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Candy Corn Day October 30, 2016

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Candy Corn Day

You either love it or hate it, there’s little variance between the two. Candy Corn, some describe it as waxy and sickeningly sweet, and others just can’t seem to get enough of this seasonal treat. Whether handed out in small packets at Halloween or served in heaping bowls on grandma’s table, Candy Corn is an icon of the season, and you know that Autumn is here when it starts showing up.
In the late 1800’s, George Renniger of the Wunderle Candy Company created this colorful confection to celebrate the beauty of corn, and the deep autumnal colors. During that time winter was a long and cold affair, with electricity not quite having come into common usage. The bright colors of these candies could last throughout, bringing both a visceral joy and a burst of much-needed sugar during the dark time of the year.
It didn’t hurt that the related companies realized that specialized candy for Halloween was becoming increasingly popular, and so more and more styles of Halloween candies became popular throughout the year. Next on the list to be created by Wunderle were the Candy Pumpkins made from Mellocreme. Candy Corn Day is the celebration of this delicious treat, and everything to follow it in years to come.
If you really want to get into the season, you can create candy corn cupcakes, best made from chocolate cake mix and topped with a yellow/orange buttercream frosting. On top of those you would place a ring of candy corn, with a jaunty candy pumpkin at the center. Voila, a holiday treat that can’t be beat!
There’s even candy corn fudge out there, layered in the three colors of candy corn and mimicking the flavor of this delicious treat. These are just a few of the recipes out there, and we encourage you to go out, find more, and share them with friends and family alike! Happy Candy Corning!

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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A protruding abdomen.
Usage:Jim's bride was an excellent cook, and after only a few weeks of marriage, he began to develop a significant paunch.
Kid Friendly Halloween Art

Idiom of the Day

have the better of (someone or something)

 — To have or gain superiority, mastery, or an advantage over someone or something; to have control over someone or something. 

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Ruth Gordon (1896)

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Gordon was an American actress and playwright whose career encompassed more than 70 years of stage and film experience. She made her Broadway debut in 1915 as Nibs in Peter Pan. She wrote many plays and collaborated on many successful screenplays, including Adam's Rib, with her husband, the playwright and director Garson Kanin. She won an Academy Award for her performance in Rosemary's Baby.


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The word diwali means "a row or cluster of lights," and the week-long festivities are illuminated by lamps, fireworks, and bonfires. In northern India, it marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. In the Punjab and Mauritius, Diwali celebrates the coronation of Rama after his conquest of Ravana. The Jains commemorate the death of their great hero, Mahavira, on this day in the city of Pava in Bihar. Diwali is as important to Hindus as Christmas is to Christians. It is celebrated by the world's 500 million Hindus with gift exchanges, fireworks, and festive (typically vegetarian) meals.

Artificial Hand Helps Amputees Feel Just How Hard to Squeeze

A next-generation artificial hand is letting two amputees tell the difference between a soft or firm touch — like holding a child without squeezing too tightly. 
In this photo provided by James Vonderhuevel, Keith Vonderhuevel picks up 2-year-old Allison Vonderhuevel in Sidney, Ohio, using a special prosthetic hand that allowed him to feel sensation so he knew how tightly to squeeze. A next-generation artificial hand is letting amputees tell the difference between a soft or firm touch, another step toward developing prosthetics that can feel, and a natural enough sensation to hold a child without too tight a squeeze. ( James Vonderhuevel via AP)
Artificial hand helps amputees feel just how hard to squeeze

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1894 - The time clock was patented by Daniel M. Cooper of Rochester, NY

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1938 - Orson Welles' "The War of the Worlds" aired on CBS radio. The belief that the realistic radio dramatization was a live news event about a Martian invasion caused panic among listeners. 

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1953 - General George C. Marshall was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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1960 - Surgeon and scientist Michael Woodruff performed the first
successful kidney transplant in the United Kingdom at The Royal
Infirmary of Edinburgh.

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1984 - Barry Manilow opened at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The shows sold out for $1.9 million. Manilow beat the previous record by $100,000 that was held by Diana Ross. 

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1993 - Martin Fettman, America's first veterinarian in space, performed the world's first animal dissections in space, while aboard the space shuttle Columbia. 


If You Were Born Today, October 30
People are instinctively drawn to you, as you are an intriguing person who is sometimes intimidating without intending to be so. This is likely due to your ability to see through any given situation and to read between the lines. You have very focused interests and you naturally and willingly work hard on something you believe in. While your interests are focused, your talents are many and varied. Your emotions, however, sometimes lead you astray. You are a passionate soul, and your wit is sparkling. Famous people born today: Harry Hamlin, Grace Slick, Henry Winkler, Ezra Pound, Charles Atlas, John Adams, Matthew Morrison, Nia Long.

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Pictures of the day

"Precious Metal"

"Precious Metal", a custom built, highly modified variant of the North American P-51 Mustang, racing in the Unlimited Gold Final Heat at the 2014 Reno Air Races. This aircraft runs a Rolls-Royce Griffon engine originally produced for the British Spitfire, and features coaxial contra-rotating propellers.

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Adventurous Stitches pattern by Charles Voth

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Gap Halloween animated GIF

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Snack-o’-Lantern Fruit Cups

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One pot slow cooker meal!

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Sunflower Seed Pie
Sunflower Seed Pie


Freebie: Headless Horseman Halloween Coloring Page

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Witch Hat Halloween Wreath
Upcycle an old snow fence into a sweet Halloween Wreath

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CHILDREN'S CORNER ... halloween
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American Horror Story: Which of These Trailers Is Actually Teasing Season 6?

Nothing can be done except little by little. - Charles Baudelaire

Larvae of the African midge can endure dry and drought like conditions longer than any other known insect, despite living in a tropical climate. Submitted by Dan Paulun, W Lafayette, OH -------------------- A modern Viking saga! Stein Hoff of Gullaug, Norway, age 70, following in the path of his countrymen George Harbo and Frank Samuelson, who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1896, attempted to duplicate their feat in the summer of 2016—solo. He rowed an amazing 3,233 miles in 84 days before stopping short of his goal. -------------------- A traveling Titanic exhibit had to be temporarily shut down after experiencing water damage. Submitted by Dan Paulun, W. Lafayette, OH -------------------- The North Pole is moving, and in the year 2000 it switched from moving west to moving east! Submitted by Dan Paulun, W. Lafayette, OH

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Blue ice...the result of snow falling on a glacier becoming compressed.

Amazing aspects of the world   
Not a branch. It's a mammoth tusk unearthed from the ground.
Amazing aspects of the world
Not Legoland. It's a housing complex in San Buenaventura, Mexico.
Amazing aspects of the world
This looks like a piece of art, but it’s a honeycomb.
Amazing aspects of the world
An infrared photo of a garden.  This is what a bee sees.
Amazing aspects of the world
This giant cactus, Pachycereus weberi, is native to Mexico and southern Arizona.
Amazing aspects of the world
This is what smoking does to your curtains.
Amazing aspects of the world 
The stunning blue-ringed octopus, 
one of the most dangerous marine animals.
Amazing aspects of the world
The Iraqi Marshes: an aquatic landscape in a desert climate.
Amazing aspects of the world
A 27,000-year-old hand print 
discovered on the rocks of an Indonesian island.
Amazing aspects of the world
Looks like a tattoo?
They're scars left after being struck by lightning.
Amazing aspects of the world
Bangledeshians get creative:
a floating bridge made out of dinghies.
Amazing aspects of the world
What a difference a century makes: 
The daily commute, then and now.
Amazing aspects of the world
Lavender and wheat fields grow side by side in perfect harmony.
Amazing aspects of the world
This is the rarely seen ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), a shy 
mountain animal from China that was recently spotted 
for the first time in 20 years.
A rare sight: a sunset and eclipse at the same time.
Amazing aspects of the world
An ice cave formed by volcanic hot springs.
Amazing aspects of the world
Stuyvesant Town is Manhattan's largest apartment complex.
Amazing aspects of the world
Not something you see every day:  lightning and a rainbow.
Amazing aspects of the world
A cloud formation above Lake Michigan in Holland State Park, Michigan.
Amazing aspects of the world
To get an idea of how large the comet 67P/Churyumov - Gerasimenko is, it has been rendered next to a city.

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