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Cow Appreciation Day July 12, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

1995 marked the beginning of the cow revolution, when herds of beef cattle everywhere decided to take a stand for the future of the bovine race. Far more intelligent than the others, Heff R. Jones (now known as Eaton Birds) took his limited grasp of his owner’s language and painted “EAT MOR CHIKIN” on a billboard. With this daring move he set in motion a movement among cows everywhere, to encourage us to eat more chicken, so we wouldn’t be eating them. Cow Appreciation Day commemorates Heff (I’m sorry, we mean Mr. Birds) and everything he’s done for cattle-kind.
History of Cow Appreciation Day
Alright, it’s a fun story, but ultimately Cow Appreciation Day was the clever brainchild of the Chik-Fil-A company, creating the story of the daring cow to encourage people to skip their favorite burger joint, and come to their local Chik-Fil-A instead. Little did people know that indulging in this bit of fanciful celebration would introduce them to a fundamental truth about fast food.
There isn’t anything quite as delicious as chicken. Chicken can be prepared any number of ways, but there’s a rich, juicy, light flavor it brings to the table that just beats out beef on every front. Rich marinades, the delicious taste yet healthful taste of grilled chicken, or wings dipped in Barbeque Sauce, however you like it it’s impossible to deny that chicken is an incredibly versatile meat.
Also… It’s not beef, so that makes Eaton happy, and saves cows everywhere one more day. Speaking form a health perspective, chicken is also immeasurably healthier for you, and has been shown to not be a harbinger of quite as many carcinogens as you find in beef. Isn’t that thoughtful? By saving themselves, the cows are saving you. That’s what you call a win-win proposition!
How to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day
Well this is the simplest thing ever, honey! You just find your way down to your local Chik-Fil-A and indulge in a great tasting meal made with tender juicy chicken. While you’re at it, dress up as a cow and you’ll win yourself a free entrée. You might say that Eaton and his crew have been working hard with Chik-Fil-A to make the prospect of eating their feathered (ahem) friends a lot more enticing. Children get free sandwiches, adults get free entrees, and everyone goes away happy on Chicken Eatin… We mean Cow Appreciation Day!

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A musician who plays the vibraphone.
Usage:The singing group hired a vibist to spruce up one of the tracks on their latest record.

Idiom of the Day

go through a phase

 — To experience or be in the midst of a temporary period of change, development, or fluctuation.


Milton Berle (1908)

Berle was an American comedian and the first major US television star. He began acting in vaudeville at age 10 and went on to perform in more than 50 silent films, on radio, and as a nightclub comedian. His great success, however, was as the host of NBC's Texaco Star Theater, which earned him the nickname "Mr. Television." He contributed significantly to the medium's growing popularity, and many are said to have bought TV sets just to watch "Uncle Miltie."

Orange Day

Sometimes referred to simply as The Twelfth, this is the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. In 1668, James II, who was Roman Catholic, was deposed and his throne was given to William of Orange, a Protestant. The Protestants won a decisive victory and formed the Orange Order, committed to maintaining the link with Protestant England. As Irishmen left Ireland and England for the New World, lodges of Orangemen were formed in Canada and the United States, where Orange Day is still observed by Protestant Irish.

2016 Will Be One Second Longer than Expected

No more complaining that there's not enough time to get it all done: On the last day of this year, you'll have a whole extra second to finalize your New Year's resolutions.

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1862 - The U.S. Congress authorized the Medal of Honor. 

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1870 - The first rotary can opener with a cutting wheel was patented by William W. Lyman. 

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1912 - The first foreign-made film to premiere in America, "Queen Elizabeth", was shown. 

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1957 - The U.S. surgeon general, Leroy E. Burney, reported that there was a direct link between smoking and lung cancer. 

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1960 - Manufacturing began for the Etch A Sketch®. 

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1982 - The last of the distinctive-looking Checker taxi cabs rolled off the assembly line in Kalamazoo, MI

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1984 - Democratic presidential candidate Walter F. Mondale named U.S. Rep. Geraldine A. Ferraro of New York to be his running mate. Ferraro was the first woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket. 


If You Were Born Today, July 10
You are quick-witted, enthusiastic, and an eternal explorer. You are often assessing what things are worth, and are generally very good at it - you have good taste and a knack for finding worthwhile and valuable things. You enjoy traveling and learning, and you are forever seeking meaning and truths in life. Although you very much dislike routine, you are also very security-conscious and need to lay down roots. Famous people born today: Jessica Simpson, Arlo Guthrie, Adrian Grenier, Sofia Vergara.

Picture of the day
Halftone is the reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size or in spacing, thus generating a gradient-like effect. Shown here are three examples of color halftoning with CMYK separations. From left to right: The cyan separation, the magenta separation, the yellow separation, the black separation, the combined halftone pattern, and finally how the human eye would observe the combined halftone pattern from a sufficient distance.

Picture of two people crossing a rope bridge in disrepair in northern Pakistan

By a Thread

Photograph by Kieron Nelson, National Geographic 
In northern Pakistan’s Hunza region, travelers cross what’s often called the most dangerous bridge in the world: the Hussaini Hanging Bridge, which looks almost as unforgiving as the landscape around it. “[The bridge] is extremely old and very narrow,” photographer Kieron Nelson writes. “Situated high above [Borit Lake], it is missing many of the original wooden planks.”















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Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life. - Truman Capote

Liu Shengjia has lived alone in the abandoned village of Xuenshanshe, China, for 10 years! -------------------- Sinarapan, the smallest fish eaten as food, are only found in the Philippines and are considered a local delicacy! -------------------- On July 5, 2016, planet Earth was over 3,100,000 miles farther from the Sun than it was on January 2.



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