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Corn Fritters Day JULY 16, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Corn Fritters Day

Where would we be without corn fritters? This simple, unassuming dish is comfort food heaven. Add your favorite condiment to a corn fritter and that’s some good eating right there.
So, some bright spark had the great idea to create a very special day of celebration for this humble food favorite, and very creatively called it Corn Fritters Day. Who are we to argue with such a great idea? The more people that eat corn fritters and recognize them for the culinary treat they are, the better!
Corn Fritters Day is a celebration of comfort food and simple cooking. With some corn, egg, flour, milk, and melted butter, anyone can throw together a batch of these side dish favorites. With some creativity, you can add your own favorite ingredients to spice them up or create your very own fritter monstrosity. Sardines and chocolate chips, anyone?

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle.
Usage:His flapjacks were so thin and light that they could have passed for crêpes.


First Test of a Nuclear Weapon (1945)

Called the Trinity test, the first test of a nuclear weapon was conducted by the US in New Mexico on what is now White Sands Missile Range. The detonation of the implosion-design plutonium bomb—the same type used on Nagasaki, Japan, a few weeks later—was equivalent to the explosion of approximately 20 kilotons of TNT, and is usually considered the beginning of the Atomic Age.

Are Human Hands Really More Primitive than Chimp Hands?

When humans think about primate evolution, we tend to picture ourselves at the pinnacle. But could we be overplaying our hands? New research suggests that human hands may actually be more primitive than the hands of other dexterous
primates, like chimpanzees.          

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1790 - The District of Columbia, or Washington, DC, was established as the permanent seat of the United States Government.

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1926 - The first underwater color photographs appeared in "National Geographic" magazine. The pictures had been taken near the Florida Keys.

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1935 - Oklahoma City became the first city in the U.S. to install parking meters. 

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1951 - J.D. Salinger's novel "The Catcher in the Rye" was first published. 

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1969Apollo 11 blasted off from Cape Kennedy, FL, and began the first manned mission to land on the moon. 

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1970 - The Pittsburgh Pirates played their first game at Three Rivers Stadium. 

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1981 - After 23 years with the name Datsun, executives of Nissan changed the name of their cars to Nissan

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2009 - In Chicago, Sears Tower was renamed Willis Tower. 

Born in 1911

Ginger Rogers (born Virginia Katherine McMath in Missouri)
(July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995)

Rogers appeared as the dance partner of Fred Astaire in a number
of classic movie musicals such as Top Hat (1935), and Swing Time
(1936). She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role
in Kitty Foyle (1940). She ranks #14 on the AFI’s 100 Years…100
 list of actress screen legends.

Received in 1969

This is the first close-up image ever taken of Mars. It shows an area
about 204 miles across by 745 miles. 
NASA’S Mariner 4 successfully headed for Mars on Nov. 28. The 574-pound 
spacecraft spent more than seven months traveling to the Red Planet. On
July 14, 1965 Mariner 4 spent just 25 minutes performing observations of
Mars.  In that brief time, it took 21 full pictures that it beamed back to Earth
the next day. The spacecraft’s views would be the first ones beamed back
from another planet.

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If You Were Born Today, July 16

Others tend to be quite fascinated with you. You have a royal bearing and warm approach, yet you keep a certain distance and air of mystery. You are enthusiastic and highly intuitive. Your advice is always welcome as you are exceptionally fair-minded. You most enjoy love relationships that keep you moving, learning, and experiencing life. You are quick to size up a person or situation, and you are typically very accurate in your assessments! Famous people born today: Will Ferrell, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Corey Feldman, Jayma Mays.

Picture of the day
Juglans regia
Unripe nuts of Juglans regia, a species of Old World walnut. Native to the region stretching from the Balkans eastward to the Himalayas and southwest China, it has been introduced to much of Europe and the United States. The nuts of this species are widely consumed.

Picture of a car seeking shade, White Sands, New Mexico
White Hot
Photograph by Elliot Ross, National Geographic

“On a sun-bleached afternoon cresting 100ºF at White Sands National Monument [in New Mexico], I was making my way to the only shade visible,” writes Elliot Ross. “As I approached, out of nowhere these travelers rounded a dune and beat me to it. My frustration melted when I saw how perfectly symmetrical their vehicles made my frame. I took a dozen steps back to highlight the immensity of this surreal landscape. After a few frames, I was on my way to find new shelter.”

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Irrweg pattern by Nicis Strickstube
Diese Spülianleitung enthält u.a. einen Chart für das eigentliche Muster von 45 M x 72 R. Um zu verhindern, dass sich das Stück rollt, schlag bitte einige zu...
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Pocket Ted pattern by Frankie Brown
Pocket Ted is only 8 cm / 3” tall and sleeps in his own knitted bed in a tin. He has pipe cleaners in his arms and legs so he can sit up and he and his bed are k...
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Mary Jane Slippers pattern by Purl Soho
Gauge 20 stitches = 4 inches in Garter stitch on larger needles
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8-square socks - 8 neliön palatossut pattern by Käspaikk...
Gauge and yarn weight don’t matter in these socks. Square sizes are given from infants’ (“vauva”) to mens’ (“miehen”) and the pattern is really easy to resize.
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Gecko Frecko pattern by Raphaela Blumenbunt
Der Gecko wird spiralförmig in Runden gehäkelt. Die geschwungene Form des Körpers ergibt sich durch verkürzt gehäkelte Reihen.
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Crochet Chignon Cover pattern by FreeCraft Unlimited
Baroque Crochet Cotton size 10 by DMC Thread 100% Cotton 416 yards / 75 grams average rating from 125 votes 697 projects, stashed 429 times
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Afternoon Tea Cup and Saucer pattern by Lion Brand Yarn
Throw a playtime tea party with this adorable set. (Lion Brand Yarn)
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Freeform Crochet Blanket pattern by Kirsti Hallamaa
This is a kind of tutorial for my freeform crochet Baby Blanket 2 with birds. It is not a pattern but some instructions for making a freeform blanket and instru...
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stephanie o'dea

CrockPot Jamaican Salmon

I like it when sweet and spicy flavors co-mingle, so I was intrigued by the idea of making a Jamaican dry rub of my own to use on chicken or fish.Cooking fish in your crockpot is super easy, and results in a perfectly cooked, flaky fish, with no icky fish smell - and since you're cooking the fish in foil, the crock is virtually spotless when you're finished; an added bonus.

The Ingredients.

--aluminum foil (go for a good quality, not the cheapy dollar store stuff)
--1 pound thawed or fresh salmon

For the jerk rub:

-- 1/8 t cloves
--1/8 t ginger
--1/8 t nutmeg
--1 t salt
--1 t onion or garlic powder (I used onion)
--2 t white sugar
--1/4 t chipotle chili powder
--1/2 t cayenne pepper (this was TOO much for us. Don't use this much.)
--1/4 t black pepper
--1/8 t thyme
--1/2 t cinnamon

or buy a bottle of Jamaican jerk rub seasoning, and use about 1/4 cup.

The Directions.

Combine all of the spice run ingredients in a bowl. Spread out a length of foil, and put the fish in the middle of it. Rub both sides of the fish with the dry rub. Fold the foil over and make an enclosed packet. If it looks like there is a gap and it might leak fish juice out, use another piece to wrap around, just in case.

Put the foil packet into the crockpot. Do not add any water.

Cover and cook on low for 2 hours. Fish doesn't take long to cook. The fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork.

Serve with rice or pasta and vegetables.

The Verdict.

The salmon cooked perfectly, but the spice rub was way too spicy for me. I needed a big bite of rice with each bite to act as a fire extinguisher. Adam wasn't home to taste it, he'll have the leftovers. I didn't even try to get the kids to eat any---it was much too spicy. BUT! I still liked the flavor---I would definitely use a dry jerk rub again, but use much less cayenne, or leave it out all together and just stick with the chipotle chili powder and the black pepper.



Nautical Inchies


I love inchies, they make a great little art collection, but you can do each of these as a larger art project.

We have a lighthouse theme going.  I have been doing some planning work in my visual journal.


- 6 squares of wc paper, we are doing ours 3" x 3"
- disk tempera paint
- fine black sharpies
- scrap of bubble wrap
- old book page
- yellow oil pastel
- white, black, and red crayon
- white and red scrap paper
- tacky glue
- metal duct tape
- drinking straw
- acrylic paint in white, light brown, and a few bright colours
- coloured sharpies
- cheesecloth
- a little sand
- a few small shells
- letter stamps, printed text from the computer, or hand written
- black mounting paper


Original inchies are 1" x1" but I find that way to small.  I like working with 2", 3", or even 4" squares.

For this project we are using 3" x 3".

Take your first square. Paint the top half with a pale sky blue using tempera disk paint  (white and blue mixed).

Wash your brush out.  Dip in plain water and scrub the paper where the 2 colours meet.  Blot on a paper towel and repeat until you have some white showing and it looks like an ocean wave.

Add some text and a few seagulls drawn in with sharpie.

Take another square.  Paint bright blue with disk tempera.

While the paint is still wet lay a scrap of bubble wrap on top.  Leave on until dry.

Paint half of an old book page.

When the book page is dry turn it over and sketch out a starfish.

Cut out, draw a few circles on it with sharpie.  Using a black crayon colour the edges.  This gives it a nice outline.

Glue onto the blue square with the bubble wrap impression.

On another square sketch out a lighthouse in pencil.

With a yellow oil pastel add the light and glow to the lighthouse.

Colour in the lighthouse with white crayon.  Add some red crayon to the top.

Paint over with purple disk tempera.

Take a kleenex and blot while the paint is still wet.

Paint the rocks black and the water deep blue.

Take another square.  Paint in a sky.

Take a kleenex and lift out a few clouds.

Paint in a green blue ocean.

Using scraps of white and red paper cut out a boat and 2 sails.

With a fine black sharpie add some details.

Paint a square blue.  Before the paint dries sprinkle on some salt.

Take some metal duct tape, using a pencil draw on a fish.

Using coloured sharpies add some colour to the fish.

Cut out.

Brush the salt off the now dry square.

Using white acrylic and a straw add a few bubbles.

Peel backing off fish and stick in place.  Using letter stamps add the word FISH.

Spread some glue on a square and lay on a piece of cheesecloth.

Let dry.

Paint with some sand coloured acrylic paint.

Select a few small shells and add some bright colour with acrylic paint.

Glue some sand onto the square.

Glue on the shells and add some text.

Glue onto some black paper and you're done.




YouTuber “Synirr” had a goldfish named Ada who was having trouble staying upright.


Her imbalance came from complications with the swim bladder—a trait common in goldfish.
This problem prevented Ada from keeping her balance when sitting still; damage normally results in the goldfish sinking to the bottom of the tank, or floating belly up on the top.
Aware of Ada’s plight, her owner was able to make a buoyancy sling to aid the fish!
“She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day” –Synirr, owner
The goldfish still has to be hand fed, struggling to beat out its tank-mates in a mad dash for dinner, but at least she can enjoy the company of the other fish.

"Good Morning" in Maori (Cook Islands) - Kia orana 'i teia popongi

thanks, patty


Stunning Photos Of Geometrical Plants For Symmetry Lovers

earth porm

You might think of math as long, boring and confusing equations, but the truth is that math is intricately bonded with the beauty of nature. As the late Galileo Galilei wrote in his IL Saggiatore, “[The universe] is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures.”
All you have to do is spend some time studying nature to realize just how true this really is. Nature’s creations are some of the most incredible, simply because they are so symmetrical. Take these stunning geometrical plants for instance; each one is a masterpiece of perfection.
For thousands of years, artists, mathematicians and every day people have tried to understand and imitate the seamless geometry created by Mother Nature. During the 4thcentury, Plato spread the ideology that symmetry found in nature was proof of universal forms. Much later, in 1952, Alan Turing wrote a book detailing how he believed these incredible patterns form throughout nature.
Let your own mind wander as you ponder the existence of naturally perfect symmetry while looking at this amazing collection of geometrical plants.

1. Crassula Buddha’s Temple Plant


2. Hoya Aldrichii


3. Flower Petals Resemble Tons Of Tiny Twin Butterflies


4. Aloe Polyphylla

Like an intricate staircase made of aloe…

5. Camelia


6. Romanesco Broccoli Is Delicious, Healthy And Wildly Symmetrical


7. Bright And Beautiful Dahlia


8.Viola Sacculus

This exquisite plant isn’t easy to cultivate but its unique qualities make it well worth the struggle.

9. The Most Perfect Cabbage

Turns out, cabbage isn’t as ‘boring’ as you may have thought…

10. Intricate Amazon Lily Pad


11. Drosophyllum Lusitancium


12. Spiraling Succulent


13. Echinacea


14. The Radiant Symmetry Of A Sunflower


15. Pelecyphora Aselliformis


16. Hoya Kerrii


17. Thinking Cactus

This cactus looks like a brain, or a web of snakes, either way it’s oddly perfect.

18. Passiflora Caerulea


19. Lobelia


20. Hoya Pubicalyx


21. Supreme Symmetrical Perfection


22. Pinecone


23. Araucaria Araucana


24. Monstera Fruit


25. Black And White Dahlia


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