In addition to the release of the mature turtles, which is open to the public, the hotel also has entertainment, games, canoe rides, and educational displays for children.

Sorry Kids, You Can't Pop Bubble Wrap Anymore

Bubble Wrap—the material that childhood dreams used to be made of—is no longer poppable. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Sealed Air Corp, which has sold Bubble Wrap since 1960, is introducing a new version of the product called iBubble Wrap.

1803 - The Louisiana Purchase was announced in newspapers. The property was purchased, by the U.S. from France, was for $15 million (or 3 cents an acre). The "Corps of Discovery," led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, began the exploration of the territory on May 14, 1804. 

1848 - In Washington, DC, the cornerstone for the Washington Monument was laid. 

1855 - The first edition of "Leaves of Grass," by Walt Whitman, was published in Brooklyn, NY

1886 - The first rodeo in America was held at Prescott, AZ

1934 - Boxer Joe Louis won his first professional fight. 

1934 - At Mount Rushmore, George Washington's face was dedicated. 

1955 - The first king cobra snakes born in captivity in the U.S. hatched at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. 

1960 - The 50-star U.S. flag made its debut in Philadelphia, PA. 

2004 - In New York, the cornerstone of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) was laid on the former World Trade Center site

2009 - The Statue of Liberty's crown reopened to visitors. It has been closed to the public since 2001. 

88 Today

Marvin Neil Simon is 88 today.

91 Today

Eva Marie Saint was born in Newark, New Jersey.

Saint received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
for her role in the 1954 classic On the Waterfront.  She also
starred in Alfred Hitchcock‘s 1959 spy thriller film North by


If You Were Born Today, July 4

You have strong business sense, but you are also quite wise when it comes to people. You are independent, and although you're attached to family and loved ones, you need to feel as if you are free in order to function at your best. You are creative and very clever, sometimes in a self-serving way, and have a youthful quality that remains with you throughout life. You need to avoid expecting inhuman things of humans! Many of you have a great fondness for history and research. Famous people born today: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ann Landers, Abigail Van Buren, Eva Marie Saint, Neil Simon, Bill Withers.

Picture of the day
United States Capitol
The United States Capitol as seen from the eastern side at dusk. Located atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the building was designed by William Thornton (the first Architect of the Capitol) and completed in 1800. It serves as the seat of the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal 

Picture of a young girl squatting on a brick palette, India

Brick World

Photograph by Aditya Varma, National Geographic 
Bricks surround a young child in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. The country’s brick industry is particularly harsh on both its workers—who suffer dangerous conditions under much criticized labor practices—and the environment, consuming around 24 million tons of coal annually.











add booze or not!





Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. - H. L. Mencken

Guy Living Near Milwaukee Airport Paints “Welcome to Cleveland” on His Roof to Confuse Airplane Passengers

By Sumitra
For nearly four decades, Mark Gubin has been playing an epic prank on people flying into his hometown. As aircrafts descend into Milwaukee’s Mitchell International airport, passengers are greeted with a warm, welcoming sign: ‘Welcome to Cleveland’!
Gubin says that the sign – painted on the roof of his apartment in six-foot letters – has always succeeded at giving flyers a good scare. “There’s no real purpose for having this here except madness,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2005. “Which I tend to be pretty good at.”
The retired photographer revealed that he first got the idea for the sign from his assistant, when he was having lunch with her up on his roof in 1978. She had noticed all the low-flying planes in the area, and told him it would be nice to make a sign to welcome people to Milwaukee. But then Gubin came up with an even better idea – a sign welcoming them to the wrong city.


"Good Morning" in Kurdi (Iraq, Iran) - Sibebash

Is the Chork the future of eating? East and West end their dinner-time conflict at last with the invention of the chopstick-fork


B&W Historic Photos Restored To Full Color Bring The Past To Life

earth porm

Relating to the past can be difficult when all you have to look at are faded black and white photos that feel like they are from another planet. The mind thinks and remembers in color, meaning a color photograph is much easier to connect with than a black and white photo.
Thanks to film colorization historic photos restored to full color bring new life to history. Film colorization is a process that can be conducted digitally or by hand. Prior to the 1970’s basic colorization was possible but required carefully painting color onto film stock.
The invention of the computer has completely altered the way we restore historic photos thanks to digital colorization. While the process is still time-consuming it is very much worth the hard work.
Research is conducted to match colors as closely to how they really looked as possible, but in some cases artists must guess which colors to use. 

1. Times Square, D-Day, 1944


2. Ojibwe Native American out spearfishing in Minnesota, 1908


3. Mother assists her child getting off the trolley on Broadway in New York City, this photo was taken in July, 1913


4. Post officers from Washington, D.C. enjoying their new “Autopeds” in 1917


5. Joe Lincoln of Accord, champion decoy maker of New England poses with his decoy ducks in 1926


6. Photo of Abraham Lincoln Taken by Alexander Gardner in February of 1865


7. Drewry’s Bluff, Virginia, sling cart used to transport artillery captured throughout the American Civil War


8. Yvonne (13) and Alexander Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (12) enjoy a drink and smoke aboard a yacht near Majorca


9. Man drinking water at a ‘Colored’ water cooler in streetcar terminal. This photo was taken in Oklahoma City in July of 1939


10. Soldiers wear gas masks while peeling onions at Tobruk, October 15, 1941


11. Children watch in fear as their neighborhood is bombed in Minsk, Belorussia. The bombing took place as a part of Operation Barbarossa, June, 1941


12. John F. Kennedy following his graduation ceremony at Harvard, summer, 1940


13. Captain Walter “Waddy” Young poses with his crew alongside caricatures drawn on their B-29 Superfortress, November 24, 1944


14. Stalin and Churchill at the Livadia Palace during the Yalta Conference in February of 1945


15. Louis and Lucille Armstrong at the Sphinx on January 28, 1961



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