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World Ozone Day SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate World Ozone Day

This special day is held on September 16th to mark the day back in 1987 when the Montreal Protocol was signed. As a result, a number of special events such as talks and seminars are held in the Canadian city of Montreal on this day.
World Ozone Day has been celebrated since 1994 and was established by the United Nations General Assembly. The day is mainly intended to spread awareness of the depletion of the Ozone Layer and search for solutions to preserve it. People from all over the world are expected to gather in Montreal on September 16th to join the talks and seminars.
World Ozone Day is also celebrated all around the world. Educators usually set aside this day to teach their students about the Ozone layer and many schools organize special events and activities to raise awareness. This is one event that everyone can experience and enjoy together.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) Depression of spirits from loss of hope, confidence, or courage; dejection.
Usage:He slipped through all the grades of despondency until he reached a bottom of absolute gloom.

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Hans Augusto "H.A." Rey (1898)

Rey and his wife were the creators of the Curious George series of children's books. George, an impish monkey, first appeared in Rey's little-remembered Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys and was so well received that the Reys decided to write an entire book about him. Their work was interrupted by the outbreak of WWII, however, and the Reys, who were Jews, fled Paris hours before it fell to the Nazis, taking with them the illustrated manuscript of Curious George.

National Championship Air Races and Air Show

The National Championship Air Races and Air Show is a four-day nostalgia trip for air buffs, held since 1964 in Reno, Nevada, and providing some 180,000 spectators with the sight and sound of piston-engine planes flying around closed-pylon race courses. The race is the only one in the world that covers all four classes: Unlimited (vintage warbirds and homebuilt racers), AT-6 (World War II pilot trainers), Formula One (super-midget planes), and Biplane (double-winged barn stormers). Air shows of military demonstrations, parachuting exhibits, and military fly-bys are also some of the events.

Even Children on Tricycles Should Wear Helmets, Researchers Say

For the past decade, we've drilled into children that when they ride a bike, they need to wear a helmet. Now scientists say it may be too late: Tricycle riders should be wearing them, too. Think this is a case of safety overkill?

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1620 - The Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England. The ship arrived at Provincetown, MA, on November 21st and then at Plymouth, MA, on December 26th. There were 102 passengers onboard. 

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1630 - The village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston.

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1920 - Enrico Caruso recorded his last work for Victor Records. 

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1953 - "The Robe" premiered at the Roxy Theater in New York. It was the first movie filmed in the wide screen CinemaScope process. 

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1963 - The Beatles single "She Loves You" was released in the U.S. 

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1968 - "The Andy Griffith Show" was seen for the final time on CBS.

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1976 - The Episcopal Church formally approved women to be ordained as priests and bishops.

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1998 - Meryl Streep received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 


If You Were Born Today, September 16

You have great facility with words--for good or for bad! While you can be highly entertaining and witty, sometimes your words bite, and you may come across as too opinionated. However, you are exceptionally kind and helpful to people you love. Security is extremely important to you, and you resist change as a result, preferring the tried and true. You are at once determined and emotional, so that there is a distinct tough side to your nature, yet a deeper, more sensitive and intuitive side as well. You love to learn, and will constantly seek out experiences that add to your knowledge throughout your life. Famous people born today: Lauren Bacall, B. B. King, Peter Falk, Mickey Rourke, Jennifer Tilly, Molly Shannon, David Copperfield, Ian Harding, Amy Poehler, Alexis Bledel.

Picture of the day
Omni Shoreham Hotel
The Shoreham Hotel is a hotel located at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Calvert Street in northwest Washington, D.C. Built in 1930 by local construction company owner Harry Bralove, the building was designed by Waddy Butler Wood. The hotel has also served as an entertainment venue, having been the home of Mark Russell and The Capitol Steps. It is currently owned by Omni Hotels.

Picture of beachgoers from above in Montauk, Long Island

Montauk Moment

Photograph by Clayton Harper, National Geographic 
Long interested in aerial photography, Clayton Harper used a small-scale unmanned aerial craft to capture this vantage of him and his wife at sunset in Montauk, New York. Harper had been waiting for optimal lighting and shadows for other photos when he decided to use the time and equipment to try something new. At the time, his wife was expecting their first child. “I was instantaneously drawn to this new perspective of the relationships between me and my wife, our unborn child, and the earth,” he writes. “In this moment, I saw the forces of our anxiety of the unknown and the excitement of our new baby through the environment we were in.”

Lol send kids outside the classroom to tell someone that they did something great.... I'm outstanding!

Back-to-School Pouch
Knit a pouch that is perfect for school or traveling. The small pockets are just right for tiny treasures. Pouch size: 12 inches tall x 11 inches wide x 2 inches d...
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District 12 Sweater - Patterns | Yarnspirations
Inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, this monochrome sweater is perfect for stylish ladies and teens.
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knit, 0 - 3 mths
Brandywine Baby Cap pattern by KYMaggie
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Libby Cowls pattern by Adele Cutten
Pattern has 2 versions of the cowl, large and small.
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Internet Defense League Cat Signal Hat pattern by Ram W...
The internet is a beautiful thing. You wouldn’t be reading this if there was no internet.
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Crocheted Zig Zag Afghan pattern by Columbia-Minerva
Yarn Requirements: For Columbia-Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 oz. skeins) * 12 colors For Columbia-Minerva Nantuk 4 Ply Knitting Yarn (Knitting Worsted...
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dog biscuits
Dog biscuit recipe

stephanie o'dea

You Can Make Shrinky Dinks in the CrockPot!

Oh this is so much fun.The last time I made Shrinky Dinks, I was in second grade. I now own a second grader. This realization was rather startling.

The Ingredients.
--box of Shrinky Dinks---found readily in most craft and drug stores. I found ours at Walgreens while I was buying yummy-scented candles. Because they make me happy.
--colored pencils (the box comes with some, but we liked ours better)

The Directions.

I plugged the crockpot(s)---I ended up plugging in 3 because we made so many---on the counter to preheat on high and we got to work coloring and cutting the plastic. The plastic can be sharp; I'd recommend an adult do the cutting.

Put the cut out plastic shape into the crockpot. If the crockpot is fully hot, it will begin to shrink right in front of you---it will curl, fold up a bit and create either jubilance or tears. But then it flattens and is fine, and tears will turn to glee.

Remove the little piece of shrunken plastic with a spoon or spatula. If it hasn't fully shrunk, the piece will stick a bit to the bottom of the crock. This alarmed me, and I pushed it around a bit with the spoon, but I think that wasn't necessary. They seem to un-stick on their own when the shrinking process is complete--the longest piece took about 10 minutes. If the crockpot isn't fully heated, it will take longer.

The Verdict.

I can't remember the last time the girls and I had so much fun working together on a project. This craft is a great age-equalizer. Both my almost 4 and almost 7 year old could work side-by-side without competition or any worry about "doing it right"----I colored a few, too, and it was a lovely afternoon. I will definitely make these again.

I liked the crockpot rather than the oven, because the kids could sit on the counter and watch them shrivel, and I could poke at them with a spoon (probably not necessary, but it made me happy). I didn't use the crockpot cover, and we all peered in without fear of great bodily harm.

A-plus craft.

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin

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"Welcome" in Armenian [Western] (Armenia) [inf.] - Pari yegas

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Nails - Prevent Nail Polish from Drying Shut

This could be you! Debunking a myth that you can't go back to school as an adult.


Animals Posing For The Camera Like Professional Models

earth porm

Models know how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and pose for the camera, and that’s why they get paid to look pretty and wear great clothes. Turns out animals are better at modeling than most humans, and they don’t need to attend any fancy classes to learn how to work it for the camera. So the next time you’re trying to look your best in a picture just channel these animals posing and you can’t go wrong.
These animals posing for the camera are way too sexy for their fur, and they know it!

1. Strike A Pose!


2. This Kangaroo Is Too Cool For School


3. I’m Ready For My Magazine Spread!


4. The Perfect ‘Come Hither’ Face


5. Paint Me Like On Your French Girls


6. Do You Have Tickets… Tickets To The Gun Show?


7. She’s Sexy And She Knows It


8. Been Working On This Face For Years


9. Check Out Those Bunny Buns!


10. This Tree Model Shows Us How It’s Done


11. This Squirrel Was Born To Model


12. Photograph Me Here On My Purple Throne


13. Duck, Duck, Model


14. Meet Stella “The Sexy Seductress”


15. This Foxy Feline Considers This One Of Her Favorite Poses Of All Time

His owner writes, “My cat Dave does this all the time.”

16. Look Back At It


17. I Know Why You’re Tired… You’ve Been Thinking Of Meow All Day


18. Can’t Touch This!


19. Jungle Beauty


20. Plus Size Model Works It On The Beach


21. You Fancy


22. The Coolest Cat On The Block


23. Mommy Gorilla Has A Camera-Ready Grin!


24. King Of The Selfie

Smile - Crested Macaque (Macaca Nigra)

25. Miss Alaska


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  1. Didn't realize the Capitol Steps had a home...thought they were just wandering jesters! Great animal posers:)