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World Farm Animal Day OCTOBER 2, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate World Farm Animal Day

Farm animals are cute, and they also play an important role in modern society. Take some time to appreciate them this World Farm Animals Day. Created in memory of Ghandi, who believed in treating all living beings with respect, World Farm Animals Day was founded to highlight the poor conditions suffered by some farm animals, and promote awareness in the hope something may be done to improve their lives.
While World Farm Animals Day has an important, and sad, origin, in the sense it was created to raise awareness of suffering, it can be celebrated in different ways with children. Taking children for a visit to a farm is a great way to teach them about farm animals, and it’s a good chance to instill in them the message of treating animals with respect. Another great way to celebrate is by donating to an animal protection charity of your choice.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another.
Usage:When the wealthy businessman named his son as heritor of his estate, he could not have known that the boy would squander the inheritance on silly moneymaking schemes.


Pasilalinic-Sympathetic Compass Demonstrated (1851)

French occultist Jacques Toussaint Benoit's pasilalinic-sympathetic compass was a contraption developed based on his belief that when two snails touch, they create a telepathic bond. His "snail telegraph" contained 24 snails, each associated with an individual letter of the alphabet as well as with a snail counterpart in a second device. One could theoretically transmit a message by touching the snails, eliciting reactions from their counterparts.

Charles Albert of Sardinia (1798)

The complex and controversial king of Sardinia-Piedmont from 1831 to 1849, Charles Albert helped inspire the growing drive for Italian independence. In 1848, the spread of revolutionary ideas forced him to grant a constitution. Seeking to lead the liberation of Italy, he went to war with Austria that same year, and again in 1849, but was twice defeated. After abdicating in favor of his son, he went into exile and soon died.

Guardian Angels Day

As early as the ninth century, a day was set aside to honor angels in general and the archangel Michael in particular. This was September 29, the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels or Michaelmas. But some people, believing that a particular angel is assigned to watch over each human being, wanted to honor their own personal protectors or guardian angels. A feast in their honor observed in 16th-century Spain was extended to the whole church by Pope Paul V in 1608, and, in 1672, Pope Clement X set October 2 as the universal day for the festival.

Baby Born without a Complete Skull Defies the Odds

Jaxon Buell was born without a large part of his skull and brain. Doctors told Brandon and Brittany Buell their son wouldn't live past a few weeks. In August, the family celebrated his first birthday.

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1836 - Charles Darwin returned to England after 5 years of acquiring knowledge around the world about fauna, flora, wildlife and geology. He used the information to develop his "theory of evolution" which he unveiled in his 1859 book entitled The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

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1869 - Mahatma (Mohandas) K Gandhi was born. He was known for his advocacy of non-violent resistance to fight tyranny.

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1925 - Scottish inventor John Logie Baird completed the first transmission of moving images. 

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1947 - The Federatino Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) formally established Formula One racing in Grand Prix competition. 

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1950 - "Peanuts," the comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz, was published for the first time in seven newspapers. 

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1959 - "The Twilight Zone" debuted on CBS-TV. The show ran for 5 years for a total of 154 episodes. 

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1967 - Thurgood Marshall was sworn in. He was the first African-American member of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

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1986 - The Everly Brothers were given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 


If You Were Born Today, October 2

You thrive on companionship, especially the one-on-one kind. For the most part, you are quite comfortable in a supporting role, and possess an understated charm. Although tactful and caring, you also enjoy displaying your intellect, and there are times when you might try to score intellectual points, and regret it if you've hurt someone else's feelings in the process! The thing is, you accept nothing at face value, and that combined with your perceptiveness endows you with a very interesting and intelligent perspective that others respect. You are spiritually inclined, well-respected, and popular. Famous people born today: Mahatma Gandhi, Groucho Marx, Graham Greene, Johnny Cochrane, Kelly Ripa, Sting, Tiffany.

Picture of the day
Chamberlin trimetric projection
The Chamberlin trimetric projection is a map projection where three points are fixed on the globe and the points on the sphere are mapped onto a plane by triangulation. It was developed in 1946 by Wellman Chamberlin for the National Geographic Society. It is neither conformal nor equal-area, but rather attempts to minimize distortion of distances everywhere with the side-effect of balancing between a real equivalence and conformality.

Picture of a heron standing in a river in Yokohama, Japan


Photograph by Arthur Matsuo, National Geographic
In Yokohama, Japan, a white heron stands resolute against a rush of river water. Arthur Matsuo noticed the unwavering waterfowl while exploring his new neighborhood. “In one of those explorations,” he writes, “walking along the border of a small river that runs across the area, I saw the heron standing still in the middle of the shallow but turbulent waters. Observing that the bird remained immobile, I pointed the camera [at] it and used a slow shutter speed to highlight the contrast between the motionless heron and the chaotic movement of the water. It is really amazing how many interesting and beautiful scenes we can find just around our homes.”

Mittens to Fit pattern by Slavi Thomsen
These mittens will fit your hands. I came with the idea of decreasing the number of stitches already at the bottom of the index finger in order to create mitte...
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knit, preemie - adult
Luuk pattern by Annis Jones
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knit 0-6 mths


Barn Bag pattern by inthepink
A handy little bag for storing or toting small things. I use it for bringing treats to my horses when I visit the barns - hence, the name “barn bag”. Also good fo...
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Sundara Jacket pattern by Margret Willson
Shown in: 0006 Berry Frappe
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crochet halloween
Nerdigurumi - Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns with lov...
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Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set pattern by Ta...
I found a great way to get the wiggly crochet look, but in the round! I’m not sure if it’s officially “wiggly crochet” anymore, but it definitely uses the same...
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stephanie o'dea

CrockPot Honey Cake Recipe

I messed this up completely. The cake was rising properly, smelled delicious, and was brown and pulling away from the sides of the crock. The top was still pretty jiggly, so I felt comfortable leaving it for 45 minutes on high while we went to swim lessons. I came home to a horrible burnt-cake smell. The top and middle was okay, but I threw the rest away. 

That said! If I had taken the lid off, and watched it for about 30 minutes, I think this would have been wonderful.

The Ingredients.
--2 1/2 cups all purpose flour (I used Pamela's baking mix. I DID add the additional baking powder and soda, and would recommend doing so.)
--2 tsp baking powder
--2 tsp cinnamon
--1/2 tsp baking soda 
--1/2 tsp salt

--1/2 tsp cloves
--3 eggs, room temperature
--1 cup honey 
--1 cup sugar

--1 cup oil
--1/2 cup coffee
--1/4 cup water 

The Directions.

I used a 4 quart round crockpot. The batter fit nicely.

Grease and flour the inside of your crockpot. In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients, and then add the wet. 

Mix on high speed for 2 minutes.
 Pour into your prepared crockpot. 

Cover, but vent with a chopstick or the end of a wooden spoon.

Cook on high for 2 hours, then check. When the cake is beginning to pull away from the sides of the crock, uncover and continue to cook on high, checking every 20 minutes. The cake will be moist, but a toothpick should come out clean.

The Verdict.

Other than the horribly burnt parts, this was very tasty, and I enjoyed it a lot. J

Fall in Love with Fall

pottery barn vase filler craft projects
Its that time of year again when everywhere you look, the rich colors of autumn abound….if you live anywhere but Southern California, that is!  Unfortunately for us, palm trees stay green and lawns aren’t littered with gorgeous crimson,  rust or gold falling leaves.  So, what’s a girl to do to bring in the fall season?  Get crafting, that’s what!
After last holiday season, I picked up some clearance items from Pottery Barn in preparation for decorating this year.  Among my finds were life-like acorns and preserved leaves in gorgeous hues for only $2.97 a box!  There is so much you can do with these simple vase fillers!  

Leaf Coasters

photo coaster project pottery barn vase filler leaves

What you need:
  • a set of photo coasters
  • preserved, or artificial, leaves
  • tweezers
  • scotch tape
Here’s what you do:
photo coaster project pottery barn vase filler leavesphoto coaster project pottery barn vase filler leaves
  1. Choose  four different leaf shapes in four different colors, selecting leaves that are comparable in size to that of your photo coaster insert.
  2. Lay your selected leaf on the card stock insert to position.  If your leaves extend beyond the edges of the card stock, use scotch tape to wrap the tips around and secure to the backside.
  3. Using tweezers, gently slide the card stock into the plastic insert, being careful not to wrinkle or damage the secured leaf.
Photo coasters can be found at many stores.  These have a very simple design and were given to us as a wedding gift.  They can be found at Crate and Barrel for $20 for a set of four.


Click with left mouse button on 2 of the same kind. Prepare the orders that are on the conveyor belt first.
Mahjong Burger


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. - Helen Keller



From our latest book, 5 of our favorite stories proving cats just do whatever they want and you can’t stop them.


A luxury black cat took a 120 MILE (193 km) train trip from Southampton, England all the way to Cardiff, Wales by clinging to the bottom of the train the whole time.
Dramatic Cat Train Stare


A cat in  Arizona  decided to climb a 30 foot saguaro cactus in the desert. Oh, then our cat daredevil STAYED there for THREE DAYS before calmly moseying off; Presumably to walk on hot coals just because she can. This hedgehog and cat helped me have a recreation/dramatization. 
Cat sits on spiky thing


In  Qingdao, China  an owner left his birdcage open and his cat jumped in. But instead of doing anything malicious, the cat made some new playmates! This isn’t unheard of, but it sure is both rare and adorable…
Cat with chicks
…every time.


In  Boston, Massachusetts, Sugar decided to explore what’s outside his window.
He didn’t really think it through, seeing as he fell 19 stories from the high-rise he lived in! The amazing part is he walked away with no broken bones, cuts. On the other hand, I think I sprained my ankle walking up stairs last weekend.
Anakin was born without his hind legs  or even a pelvis, but that didn’t slow this kitten down! He uses his front two legs to walk and his tail to balance. He plays just like every other kitten.

Cat with chicks
…every time.

"Welcome" in Czech (Czech Republic) - Srdechne vitam

Cleaning - White Bread as Glass Magnet


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