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Dress in Blue Day MAR 6, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Dress in Blue Day

The idea for ‘Dress in Blue Day’ was originally come up with by Anita Mitchell, a stage IV colon cancer survivor who had lost a close friend and her own father to the disease. Greatly saddened by the fact that both of those tragedies could have been prevented, Ms. Mitchell saw a need to bring greater awareness to a cancer not many people wanted to discuss. So, in 2006, she worked with her children’s school to coordinate a recognition day. That very year in March, students who normally had to wear uniforms to class were allowed to wear a blue outfit of their choice, if only they made a $1 donation to colon cancer awareness.

Anita then brought the ‘Dress in Blue Day’ concept to the Colon Cancer Alliance. With its actions, the Colon Cancer Alliance hopes to encourage people to become more interested in the potentially fatal threat that is colon cancer, by for example getting screened regularly in hopes of being able to detect any warning signs before the situation becomes much more serious. Diagnosis of cases of colorectal cancer through screening tends to occur 2-3 years before diagnosis of cases with symptoms, and thus screening has the potential to reduce colon cancer deaths by 60%. It has been found, in fact, that most colorectal cancers should be preventable altogether, through increased surveillance and lifestyle changes, such as simple diet changes or an increase in the amount of physical activity an individual does, which makes prevention a truly important aspect.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) An unforeseen event that disrupts the normal course of things; an inopportune occurrence.
Usage:His cross-country tour had its full share of comic contretemps.


Gallaudet University Students Demand Deaf President

When their existing president resigned in 1987, students at Gallaudet University, a liberal arts university for the deaf in Washington, DC, began campaigning for a deaf successor to the post, which had never been held by a deaf person. When the school's board selected a hearing candidate on March 6, 1988, students began to protest and issued four demands, including the immediate naming of a new deaf president and the resignation of the chair of the board.


Among the world's most celebrated artists, Michelangelo was one of the foremost figures of the Renaissance. The marble David, completed before his 30th birthday, is a sculptural masterpiece, and his paintings in the Sistine Chapel are among the most influential frescoes in the history of Western art. A true "Renaissance man," he also was an architect and poet and wrote hundreds of sonnets and madrigals. 

Feast of Excited Insects

Known as Gyeongchip in Korea and as Ching Che in China, the Feast of Excited Insects marks the transition from winter to spring. It is the day when the insects are said to come back to life after hibernating all winter. In China, it is the day when "the dragon raises his head," summoning the insects back to life, and people perform various rituals designed to prepare for the onslaught. In Korea, this is one of24 days in the lunar calendar that marks the beginning of a new season. Farmers prepare their fields and begin planting their barley, cabbage, and other vegetables.

"First Human" Discovered in Ethiopia

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans. The 2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged. 

1808 - At Harvard University, the first college orchestra was founded.
1834 - The city of York in Upper Canada was incorporated as Toronto.
1899 - Aspirin was patented by German researchers Felix Hoffman and Hermann Dreser.
1962 Frank Sinatra recorded his final session for Capitol Records in Hollywood.
1981 - Walter Cronkite appeared on his last episode of "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite." He had been on the job 19 years. 
1985 - Yul Brynner played his his 4,500th performance in the musical "The King and I." 
1997 - A gunman stole "Tete de Femme," a million-dollar Picasso portrait, from a London gallery. The painting was recovered a week later.

Robert “Rob” Reiner is 68 years old today.
Rob Reinernow


The Temptations went to the top of the singles chart with the Smokey 
Robinson penned "My Girl", making the group the first male act to have 
a chart topper for Motown Records.


If You Were Born Today, March 6

You are an exceptionally hard-working individual who possesses much devotion and dedication to whatever you do. You seek balance, harmony, and beauty in your life; and you work tirelessly to achieve these things. Responsible and concerned, you do what is expected of you and more. You are gifted in the arts, but you never dismiss practical concerns. You can be driven by the fear of lacking, and you never forget your roots. Famous people born today: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Rob Reiner, Shaquille O'Neal, Ed McMahon, Tom Arnold, Connie Britton, Ellen Muth.

Picture of light striking the South Rim of the Grand Canyon before dawn

Light in Winter

Photograph by David Stoker, National Geographic 
Predawn sunlight strikes the South Rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon in this picture. “A cold winter storm had passed through the region the day prior,” writes photographer David Stoker. “I had driven to the Grand Canyon in anticipation of the storm. I remember the morning being particularly cold as I hiked along the rim awaiting the arrival of the sun. The skies were still overcast, but a small break in the clouds allowed a single ray of sunlight to shine through, illuminating a small portion of the butte below.”


Red Skies at Night pattern by Saccade Elyse
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Charlotte pattern by Susie Comyns
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Hlekkir pattern by Hildur Ýr Ísberg
Hlekkir is a pattern for winter mittens. The name is in Icelandic and means “links on a chain”.
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Crocheted Sewing Basket

you need an h crochet hook, a bit of yarn (I used red heart super saver yarn), button cover kit, fabric, needle, thread, cardboard (use two sides of a cereal box) & scissors.

pattern for box
ch 2, 7 sc in 2nd chain from hook, join with slp st. ch 1, do not turn (here & through out the pattern)
2sc in each st around, join with slp st. ch 1
2sc in same st as joined, 1 sc in next st, 2sc in next st, repeat around. join with slp st, ch 1.
2sc in same st as joined, *1 sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in next stitch,* repeat * to * around. ch 1.
for each row, continue to follow previous step, increasing the highlighted number each round.
crochet until there are 8 rounds.

sc in back loop of every stitch around, join, ch1
sc in both loops of each stitch around, join, ch1
repeat until there are 11 rows total, bind off.

pattern for lid:
repeat first part of box pattern until there are 9 rounds.
repeat second part of box pattern until there are 4 rows,
to make loop:  *count out the stitches in a row for the top, divide by two*.  sc in each stitch until ** is reached, ch 8 & join with slp stitch in previous sc.  continue to sc around, join, & bind off leaving a 5 inch tail.

place lid on top of box with back seams together & use the tail to secure 6 stitches to the 7th row of the box to create hinge.
cover button, find placement, sew.
cut two circles from cereal box big enough to fit in the bottom of the basket.  Cut fabric 1 inch bigger than circle.  Use needle to sew running stitch around.  place circles in middle of fabric, gather, tie to secure.  place in the bottom of the box.  Secure by sewing it to the bottom with a few stitches, but it isn't necessary.

thank you, heide .. yum

(usually put on buns .. or rice)

-saute sliced carrots, celery and red peppers
-add garlic
-add chopped meat (beef, chicken, turkey)
-mix in a can of tomato paste and a little water
-mix in a can of mexican tomatoes (with chilies)
-add dash of Worcestershire sauce

crockpot recipe
stephanie o'dea

You Can Use Your CrockPot as a Rice Cooker

What if you need to cook a whole bunch of plain rice and don't have an available stove burner? What if you don't own a rice cooker? What if you decided to cook in your crockpot every single day for a year and were feeling rather full of stew and soup? You could make rice. Plain, old, perfectly steamed rice - in your crockpot.

The Ingredients:
--1T butter
--1 cup white basmati rice (I'm listing this kind because that is what I used. I would imagine that any kind of white or brown rice would work, but I haven't actually tried any other out yet.)
--2 cups water
--pinch of salt

The Directions:

--rub butter on the inside of your crockpot stoneware
--put in rice
--stir in water and salt
--cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours, checking every 45 minutes or so.

I cooked the above batch for 2 hours, 15 minutes and checked on it twice.

The Verdict:

Fluffy, lovely rice. I'm interested in trying this with larger quantities of rice and with different varieties.


'where's the bathroom?' in Arabic (Moroccan) - fīn kein lbīt lma? 

“Cut!” at Evergreene by Philippe Decrauzat


All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name. - Andre Breton

CHILDREN'S CORNER ... coloring



An Alphabet of Animals Carved from Crayons and Other Miniature Pencil Works by Diem Chau

Armadillo, Boy, Cat, Dove, Elephant, Frog
Girl, Handstand, Iguana, Jellyfish, Koala, Ladybug
Manatee, Nautilus, Owl, Penguin, Quail, Rabbit, Seahorse
Tiger, Urchin, Viper, Wolf, Xiphosura (Horseshoecrab), Yoga, Zebra

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