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United Nations Day October 24, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate United Nations Day

The United Nations, as an organization, is well known to just about everyone around the world. They participate in activities ranging from assistance in times of disaster, both those coming from natural disasters and those caused by the wages of war. They offer medical assistance to those in need in these places, as well as providing clean water, food, and places to rest and recover.
The UN has been represented as both hero and villain depending on which movie or show you wind up watching. United Nations Day celebrates the foundation of this great organization, and is a great opportunity for you to learn the truth about its past, its present, and what its plans are for the future.
In 1945 the foundational treaty of the United Nations came into effect, the United Nations is an intergovernmental organization intent on create co-operation between all the governments of the world. All the member states of the United Nations contribute finances to its operation to help further its goals. Aside from World Peace its role has grown to include protecting human rights, promoting social and economic development, and providing aid around the world in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict.
Celebrations are held around the world can be as simple as lighting up bridges and buildings with the trademark blue of the United Nations, others represent art from around the world and are used as part of an Art Installation.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) An iced cocktail of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar.
Synonyms:rum cocktail
Usage:They knew he was lying about being a bartender when he was unable to correctly mix a daiquiri.

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Idiom of the Day

have rocks in (one's) head

 — To be thoroughly stupid, crazy, absurd, incorrect, etc.

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Annie Edson Taylor, 63, Goes Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel (1901)

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Taylor was a dance instructor who sought fame and fortune by attempting to become the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Days before her attempt, a cat was sent over the falls to test the strength of Taylor's barrel and survived the plunge uninjured. On her 63rd birthday, Taylor was set adrift in her barrel and went over the falls. Shortly thereafter, the barrel was pulled from the water and Taylor emerged—mostly unharmed.

Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1788)

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Hale was an American writer and editor who turned to writing in 1822 as a widow trying to support her family. She edited Ladies' Magazine, the first successful US women's magazine, and then Godey's Lady's Book, with which it merged. As the first female magazine editor, she shaped many of the attitudes and ideas of women of the period. Hale is also credited with helping to make Thanksgiving a national holiday in the US.

Researchers Use Nose Cells to Repair Damaged Knee Joints

In a new approach to treat damage to articular cartilage, Swiss researchers successfully used cells harvested from the nose to engineer grafts to replace damaged knee cartilage in a small group of patients.
Knee Pain. Man suffering from knee pain.
Researchers Use Nose Cells To Repair Damaged Knee Joints

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1632 - Scientist Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek was born in Delft, Holland. He created the first microscope lenses that were powerful enough to observe single-celled animals. 

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1836 - Alonzo D. Phillips received a patent for the phosphorus friction safety match. 

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1931 - The upper level of the George Washington Bridge opened for traffic between New York and New Jersey.

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1939 - Nylon stockings were sold to the public for the first time in Wilmington, DE.

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1940 - In the U.S., the 40-hour workweek went into effect under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. 

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1969 - Richard Burton bought his wife Elizabeth Taylor a 69-carat Cartier diamond ring for $1.5 million. Burton presented the ring to Taylor several days later. 

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1980 - Guinness Book of World Records gave Paul McCartney a rhodium-plated disc for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist. 

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1992 - The Toronto Blue Jays became the first non-U.S. team to win the World Series

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1996 - Berry Gordy, Jr., founder of Motown, received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. 

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2003 - In London, the last commercial supersonic Concorde flight landed.



If You Were Born Today, October 24
Although you don't intend to be, there is something mysterious about you that adds fuel to your considerable, yet quiet, personal magnetism. Your will is quite strong, and you easily hone in on what motivates people. A natural born psychologist, you readily pick up on what makes people "tick". You are not a combative sort, unless you absolutely have to be. You have a strong sense of the "here and now" and where you are in life. Your sense of direction is also remarkable. Your intuition is powerful, and your dedication to the people you love is notable. Impulsiveness is a trait that you may need to tame. Famous people born today: Kevin Kline, Bill Wyman, Ann Edson Taylor, Bob Kane, Melvin Purvis.

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Pictures of the day


Dendrogramma is a monotypic genus of siphonophore identified in 2014 from a collection of specimens gathered in 1986. Although specimens were at first identified as two species, D. enigmatica and D. discoides, these were later shown to represent varieties of a single species. When Dendrogramma was first discovered, it was speculated that the genus could not be classified into any existing phylum. However, examination of RNA material identified it as a siphonophore in 2016. The specimens are presumed to represent parts (bracts) of a larger organism whose entire morphology is unknown.
This diagram, depicting the holotype, was included in the article which first described Dendrogramma.


stargazing-by greg rakozy

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knit, halloween
Halloween Ghost self patterning yarn sock pattern pattern by Abigail Grasso


knit, halloween
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knit, halloween

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crochet, halloween


crochet, halloween


crochet, halloween

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Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken

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apple pie gooey bars
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CRAFTS, halloween
cross stitch pumpkin tutorial


CHILDREN'S CORNER ... halloween cooking

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Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success. - Christopher Lasch

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Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men is used by photographers in the wild to attract tigers, leopards, and jaguars to their cameras. -------------------- Italian Coast Guard members successfully saved a drowning kitten by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! -------------------- Married for 31 years, Warren May and his wife Cheryl were born on the same day, in the same hospital room! Submitted by Cheryl May, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Attorney at law, Mohandas Gandhi, 1893.

Ethnomusicologist Frances Densmore recording the music of a Blackfoot chief onto a phonograph, 1916.

Chester E. Macduffee next to his newly patented, 250 kilo diving suit, 1911.

The opening ceremonies at Woodstock.

This worker in a Van Nuys CA factory in 1944 soon started calling herself Marilyn Monroe

The oldest known photo of The Great Sphinx taken in 1880.

Abraham Lincoln's hearse.  1865.

The Statue of Liberty surrounded by scaffolding as workers complete the final stages in Paris. Circa 1885.

First photo of space
The first photo taken in space from 1946.

Now Extinct Quagga
The only photograph of a living Quagga from 1870.  This species is now extinct

A view of Boston in 1860 taken from a hot air balloon.

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison Chilling
Henry Ford (the founder of Ford Motor Co.), Thomas Edison (inventor of the phonograph, motion picture camera and the practical light bulb), Warren G. Harding (29th president of USA) and Harvey Samuel Firestone (founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.) lounging together.

Mount Rushmore as it appeared in its more natural state.

Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke’s family photo left behind on the moon in 1972

Brighton Swimming Club in 1863.  You can assume the top hats are not part of their everyday swimwear.

JFK and caroline kennedy have a tea party
John F. Kennedy has a tea party with his daughter, Caroline.

Titanic leaves port in 1912.

A ticket for the Titanic
An actual Titanic boarding pass.

Manhattan Bridge construction 1908
Construction of the Manhattan Bridge in 1908.

Construction of the Statue of Liberty 1884
Construction of the Statue of Liberty in 1884.

Disneyland Construction
The construction of Disneyland.

Leo Tolstoy tells a story to his grandchildren in 1909.

Mississippi Steamboats
Steamboats on the Mississippi River in 1907.

Time Square approx. 1911
New York's Times Square in 1911.

Machu Picchu discovery
The first photo following the discovery of Machu Pichu in 1912.

The 1912 World Series.

Lumberjacks in California
Lumberjacks in California
California lumberjacks work on Redwoods.

First McDonalds
The first McDonalds.

Disney Cafeteria
Disneyland employee cafeteria in 1961.

McDonald's Ronald 1963
The original Ronald McDonald -- played by Willard Scott!

great fire and earthquake in San Francisco – April 18th, 1906
The Great San Francisco Fire and Earthquake of 1906.

The last known Tasmanian Tiger photographed in 1933.  The species is now extinct.

Real Samurai
Samurai taken between 1860 and 1880.


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