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Panic Day MAR 9, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Panic Day

It was Rudyard Kipling who penned the immortal lines: ‘If you can keep your head, while all around are losing theirs… you’ve probably forgotten it’s Panic Day’.
Imagine a whole day devoted to what most of us do every morning, at least Monday to Friday. With deadlines looming, alarm clocks failing and traffic jamming, panic comes naturally, yet we’re expected to quell our natural urges, take a deep breath and carry on regardless. No more!
Panic Day is the day to let rip and succumb to the terror, giving free reign to this much suppressed emotion. Flap your arms and scream, run around in circles, if it helps, or just stay in bed quivering with your head under the pillow.
Be sure to spread the holiday spirit to friends, family and colleagues, too. A good panic is contagious. However you celebrate Panic Day, you’ll feel better for it.

Word of the Day


Definition:(verb) To calm in temper or feeling; soothe.
Usage:She was so outraged that nothing her friends said could mollify her anger.


Conscientious Objectors

A conscientious objector is a person who, due to religious or moral principles, refuses to participate in military service. The concept has been present in different forms since the beginning of the Christian era. Political opposition to conscription, such as that maintained by many during the Vietnam War, is usually considered a separate category. 

1454 - Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence, Italy. Matthias Ringmann, a German mapmaker, named the American continent in his honor

1793 - Jean Pierre Blanchard made the first balloon flight in North America. The event was witnessed by U.S. President George Washington

1822 - Charles M. Graham received the first patent for artificial teeth.

1832 - Abraham Lincoln announced that he would run for a political office for the first time. He was unsuccessful in his run for a seat in the Illinois state legislature. 

1858 - Albert Potts was awarded a patent for the letter box. 

1897 - A patent was issued to William Spinks and William Hoskins for cue chalk. 

1905 - In Egypt, U.S. archeologist Davies discovered the royal tombs of Tua and Yua. 

1954 - WNBT-TV (now WNBC-TV), in New York, broadcast the first local color television commercials. The ad was Castro Decorators of New York City. (New York

1959 - Mattel introduced Barbie at the annual Toy Fair in New York. 

1964 - Production began on the first Ford Mustang. 

1985 - "Gone With The Wind" went on sale in video stores across the U.S. for the first time. 

1990 - Dr. Antonia Novello was sworn in as the first female and Hispanic surgeon general. 

If You Were Born Today, March 9

You are an imaginative person who is also resolute and determined, so you can go very far in life. There are many extremes in your nature, and you tend to go through a lot of ups and downs on an emotional level. You often have impulsive mood changes. Love improves when you learn to be a little less accommodating. Your career is extremely important to you, and you are likely to be very successful. Self-mastery is a goal, and you are always searching for ways to improve and grow. Famous people born today: Bobby Fischer, Juliette Binoche, Raul Julia, Chaske Spencer.

Picture of strobe rockets lighting up the sky in Mason City, Iowa

Rocket Land

Photograph by Kevin Kunstadt
Strobe rockets light up the night sky in Mason City, Iowa. Mason City is home to the Iowa Thunderstorm, the Pyrotechnics Guild International’s small fireworks convention.


happy blanket pattern by Camilla Gugenheim
I was so happy making this blanket that I’ve called it Happy Blanket. It is very easy once you’ve got the hang of it and then the only work is deciding which...
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Very Easy Ripple Shawl (Knit) pattern by Lion Brand Yarn
Lion Brand Pattern #: kms-rippleshawl
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Venezia Pullover (W208) pattern by Jamie Besel
Interesting lace pattern with bell shaped sleeves and boat neck.
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Not boring bow ring pattern by Lily Leprovaux
Lambswool by Phildar Fingering / 4 ply 51% Wool, 49% Acrylic 146 yards / 50 grams average rating from 362 votes 2282 projects, stashed 1257 times
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Craftapalooza: scrappy crochet weave scarf
Original name hey! This scarf is super simple and my current favourite to wear. I saw this idea at Calico & Ivy here in Perth and made up my own. The details....
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crochet, blanket
LW1372 First Love
Skill Level: Beginner Adorable layette to wrap your precious new little one for first trip home. Designed by Mary Jane Protus. Cardigan directions are for ...
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crochettoddler to adult
Bev's Marvelous Mittens
Free crochet mitten pattern - children through adults sizes
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Shaker-Inspired Rug pattern by Lion Brand Yarn

Shaker-Inspired Rug pattern by Lion Brand Yarn
Rug is crocheted in a long strip, then sewed together to make a circle. Classic Shaker-inspired design works with all styles of home decor. (Lion Brand Yarn)
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My Hobby Is Crochet: Crochet Cable Headband Easy fit - F...
Start the rows with chainless starting dc. I wrote the pattern with ch3 at the beginning of rows. Row 3 : ch 3, 1 dc into same st, 1 dc in each of next 4sts, 2 dc i...
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thanks, heide

microwave for 3 minutes (so it's easier to cut)
put face down in water
bake at 350 for 1 hour
test for done-ness (fork in skin)

saute bacon and towel drain
save grease
slice brussels sprouts, chopped onions and mushrooms
saute vegetables in bacon grease

when squash is cool, fork out the insides
combine all(grease, veggies and squash)
crumble the bacon with a teaspoon of butter

bake at 350 for 30 minutes

crockpot recipe
stephanie o'dea
Absolutely Crazy CrockPot Turkey
I got adventurous yesterday. I don't really know what came over me, but I was feeling brave and went out on a This was a real recipe by a real chef guy that is served in a real restaurant.

The Ingredients.

--1 1/4 pounds turkey breast cutlets
--8.5 oz jar sun dried tomatoes, drained and rinsed
--2 oz can anchovies, drained and rinsed (even though 2 cans are pictured, I only used 1)
--6 slices of bacon (I used turkey)

The Directions.

I used a 6.5 quart crockpot. Anything over 3 quarts would work just fine.

Spread the bacon on the bottom of your crockpot. Rinse off the anchovies, and lay them on top. Add the turkey cutlets; it's okay if they overlap.

Rinse off a bit of the oil from the sun dried tomatoes, and add it on top of the turkey. Cover and cook on low for 5 to 6 hours (this was in a not-very-full 6.5 quart, so if you are using a smaller pot, it will take longer).

The Verdict.

I served this with polenta that I JUST YESTERDAY perfected in the rice cooker. Yay! (1 cup cornmeal, 3 cups chicken broth, 1 T butter---after cooking cycle, take the lid off, stir, and let sit for about 5 minutes. delicious.) 
The combo of the smoky and slightly salty turkey with the acidity and tang of the sun dried tomatoes was crazy-good. I didn't eat the bacon or the anchovies, I just used them for flavor. I'm the only one who ate this. I ate 2 1/2 servings, and will gladly eat leftovers for lunch. Apparently if you announce you're making something with anchovies for dinner, people seem to want to prepare something all on their own.All said? I'm pretty darn happy with this recipe.


CHILDREN'S CORNER ... craft: 'Express Yourself'

Envelope Emotions



How are you feeling today?


'where's the bathroom?' in Chinese (Cantonese) - chisó hái bīndouh a?

The latest works 55

There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. - Jane Austen


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Pet me . . . ?

Charts that illustrate how to pet certain animals and creatures


  1. "If" was one of the poems my grandfather used to recited to me when I was a child...even though I was a girl:) There's always something that resonates with me in Diane's Corner.

  2. I guess the teeth George Washington weren't patented:(