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Apple Day OCTOBER 21, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Apple Day

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Apple Day, then, celebrates our favorite humble fruit. Take part by eating apples in as many ways as you can imagine, and sharing with your friends. Make an apple pie, bake an apple tart, or just eat a mountain of apples!

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A person used by another as a dupe or tool.
Usage:He was humiliated to learn that he had been made a cat's-paw in the businessman's unscrupulous dealings.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772)

One of the most versatile and influential figures in the English Romantic movement, Coleridge was a poet and critic who perfected a sensuous lyricism in his poetry that was echoed by many later poets. His most famous works include "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Kubla Khan." Known for his influential lectures on Shakespeare, he later wrote Biographia Literaria, the most significant work of general literary criticism of the Romantic period.

Chung Yeung

A Chinese holiday, Chung Yeung is the second family-remembrance day of the year. It's customary, as on the festival of Qing Ming, for families to visit the graves of ancestors, tend their gravestones, and make offerings of food, which are eaten after the ceremonies are completed. It's also traditional on this day for people to go to the hills for picnics and kite-flying, which stems from traditional lore that holds that kites can convey bad luck up into the sky. It is a public holiday in some places, including Hong Kong and Macau.

Couple Cancels Wedding Last Minute, Invites Homeless

After a California couple called off their wedding, the bride-to-be's family decided to turn the $35,000 extravagant event into a feast for the homeless

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1849 - The first tattooed man, James F. O’Connell, was put on exhibition at the Franklin Theatre in New York City, NY

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1858 - The Can-Can was performed for the first time in Paris. 

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1918 - Margaret Owen set a typing speed record of 170 words per minute on a manual typewriter. 

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1927 - In New York City, construction began on the George Washington Bridge. 

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1959 - The Guggenheim Museum was opened to the public in New York. The building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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1964 - The movie musical "My Fair Lady" made its world premier in New York. 

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1975 - Elton John received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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1998 - Cancer specialist Dr. Jane Henney became the FDA's first female commissioner. 

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If You Were Born Today, October 21

You are progressive and possess much dynamism and enthusiasm. Your life is characterized by emotional ups and downs, and you are a sensitive person who picks up much--perhaps too much--from your environment. At times you feel overloaded, but your will is strong and you are extremely resilient. In fact, you can be greatly stubborn at times! Highly magnetic, your communication skills are notable. You could be a natural teacher. Famous people born today: Carrie Fisher, Patti Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Kim Kardashian.

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Picture of the day
Exeter College Chapel
An interior view of the chapel at Exeter College, Oxford. Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and constructed between 1854 and 1860, it was heavily inspired by the Sainte-Chapelle chapel in Paris.

Picture of a team of synchronized swimmers underwater

Fluid Movement

Photograph by Jonathan Yeap
Synchronized swimmers, like this team shown practicing in Singapore, are known for their sharp, precisely timed moves. But Jonathan Yeap, who submitted this photo, was intrigued by the contrast he saw beneath the water’s surface: graceful, individual movement, each swimmer’s posture different from the next.

knit, halloween
Bat on a Hat pattern by Laura Bain
You’ll knit this spooky themed hat for that up-coming Halloween bash, but then love it so much you’ll keep wearing it. Bat is added after knitting using a Du...
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knit, 6 mths 


Panda Pearl Inner Truth Cowl

crochet, halloween
6 mths - 10 yrs

Crochet Noise Maker Toy

Easy crocheted wall organizer
Free crochet tutorials
Tutorials for the projects designed by zarazacrochet
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Creamy CrockPot Apple Oatmeal

Oatmeal! It's good for you, tastes yummy, and is super duper easy to make in the slow cooker. While you are sleeping!  This doesn't taste like dirt. I promise.

The Ingredients:

1 cup of rolled oats
2 cups of milk (any variety is just fine)
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla
pinch of salt
1 chopped apple (there are 2 pictured, but after chopping up the green one I thought it was plenty of apple. I was right.)

The Directions:

--add oats, chopped apple and milk to stoneware
--put in brown sugar, vanilla and pinch of salt
--mix with finger. or a spoon. whatever.

--cover and cook on high for 1-2 hours or low for 2-3.
--check consistency of oats--some people like to chew, some people don't.
--garnish with some cinnamon

I cooked this batch on high for 1:15 hrs. It was creamy and milky; the kids and I really enjoyed it and ate it all up ourselves. I would probably double or at least increase the ingredients by 50% next time--especially if Adam was home.

This is what I do to have creamy apple oatmeal in the morning. I make everything the night before, and put it in a tupperware. In the morning I get up at about 5, so then I dump it into my little crock while I get my work done in the morning, work out, shower, etc. By the time I'm ready to eat and the kids are awake for the day, the oatmeal is already ready already.

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How to: Make DIY Shrinky Dinks
My parents are both science teachers: which means they always ruined the secrets to magic tricks, they forced me to identify every tree by leaf and bark ...
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CHILDREN'S CORNER ... coloring


A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. - Ayn Rand


Animation Animated Gif animated GIF

"Welcome" in Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) - Lale

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Get stains out of your microfiber couch with rubbing alcohol.

1. Get stains out of your microfiber couch with rubbing alcohol.
Use isopropyl alcohol, a white sponge, some elbow grease, and a white bristle brush to make your couch looks like new. Just make sure to get white tools so that the color dyes don’t transfer to your fabric.

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  1. Finished up making my last gallon of applesauce, and our youngest DD brought us a big bag of dried apples she did in her dehydrator. Still a few more trips to the orchards as the Northern Spies will be coming on.