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Gorgeous Grandma Day July 23, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day

Many people around the world say that we do not do enough to honor our elderly. Just as well, then, that days such as Gorgeous Grandma Day exist.
Gorgeous Grandma Day is a time of the year in which we can celebrate the grannies in our lives. Everybody thinks that their grandma is gorgeous – so what could be better than an entire day devoted to acknowledging that fact? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are well known, so Gorgeous Grandma Day is a natural progression.
Now that you know the day exists, hopefully you are already making plans to spend it with your own gran. No matter what your grandmother prefers to do with her time, this is the day in which you can be sure she will have plenty of time to do it – and plenty of people willing to support her.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A list or collection of various items.
Usage:Aglaya's husband was to be a compendium of all the virtues, and of all success, not to speak of fabulous wealth.

Idiom of the Day

have (got) a knack for (something)

 — To be exceptionally proficient at (doing) something.

World Embroidery Day 30 July

celebrate the slowness of stitching and enjoy the company of needle, fabric and thread.


Judit Polgár (1976)

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Polgár is a Hungarian chess grandmaster and by far the strongest female chess player in history. A prodigy from an early age, she won many youth tournaments competing against boys. In 1991, at the age of 15, Polgár became the youngest grandmaster in history at the time, earning the distinction faster than Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. She later became the first woman to be ranked in the top ten in the world, ranking as high as eighth.

The Three Weeks

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The 17th of Tammuz (Shivah Asar b'Tammuz) marks the day on which the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar. The three-week period between this day and the ninth of Av is known in Hebrew as the period Ben ha-Metsarim. It is a time of mourning for the Jewish people. Restrictions include not shaving or cutting one's hair, not wearing new clothes, nor eating fruit for the first time in season. On each of the three Sabbaths during the Three Weeks, a special prophetic passage of the Old Testament, known as a haftarah, is read.

To Avoid Malaria, Try Sleeping with a Chicken at Your Bedside

Malaria, mosquitoes and chicken. That's what Rickard Ignell had on his mind when he conducted his studies in Ethiopia. Malaria is a major health issue in Ethiopia, with about 5 million cases and 70,000 deaths a year.

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1715 - The first lighthouse in America was authorized for construction at Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts. 

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1829 - William Burt patented the typographer, which was the first typewriter. 

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1904 - The ice cream cone was invented by Charles E. Menches during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis,MO

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1958 - The submarine Nautilus departed from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, under orders to conduct "Operation Sunshine." The mission was to be the first vessel to cross the north pole by ship. The Nautilus achieved the goal on August 3, 1958. 

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1962 - The "Telstar" communications satellite sent the first live TV broadcast to Europe. 

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1984 - Miss America, Vanessa Williams, turned in her crown after it had been discovered that nude photos of her had appeared in "Penthouse" magazine. She was the first to resign the title. 


If You Were Born Today, July 23
You are a very curious person, and your mental restlessness can attract a colorful life. Even if you don't move around physically or travel, you are always looking for new adventures of the mind. You are friendly, likable, and you need mental stimulation. Others tend to love your personal "take" on things, and they do enjoy your company. You may need to develop follow-through. You are attracted to unusual people and those who might bring a certain level of intensity or drama into your life. Famous people born today: Woody Harrelson, Slash, Daniel Radcliffe, Philip Seymour Hoffman,  Paul Wesley, Charisma Carpenter.

Pictures of the day

Gall stereographic projection

The Gall stereographic projection is a cylindrical map projection first presented by James Gall in 1855. It is neither equal-area nor conformal but instead tries to balance the distortion inherent in any projection.

Picture of women sitting on the wall of a shrine in Lahore, Pakistan

Box Seats

Photograph by Shah Zaman Baloch, National Geographic 
In Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city, something has caught the attention of these women resting against a brightly painted shrine.

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Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake 
PHOTO: Taste of Homes recipe for Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake.

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When Matthew Tipler from Bend, Oregon, lost the tip of his little finger in an accident—he had it encased in plastic and made into a keychain! -------------------- About half of the people in the world have eyelash mites! -------------------- During the 1991 Gulf War, the American military used toilet paper to camouflage their tanks in the Saudi Arabian desert!


Freshen and deodorize your mattress with baking soda.

20. Freshen and deodorize your mattress with baking soda.
Assuming you don’t have any stains in it, using some baking soda and lavender essential oil will freshen it right up.


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